More Hidden Heroes


Since my previous post on manufacturers who had superhero miniatures concealed within their ranges (See Hidden Heroes), I have come across a few more that I either missed on my initial sweep or have been released since.

We’ll start with Armorcast, or Armorcast Terraform Terrain Ltd, to use their full name. Renowned for their resin scenic items and buildings, not so well-known for their miniatures. However, Armorcast carry several ranges of miniatures, including Dragonrune, Tactical and Beaumont miniatures. But it is within the Baelor miniatures range you will find the character below;

Super in Bodysuit

Listed under the Sci Fi section, as ‘Super in Bodysuit’ at a price of $4.00, this dynamically posed figure could easily proxy for many fully cowled supers. Can be found at Armorcast.

Next we have a manufacturer I hadn’t heard of before, namely Footsore Miniatures. I have absolutely no recollection of what I was looking for that led me to their site, but whilst perusing their products, I came across these two;

Night Stalker

Big Kris

Listed as ‘Night Stalker’ at £4.00 and ‘Big Kris’ at £3.00, these miniatures are clearly inspired by the first (and the best) Blade film, which was the first real attempt to transfer a Marvel character to the silver screen. (We will ignore the lamentable previous attempts at Captain America and Dolph Lundgren’s Punisher, because, to put it bluntly, they were shit). Anyway, should you want a pretty good version of Blade or Whistler, you could do worse than these two. Can be found at: Footsore Miniatures.

Next we move on to Pulp Alley, and the miniatures created to complement this game by Andrew Rae of Statuesque Miniatures. A small range at present, but each figure is oozing character. Whilst Pulp Girl and the Phantom Ace below:

are probably more suited to Golden Age heroics, based on their outfits, whereas Golgo Satana and Dr Fang have wider range of uses:

In my mind, Golgo Satana resembles a female version of the clockwork assassin Kroenen, from the first Hellboy movie and may very well be joining my super-Nazis. Both packs are £7.50 in the UK from Statuesque Miniatures or $11.75 from Pulp Alley

Talking about Hellboy, if you want a lead, rather than plastic version, the alternate head and arm option for Harby;

HFA037 Harby

will provide all your ‘Right Hand of Doom’ needs. Can be found at Hasslefree Miniatures, priced at  £4.17+VAT. But Hasslefree also have more something a little more recent for us, namely Leonard;

HFMASTER A155 Resin Master - Leonard

and Jynx;

HFMASTER A154 Resin Master - Jynx

I’m guessing that Mr White has been enjoying the latest crop of Marvel cinematic and televisual goodness available, as we clearly have a very superior sculpt of Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin, currently appearing in the Daredevil TV series on Netflix, (which if you have Netflix and haven’t watched it yet, shame on you!) and the Age of Ultron version of Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch. Currently both of these figures are only available as resin masters at £10.00+VAT each, but the metal versions will surely appear before too long.

Now for a different set of heroes…

Whilst I have been semi-regularly posting my efforts to create my own superheroic world through the medium of small painted plastic and metal men, I wasn’t the first, so it’s time to highlight some of those whose presence on the Internet you may not be aware of.

For superb repaints of Heroscape figures, take a look at Rantings from under the Wargames table, from the multi-talented and very nice Roger Webb of Dick Garrison fame and Fantorical from the equally nice and talented Blaxkleric.

For more superheroic repaints and conversions, AAR’s and some lovely scenery, check out The Baron’s Blog. Not much recent activity on the supers front, but the 24 posts under the label ‘Supers’ are well worth a look. Have I stolen ideas from this blog? As Francis Urquhart would say “You might very well think that; I couldn’t possibly comment…”

Finally, showing that HO railway model buildings can be used effectively for Superhero skirmish games, as well as some entertaining AAR’s featuring the Caped Crusader and the Clown Prince of Crime, take a look at Bob’s Miniature Wargaming Blog.

Hope this has been entertaining and useful. Comments, as always, are appreciated.


8 thoughts on “More Hidden Heroes

  1. Yet another smashing post Crow, There are definitely a few there that I will be taking a much closer look at in the near future. I must apologise for not pointing you in the direction of the Armourcast figure myself as I bought two of these way back in 2013 to provide the basis of one of my first “super” conversions, sorry. There is also someone who make a figure of the “not” Thing from the FF but I can’t remember who it is.

    Many thanks for the “plug”, we “Supergeeks” have got to stick together you know.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Oooh, me like! I have a character in my background who I’m currently using a wingless Heroclix Wasp for, but that one almost spite on for what I’d envisaged the character to be, so the Wasp may get replaced. Thanks Roger.


  2. Good news! Prince Adam and chums have finally arrived (though at present it looks like a day out at Eternia’s favourite naturists colony! But I’m ready when you are now sir. I hope to get my first post in next weekend, but feel free to drop in when ever your ready, and I’ll pop a link in to your site.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Funnily enough Roger, I was just posting regarding the project when your message came through, which resulted in a few quick changes to the content before I published. I’ve made a tentative start, as you’ll see from my post, but we’ll have to see how it progresses. I’m just about to post a link on TMP, and we’ll see if anyone else wnats to join in our madness. Regards, Jez


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