Farewell to Eternia…For Now.

As July draws to a close and, in typically British fashion, the brief interlude of sunshine turns to heavy rain, it is time to say farewell to Eternia. As regular followers, bookmarkers and visitors will be aware, July has been ‘He-Month’, a little side project for both myself and Roger Webb, in which we both attempt to create 28mm versions of characters from the Masters of the Universe franchise.

Since my last post on this project, Roger has completed his He-Man and Skeletor figures, having started from scratch on naked dollies sourced from Bronze Age Miniatures. He has prepared, sculpted and painted these and the results of years of experience, talent and superior sculpting skills can be found on his blog – Rantings from Under the Wargames Table.

Here however, you will find my attempts to create recognisable characters, through the use of existing figures that I have converted or simply repainted and dubbed it a “re-imagining”. Not due to laziness, but my sculpting abilities are positively prehistoric when compared to someone like Roger. Roger also commented on the amount of figures I had completed compared to him, to which I replied that rumours of an illegal painting sweatshop based in Reading, populated by immigrants fuelled by Red Bull and Hobnobs were completely unfounded, despite CCTV evidence which appears to corroborate it…

Anyway, back to the figures. Previously, both He-Man and Skeletor were almost finished, but I felt that there was a little more work to be done until I was completely happy. So, having decided that Skeletor’s face was not quite yellow enough, I dry-brushed it again until it reached the colour I believed it should be. Having also noted that his bicep bands looked out-of-place matching his skin colour, I painted these as well. And he was done.

He-Man proved to be a little more problematical. All I supposedly had to do was paint on eyebrows and eyes. However, when painting small details, all it takes is one slip…

Such was the case with He-Man’s eyebrows, which resulted in me having to repaint his entire face. I did manage to get his eyebrows painted on…finally, but gave up on painting eyes, as I felt that this was tempting fate (I’ve never been very good at eyes). This has resulted in He-Man looking at though he’s got his eyes closed, so I may have to revisit this on a day when I have rested eyes and good ambient light. Here they are:

He-Man & Skeletor

Next, we have the father and adopted daughter pairing of Man-at-Arms and Teela. Man-at-Arms was already finished, as far as I was concerned, but my re-imagining of Teela needed a little more paint. However, as with He-Man, both these figures could do with some facial detail (i.e. eyes). Here they are:

Man-at-Arms & Teela

Now, you might now be expecting me to show the progress I’ve made on the “Alter-Natives” that I introduced last time, but I have something completely new and different to show you instead.

As this particular project has fired my imagination, but I didn’t have suitable conversion fodder for some of the other characters, I was doing my usual scouring of the web to see if I could find cheap proxies that could be converted into MOTU characters. Whilst viewing the currently available Heroclix singles, I came across a cheap DC character which immediately made me think “He would make a good X”. I then remembered that I already had the figure and decided that I would attempt the conversion. The miniature in question was Blue Beetle from the DC Heroclix Hypertime set and the Masters of the Universe character was…Zodac:


I am really pleased how this has turned out, as all I did was repaint the original figure. Whilst you can’t really see from the above picture, I managed to get his helmet ‘fins’ on, just by repainting the same area with some of that stodgy paint you always get lurking in the bottom of your pot. I have since realised, from showing a friend the original source material, that I have failed to paint his chin-strap and cheek guards. I am currently undecided on whether I should add them or leave him as is, given that my previous attempts to ‘fix’ figures haven’t always gone according to plan.

Anyway, as I am on holiday from tomorrow until the end of July, this concludes He-Month for me.

However, I WILL be returning to Eternia in the future, as I have found suitable conversion fodder for Fisto, Beastman and Merman, plus I think my rudimentary sculpting skills may be up to the challenge of sculpting Orko…He is, effectively, just a sweater and a hat with ears after all.

Next month will have a slightly Oriental flavour, as I attempt to complete my friend’s promised Buntai for Ronin and show you how a bestiary of Japanese mythical creatures need not cost very much.

Comments and feedback always welcome and appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Farewell to Eternia…For Now.

  1. I would never of suspected your “extra” miniature was going to be Zodac (a character close to my heart, and up in my loft somewhere I believe!). Great work on all the figures Jez, it’s been great seeing you come at this project from a completely different angle to myself, and this is what makes wargaming such a great hobby, we all do the same basic thing but in so many diverse ways. Much as I’ve enjoyed all your re-imaging I think my personal favourite has to be Man-at-arms, that is a brilliant twist on the character, that just works so well.

    Many thanks for hopping onto this “bus” to Eternia with me, it’s been an absolute pleasure. I hope we can do it again some time (Simon and myself would be pleased to have you join us in Mo’vember, I’m sure). Have a good sir, holiday you deserve it.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Serendipity Roger. When I realised I had the figure and that it had been you first MOTU action figure, I just knew I had to try it. The picture doesn’t really do him justice – he does look better in the flesh. And thank you – it has been fun and as I said on the post, I will be holidaying in Eternia again.
      So, it’s dinosaurs next month for you, eh? I believe I may have something of use to you… 😉


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