View from the Crow’s Nest – July

Whilst my previous posts have concentrated on Superhero skirmish gaming, I am not just a one-trick pony.

However, as most of you will know, sometimes it’s difficult to find both the time and the motivation to actually sit down and paint some miniatures, so in an effort to increase my productivity in this area, I have decided to start a series of posts, which will be entitled ‘View from the Crow’s Nest’. These will appear around the beginning of each month, and will be a kind of statement of intent, in so far that I will state what I intend to complete during the upcoming month. However, note the italics, as real life has a way of impacting on hobby time, so whilst the intention may be there…

So, before I make promises I intend to keep, a brief word about my work area. Unlike some, I do not have a dedicated area in which to set up and leave my paints and Works in Progress and as my wife is not as supportive as some, my work area is usually my dining table, so all my hobby bits need to be portable. As a wargamer, when viewing everyday objects, I sometimes get that speculative gleam in my eye, which means “How can I use this for my hobby?” Such was what happened when I appropriated an in-tray from my previous place of work, as can be seen below:


On a balmy July evening, what can be better than sitting next to an open window, with miniatures to paint and a nice cold alcoholic beverage to sup?

Anyway, onto to the first item on the agenda. Due to an online conversation with Roger Webb, of Dick Garrison and Wargames Supply Dump fame, July is officially He-Man Month. During the month of July, both myself and Roger will be attempting to complete at least two 28mm miniatures to represent characters from the Masters of the Universe franchise. Unfortunately, unlike Movember or Zomtober, July does not lend itself to punny names. If we’d started last month, we could have called it Masters of the June-iverse, but sometimes fate conspires against you. The works in progress and results of our efforts will be posted here and on Roger’s blog Rantings from Under the Wargames Table. Roger’s chosen figures, which have just arrived today, he is being rather cagey about, so I’m not entirely sure what I’m up against. Which makes it sound like a competition, which it’s not…

For myself, I have decided to convert the Barbarian and Chaos Sorcerer figures from the HeroQuest boardgame, as I’ve already got these and they’re almost there already:


Progress so far is to remove the ridiculous horns from the Chaos Sorcerer, trim the square plastic base, superglue to a 2p piece and Milliput the base. He just needs to be painted now. The Barbarian, however, is proving a little more tricky. Whilst the sword, boots and loincloth are all correct, He-Man has a chest harness and wristlets, which this figure doesn’t have, so I am attempting to sculpt these on using Milliput. Unfortunately, the Barbarian’s pose means I have limited access to his chest area, so I’m having to try and suggest that the harness is there, by putting the straps on, which is quite fiddly. As I was called away halfway through this, when I returned, the Milliput had started to harden, meaning that after several frustrated attempts to get the wristlets on, I gave up. So, whilst based and the partial harness is completed, I still need to add the wristlets and tidy up the harness before my He-Man proxy sees any paint.

I also have a few miniatures that I’ve picked up over the years that do not currently have a home, but do fit into the whole “Laser Barbarian” milieu represented by He-Man and Thundercats, so we may see a few of these turning up as well.

Should anyone else want to join in our madness, feel free to link to our sites and we’ll do the same for you.

The other project for July is a Buntai for Ronin. I’ve had the rules for a while now, but not played them yet, as whilst I had suitable figures for the more monstrous denizens of Mythic Japan, I had no Samurai or Ashigaru. However, a friend came to the rescue, as he had some Heroscape figures gathering dust, which he kindly donated to this project. As a thank you, I decided to paint up a Buntai for him to field, using one of the Izumi Samurai from the base set and two each of the Ashigaru with Yari and Ashigaru with Harquebus from one of the expansion sets. Currently, they are undercoated, as shown below:


As my friend is fond of awful puns, this Buntai will be from Clan Chouda and the clan colours will be black and fluorescent green. For the green I will be using GW Bogey Green and the black will be…well, black. But with black ink over the top, to suggest lacquered armour. That’s the intention, anyway, so we’ll see how that works out…

So, a little bit of a break from Supers for July, but as they are close to my heart, we may have a few super-powered visitors popping in.

Comments and feedback appreciated, as always.




9 thoughts on “View from the Crow’s Nest – July

  1. Gosh darn it sir, you are ahead of me already!! My intention was to start slowly and (well probably grid to a juddering halt), but no, now I shall have to pull the proverbial out and get cracking, I too intend to begin with the two main protagonists and see where the mood takes me from there, though a certain “Redhead” her dad, and a yellow skinned seductress are all on the cards (and as we all know action figures still on the cards are worth more than one that have been played with!) sorry I’m rambling now. must stop watching “Toy hunter”.

    Anyway the best of luck to you, and let the fun begin!
    Cheers Roger.


    • Not that far in front and, to be fair, I did already have the figures. As I only have proxies for He-Man and Skeletor, I may have to supplement my Eternia with models that suit the genre but are not strictly “official”. I knew I’d find another use for those GW plastic Kroot…


    • Kroot as Native American proxies? Sounds a bit Bravestarr to me…lol. After He-Man and Skeletor, I’m sort of going for an ‘Eternian’ feel to the next batch. The HeroQuest fimir looks like a MOTU character, but needs a suitably bright colour scheme in order to look like it was mass-produced in China. It’s quite liberating, as the normal painting rules don’t apply. We’ll have to see whether it actually works or all goes horribly, horribly wrong…
      Regards Jez


  2. Cracking stuff Jez, they look absolutely spot on and I can see why you picked such minis out for “He-Man”. Really looking forward to seeing how these come out with a spot of paint. You certainly look like you;re off to a good start.


    • Thanks Simon. Now that the Doctor is safe, will you be joining in with our craziness? As an aside, do you think that with suitable floor plans, Zombicide could be used for a Space Hulk/survivors on a spaceship type game? I have to say that your AARs have been slowly warming me to this game and the possibilities it presents if you think outside the box. Perhaps we should suggest the above as their next iteration, after Black Plague…


      • Jez, I’d love to join in but I’m not sure I’ve anything suitable to paint. but I’ll be having a look I assure you 🙂 Not only do I think that the Space Hulk plans will work but I’ll be using them for one of my upcoming Battle Reports, and incorporating my own shooting rules for the enemy 😉


        • Cool. I did put a post up on TMP singing the praises of your AAR’s and speculating on what would be next for Zombicide. I suggested either Zombicide: Boot Hill or Zombicide: Dark Space, as either would work. Looks like it stimulated discussion…


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