Eternia, Eternia, From Sea to Crystal Sea…

Sometimes a project comes along that not only fires your imagination, but also gives you an excuse to paint a bunch of figures that weren’t previously assigned to anything. Such is the current ‘He-Month’ project that myself and Roger Webb are indulged in.

If you want to see accurate 28mm representations of He-Man and Skeletor, head over to Roger’s blog – Rantings from Under the Wargames Table – to marvel at his progress so far. However, if you want to see my ham-fisted attempts at converting existing figures into barely recognisable “re-imaginings” of iconic characters from your childhood, then read on…

Eternia is quite a unique setting, as it is essentially Bronze Age characters in a medieval setting, but with high-tech weaponry, vehicles and sorcery. I have dubbed this milieu “Laser Barbarian”, which I feel sums it up in a nut-shell. The advantage of this setting, from a wargaming point of view, is that it allows you to use a wide variety of random figures together, as long as they are painted in garish primary colours, so they look like they were mass-produced in China. From a painter’s point of view, this is quite liberating, as you don’t have to worry about ‘realistic’ colour schemes.

I’ll show you what I mean:


The three figures above are, from Left to Right, a HeroQuest Fimir, an Egyptian vampire from West Wind Productions and a Barbarian Orc Shaman from Black Tree Design.

I’ve always thought that the Fimir was an odd choice of race to include in the Warhammer universe, as it didn’t really “fit” with the background. However, a one-eyed mace-tailed lizard-thing does feel like it belongs on Eternia, hence its inclusion. Of course, it can’t just be repainted – it also needs a descriptive yet slightly cheesy name, so this character is…Eye-Saur.

As Eternia does have an ancient Egyptian-inspired civilisation, namely the Osirians who dwelt in the desert known as the Sands of Time, the Egyptian vampire was a no-brainer. Although rather than bowing to convention, I decided to paint her up as a member of the Snake Men race. And following the MOTU naming conventions, she just had to be called Serpentina.

The barbarian orc shaman is a wonderful, character-filled model and looked like he should be a denizen of Eternia – so now he is. Apparently, Eternia did once have Orcs, but as my web-fu deserted me, I was unable to find any images, so I picked a colour I hadn’t already used, which is why he’s orange. Currently this character doesn’t have a name, as MOTU naming conventions suggest that sorcerers have similar sounding names and the only one that I could come up with was Wankor, which, whilst it seems to fit the figure, is a little…immature. However, Masters of the Universe does have a character named Fisto – those were innocent times, after all…

Anyway, all of these are Works in Progress, but I do have a finished “alter-native” of Eternia:


The figure was originally a Bloodcut Behemoth, from Wizards of the Coast’s not entirely successful Dreamblade CMG. When I saw this in the singles bin at my FLGS, I knew I had to have it, especially as it was ridiculously cheap in comparison to its size. This figure is massive, standing 65mm tall, and towers over most of my other miniatures. After re-basing and repainting, we now have a particularly beastly denizen of Eternia – Beware Rhinox, for he is angry and carries a big club!

And now, we move onto actual representations of recognisable characters from MOTU…

First, this is where I am with my Skeletor:

Skeletor 2

I’ve had major issues with Skeletor’s face, as what I thought would be a simple case of applying a black wash to his yellow skull, didn’t work and an attempt to rescue this using black ink also failed. Currently, as he’s had several layers of paint applied to his skull, he looks more like ‘Planet of the Apes’ Skeletor, which Mattel understandably didn’t release as a variant. Looks like I’ll be getting the nail polish remover and cotton buds out, to attempt a rescue… Other than that, he has turned out pretty much how I’d hoped. A littel bit of tidying up and a facial, and he should be done.

Next, He-Man – his front:

He-Man Front

And his back:

He-Man Back

As you’ll remember, I was having a few issues with his harness and wrist guards, but I feel that everything has now come together rather nicely. I think that this one only needs some facial detailing, as He-Man has surprisingly dark eyebrows for someone’s whose supposed to be a blonde…

As previously promised/threatened, I have been working on my interpretation of Man-at-Arms, which led to a discussion about whether he should have a moustache, like the cartoon, or be clean-shaven, like the action figure. Long story short – he’s got a moustache:


So, base figure is a GW Man-at-arms, which came as part of a boxed set/game whose name escapes me. This particular figure was armed with a spear, which was snipped off and replaced with the handle from a Mega Bloks knight’s weapon, the additional armour plates on his arm and left leg being sourced from GW Skeleton Horde sprues. A lick of paint and voila! my interpretation of Man-at-Arms. It may not be entirely accurate, but I think it looks the part and I’m really happy with how he turned out.

Finally, we have something that just started as an experiment, namely taking Teela’s colour scheme, adding a touch of She-Ra and then applying these to Raelin the Kyrie Warrior from the Heroscape base set;


However, I was pleasantly surprised how well this turned out and how good the figure looks. It kind of reminds me of the Neil Gaiman character Angela, who made her debut in Spawn and has since migrated into the Marvel Universe. Not quite finished, but going in the right direction.

So, bar any unforeseen incidents, I should be able to complete all the above characters by the end of the month, bearing in mind I’m actually away for the last week…

Comments, suggestions and feedback appreciated, as always.


6 thoughts on “Eternia, Eternia, From Sea to Crystal Sea…

  1. Very, very well done sir! they are all excellent and your production rate has put me very much to shame, I myself am in the final throws of getting Skeletor and Adam (oops sorry He-man, no one is supposed to know he’s Adam of course) finished, as we speak I’m waiting on paint to dry. I do like your take on Man-at-arms and he’s easily recognisable as to who he’s supposed to be (glad you went with the “muzzy” in the end).

    I do hope to get at least a couple of more figures out before the end of the project. But as I too am away soon it looks like it might turn into “He-month and a bit” for me. I also hope to return to it at some point, as I still have quite a few dollies left.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. As my last post on this didn’t get as much footfall as the previous one, I decided to crosspost the announcement to the Pulp Gaming board as well, which seems to have worked, as I’ve had rather more visitors than usual and a handful of Likes as well. Have you noticed the same on your blog, as the stats suggest that several people clicked across to you blog from mine? Whilst I hope to finish these off before the end of the month, I am contemplating adding a few more characters to my roster (Fisto at the very least) and also considering how to game with them. Terrain will be Heroscape tiles, as these look sufficiently “toy-like”, but not sure what rules to use. May try my WIP supers rules and see how they work, so we might get a MOTU AAR in the near future…
      However, I do still need to complete my friend’s Ronin buntai, so August may very well have a distinctive Japanese flavour to it.


  2. Thanks jez, I did notice a bit more traffic the last couple of days to be honest, I was thinking of doing a TMP post once the fig’s were finished, hopefully next weekend. You’ve got to love “Fisto” haven’t you, while doing so net surfing for pictures for this I came across some funny ones, one with He-man pointing out the frame and the legend “No you look gay!” and another with “Fisto” fist raised saying “Assume the position Steven!”, as you said we were so much more innocent back in the eighties.

    Haven’t even though about gaming with them as yet (Skeletors sword is a bit on the fragile side to put up with too much handling to be honest), but I would think supers would be a good starting point. You’ll have to let me know how you get on with this.

    Cheers Roger.


    • I saw that someone had done some custom Heroscape cards on the Heroscapers forum, but apparently the stats were based on the 2002 cartoon and didn’t seem “right”. Someone on that forum has aso constructed a 28mm Castle Grayskull, which at approximately two foot square is rather impressive.
      As I currently don’t have suitable conversion fodder for other MOTU characters, once this batch is completed, I will be moving on to other things. But I have a feeling that I will be returning to Eternia, should the opportunity present itself. There are characters I now want that I haven’t made yet. And yes, that does includes Fisto!


      • Had a spare hour or so this evening and managed to sort Skeletor’s face out. However, to counter this I managed to mess up He-Man’s. Swings and bloody roundabouts… A little bit more colour on the others and a complete re-colouring of the orc, as the orange just wasn’t working. May get some more time on Friday, so might be able to get one last post in before I go away. All depends on whether I’ve “earned” enough hobby time…lol


  3. Your preaching to the choir there sir!!

    Amen (p.s. I earned quite a few brownie points this week, so at the moment I’m “golden” as they say).

    Cheers Roger.


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