View From the Crow’s Nest – August

July, and ‘He-Month’, is behind us and it’s time to take stock of what I stated I was going to do and what I actually managed to get done…

So, my intent for July was to complete a Buntai for Ronin for my friend and complete two recognisable characters from the Masters of the Universe franchise, as part of the combined madness that Roger Webb and I had dubbed ‘He-Month’. At the beginning of the month, this was the state of play;

The buntai;


And the sons of Eternia;


So, how did I get on? Well, this is the current state of the buntai;


However, as those who follow this blog on a regular basis will know, there is a reason I didn’t get very far with the buntai, and that’s because the siren song of Eternia was more compelling. We ended up with five recognisable or re-imagined characters from Eternia, as shown below.


From left to right, we have my versions of Teela, Man-at-Arms, He-Man, Zodac and Skeletor. As this was so much fun, I will be returning to Eternia in the near future, but need to buy some more proxy figures for conversion.

However, being of a Dragonfly mentality (which is like Butterfly mentality, but more masculine), this wasn’t the only wargaming stuff completed during July…

Due to a particular system outage at work, I found myself at a loose end and posed myself this question “Is it possible, using only the standard drawing options and textures supplied with Word 2007, to create a 28mm paper model for superhero gaming?” Well, it turns out the answer is Yes…


Zodac is disappointed that the Rocket Comics store appears to be closed…


And someone has been spray-painting graffiti on the back wall…


The building has a footprint of approximately 6″ by 7″ and is about two and half inches tall. The four walls and roof were all created using Word 2007 and printed on three sheets of A4 paper, then cut out and glued (via gluestick) to greyboard. Roof supports were added using offcuts of greyboard and the sign was made using 5mm foamboard. Assembly took less time than fannying about on the computer creating it…

Initially, I thought it looked a little bit crap, but once I’d stuck some figures on and around it, it looked pretty good. Could do with a bit of weathering, but as the only cost to me was my time (the greyboard was acting as dividers in the boxes of envelopes we use at work, and would have been thrown away), I can’t really grumble too much.

Anyway, statement of intent for August is…Oriental Fantasy. I will finish the Buntai mentioned above for my friend, a Nezumi buntai to act as opposition, and several mythical beasties from Japanese folklore, including a Kitsune, Oni, Jorogumo, Japanese Dragon and a Basan, which is a man-sized fire-breathing rooster. Yes, really…

And along the way, I’ll be showing you how, with a little imagination, you need not have to rely on over-priced Spanish miniatures (you know who you are…) to field creatures from Japanese folklore.

Comments and feedback appreciated, as always.


2 thoughts on “View From the Crow’s Nest – August

  1. Wow! that building is fantastic!!! I can just about write a letter in word, I had no idea you could turn out stuff like that with it, there is some skill involved it something like that sir, “a bit crap” I’d be bouncing of the walls if I’d made that!

    The Buntai look really good too, are they all “Heroscape” figs?

    So what you got done this month is… far more than me.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Just fortunately had a little more “hobby” time this month. Usually I’m lucky if I get one evening a month. Plus the added incentive of ‘He-Month’ encouraged me to actually do something.
      Having worked in an office for the majority of my life and having periods of ‘downtime’, I have explored the capabilities of Word to a fair extent.
      And yes, all the Buntai figures are Heroscape. An Izumi samurai from the base set and the Ashigaru were from one of the expansion sets. You get four spearman and four with arquebus. I’ll be using the other four not shown for my own Buntai, with one of the other Izumi samurai. And just wait until you see what I’ve done with a spare Heroscape Hulk, a converted Kroot and the dragon from the Heroscape base set, all under the umbrella of Japanese mythical creatures. 🙂


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