Return to Grayskull

So, September is formally upon us and that means that we launch into another He-Month. Whether you prefer He-Month 2, R-Eternia or another dubious pun of your own devising, what this means is that myself and Roger Webb will be attempting, once more, to recreate characters from our youth, from the Masters of the Universe franchise. My efforts will be on show here, whereas Roger’s can be found over on his blog – Rantings from Under the Wargames Table.

For first-time visitors, our last foray into this madness was back in July, wherein I completed my interpretation or re-imagining of five characters, namely Teela, Man-at-Arms, He-Man, Zodac and Skeletor, as can be seen below;


Not being as talented a sculptor as Roger, I converted various figures that were “almost” the characters, with varying degrees of success.

For this month, I was planning on being less ambitious, and have limited myself to three characters, as stated in my last post, namely Beast Man, Fisto and Orko.

So, time to see how I’ve got on…

For Beast Man, I’d chosen the Bugbear Beserker from the Dungeon Command/D&D Miniatures range. For my conversion, the only issue I had was that the Bugbear was armed with an axe, rather than the whip associated with this character. However, after a few cuts, the axe was gone and I was left with a convenient length of handle.

As D&D Miniatures are made from a relatively flexible plastic and the handle was reasonably thick, I made a hole in the top of the handle with a push-pin, then superglued a length of paperclip into the hole, which was then bent into a suitable whip-like shape. As D&D Miniatures have integral featureless bases, as I already had the Milliput out, some of this was smeared on the top of the base to give it texture. And this is what he looks likes now;


And a rear view to show the length of the whip;


A relatively straight-forward conversion which I’m pretty pleased with. Just needs repainting and he’ll be done.

Next we have Fisto, for whom I’d selected the DC Heroclix Mammoth figure, the version with the beard. This one required a bit more work, as whilst the figure was almost there, he did require the ubiquitous “hairy pants” that seem to be all the rage on Eternia and, of course, a massive mechanical fist.

Having already removed his right hand, I ventured into the Aladdin’s Cave of Crap that is my loft, hunting for a box of GW “womble” Space Marines that I knew was up there, as I was certain that the Power Fist option from these multi-part plastic figures would be an ideal proxy. However, upon opening the box, I discovered that when building my Space Marine squads, I had decided not to use the Power Fist option and hence, there were no Power Fists that I could use.

However, not being one to give up so easily, it was time for a rummage and I eventually found a suitable proxy, namely the Heroscape Zettian Guard figure. I had no compunction in removing its right hand, as these figures are rubbish. The only issue I had was that whilst it was the correct size, it had a shield or plate covering the back of the gauntlet, which looked wrong. Out came the craft knife and the offending lump of plastic was carved away, followed by scoring some horizontal lines to bring it closer in look to Fisto’s fist.

As the Mammoth figure has quite a wide stance, if he had been mounted on a 2 pence piece, his feet would have stuck out over the edge, so the Zettian Guard’s base was appropriated, covered with a circle of coarse sand paper and he was glued into place.

I then started to add blobs of Milliput around his groin and backside, which was then attacked with the pointy bit of my craft knife to make it hairy, ensuring that the top part of the Milliput was left relatively flat, so his belt could be added once the putty had dried. So, this is how far I’ve got with him;


Apologies for the slight blurriness of the photo, as it wasn’t until I uploaded it that I realised it wasn’t up to my usual standards. And here’s a better shot of his back;


Other than some more detailing on his belt, he’s pretty much ready for painting too.

Next we come on to the “problem child” of this round of He-Month, namely Orko. As those of you who have been following this blog will know, I created a “dolly” from a half a GW plastic skeleton, mounted on a cut-down flight stand, which I was then going to sculpt the requisite details onto, to create this floating jumper-and-hat combination.

And, I have to say, it started off well…

I’d sculpted the body and was happy with how I’d managed to get it to look like Orko’s robe, then moved onto the sleeves, which proved a little more tricky, due to the angle of the arms, but managed to get them sculpted to near what I wanted. So we ended up with this;


As Roger has put up his first post on this project, I had a look at his progress so far, as he too was attempting Orko. He had decided to sculpt from scratch, which I’d decided not to try, as I was dubious about my ability to accurately sculpt fingers. Reading through his description, I noted a mention of Orko having oval eyes and decided to check pictures online, as I’d always thought he’d got round eyes…

And that’s when it all started to fall apart…

This is Orko;

As you will note, he does have oval eyes. You will also note that what he doesn’t have is big flappy triangular sleeves, arms the length of a gibbon or a neck – all of which my version does have. Whilst I’d taken into account the length/size of his body, I’d failed to take into account that his head and arms needed to be in proportion to this body and that’s why he looked wrong.

So, whilst I’m quite pleased with what I’ve achieved, it isn’t Orko. Not being one to chuck out perfectly good figures, I am thinking of re-purposing this a necromantic wraith of some sort, which will require a longer robe, but not much else.

However, as far as Orko is concerned, it’s back to the drawing board. Luckily, just like the finest (in his eyes) nobleman of British history, I do have a cunning plan…

Comments and feedback appreciated, as always.



2 thoughts on “Return to Grayskull

  1. Great post Jez (I was beginning to wonder if we were going to get one this weekend), and good progress on your figures. Beast-man and Fisto are almost there already, and the work you did on Orko’s robe is first rate, as I know the grainy texture of Milliput is harder to get folds like this into, as opposed to the smooth “bubblegum” texture of Greenstuff. A look about the net reveals that Orko sometimes has oval eyes and sometime they are more rounded. I think the problem your having with the head on Orko might be with his neck, Orko hasn’t got one! so you might be better a) using a skelly with the closed mouth and b) gluing the chin directly to the top of his robe, his scarf should cover the join and his teeth etc..

    Funnily enough I’ve been adding to my Orko this morning, and am working from the exact same picture you have above, but I took it that he did have slightly flared sleeves, so that’s what I’ve given mine. If you check out the toy version of Orko he has both round eyes and slightly flared sleeves, so there is arguments for both, I don’t think you should give up on your figure yet, as the work you’ve done so far is really impressive.

    Just to pile the pressure on I’ve only got to add the ears to mine tomorrow now and he’s finished.

    Cheers Roger (smug!)


    • Thanks Roger. As yesterday was a road trip day, didn’t get a chance to post. It did give me plenty of time for thought however, and my “new” Orko proxy figure is based, floaty platformed and ready to be clothed in Milliput. It is the right size and proportion, has the right number of fingers – all it’s lacking is robe, scarf, hat and ears. And I am cheating with the ears too. But you’ll have to wait until next weekend for an update on that – which should be Saturday, unless I can talk the wife in letting me go to Colours at Newbury. 😉


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