More Joy of ‘Clix

As promised/threatened in my last post, here are a handful of repaints and simple conversions of Heroclix figures that have been re-purposed for my own Superhero gaming universe. As before, I will show the original, out-of-the-box figure and then show what I’ve done with it.

Our first example is the Controller, from the Marvel Infinity Challenge set. This is what he looks like au natural…


So, shades of blue and Disco pose aside, the main thing I noticed about this figure was the style of his headgear, which resembles a 1930’s American football helmet. So, when a college quarterback was struck by lightning, altering his genetic make-up and fusing the remains of his uniform to his body, thus was born the tortured villain known as…The Human Dynamo.


Next we have one of my all-time favourite superheroes, the Thing, from the Marvel Clobberin Time set (naturally). Bless him in his little Speedos… However, there are far better sculpts of the Thing than this, with less of that bottom lip pout going on.

Now, this figure was originally painted to look like asphalt, complete with faded white lines, and named Blacktop, but it just wasn’t working for me like that. So, the paints came back out and after some contemplation, he was reborn as Gator, part of the vigilante group Southern Justice.


Next in the gallery we have a very minor modification of the Black Panther figure, from the Marvel Infinity Challenge set.

Cool figure, but the ears just look daft, so they were removed and after a lick of paint, we now have the Wraith, a vigilante who may not be entirely of this world…


Our final figure was originally Klaw, also from the Marvel Infinity Challenge set.

Now, whilst the character has had some interesting storylines, the high point being the original Secret Wars mini-series where he was cut up by Doctor Doom and used as a series of lenses, the guy’s got a freakin’ Hoover attachment for a hand! As this is a defining characteristic of this character, to re-purpose this figure, we needed to remove it. A donation of both hands/gauntlets from the Heroclix Crimson Dynamo figure  from the Xplosion set (which was a bit rubbish) and voila! – we now have the thief who chanced upon a pair of high-tech gauntlets and decided to become the villain Powerfist.


That’s all for this time – comments, as always, appreciated..




7 thoughts on “More Joy of ‘Clix

  1. Ha Ha! Brilliant! Crow. Love all of these, though I have to disagree with you over the “Thing” figure though as this is my favourite version that Wizkids have done of him. In fact he formed the basis of one of my (in my opinion) best conversions and was the subject of my very first blog entry. I do however like your take of both him and the Controller figures, The Human Dynamo is a great creation and a really original twist on the figure (better than the actual Controllers background).

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. I’ve seen a ‘clix Thing sculpt where he’s getting ready to thump someone with what looks like a hot dog cart that is just so cool I will be trying to get hold of it. Not sure what set it’s from yet though. I did see your conversion – part of your Doomwatch team, yes? Very cool. And the idea for the Controller repaint was influenced by a character from Astro City, the N-forcer I think he was called. Next post will probably feature some Superfigs miniatures and will be about tarting up figures through the use of painted patterns. However, there will be at least one ‘clix in there too. As an aside, my universe also has an acronymical organisation, namely COMET, the Combined Operations Metahuman & Extraterrestrial Taskforce. Once I’ve decided on a colour scheme, we’ll be seeing them too. So much more stuff to come, hopefully all of interest. 🙂


      • Hi Crow, yep that’s the conversion I was on about (the one in Doomwatch), I have seen the other Thing model you refer too, yes he is cool! I don’t think I know the N-forcer, is he DC or Marvel? (I’m not as well up on DC stuff). I’ve got some of the old Superfigs figures myself, so I’m looking forward to see them, and your next post of course!
        Cheers Roger.


        • The N-Forcer was one of Kurt Busiek’s creations for his Astro City title for Wildstorm. Sort of an Iron Man analogue, but appeared to be made of energy, except for his boots, gloves, helmet, etc. Quite an interesting look. And I’m the same – more of a Marvel fan than DC, which means that I get all the little in-jokes in ‘Agents of SHIELD’.


  2. Brilliant again. I would have never seen the Thing as anything but the Thing. Great work on Gator!
    Also, the Thing clix with the hot dog cart that you refer to was part of a Fast Forces Heroclix pack, featuring Mr Fantastic holding a techy-looking rifle, Invisible Woman projecting a force shield, and the single best Dr. Doom figure I’ve ever seen. Well worth hunting them all down if you can!


    • Thanks for you comment AP. Once I’ve got a figure undercoated, that’s when I can start see alternate possibilities. This can also reveal details hidden by the pre paint, so what may appear to be an awful figure might actually be worth saving. Now I know which set that Thing is from, I’ll certainly look out for it. Thanks again.


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