“I Hate Monkeys.”

If you’ve come here expecting to see 28mm Masters of the Universe conversions, whilst you’re in the right place, you’re on the wrong post…try any of the previous posts for this month.

However, if you’re a first time visitor or have visited to see what my itchy fingers and feverish imagination can come up. read on…

As was pointed out to me by my co-conspirator for “He-Month 2”, the talented Mr Roger Webb, (whose far superior sculpting skills can be found over at Ranting from Under the Wargames Table) the modest target I’d set for myself for September was likely to be completed well before the month was out. Not being one to sit on my laurels, and having already planned what I was going to concentrate on for October, I needed something to occupy my hobby brain for the remainder of the month.

A random conversation with Simon on his blog Fantorical, which is well worth a visit if your interested in superheroes, Dr Who, Battlestar Galactica, zombies, etc. led to the discussion of a certain relatively obscure Marvel character and his appearance in a Warren Ellis penned title back in 2006…

The comic series was titled Nextwave and featured four second-string Marvel characters, namely Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel), Tabitha Smith (Boom Boom), Aaron Stack (Machine Man) and Elsa Bloodstone, with the addition of a new character called “The Captain”, who couldn’t remember his real name. These characters formed the Nextwave squad, who were formed to combat Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction unleashed by the Beyond Corporation. The series was violent, irreverent and whilst appeared to be set in the mainstream Marvel Universe, had flashbacks featuring characters acting wildly out of their established character, and may not have actually happened.

It was also, for a long-term Marvel fan such as myself, very, very funny.

Anyway, in the final issue of the series, it was revealed that the criminal mastermind behind every scheme the Nextwave squad had face was none other than…


That’s right…Devil Dinosaur. But not as you’ve ever seen him before. And this image explains the title of this post.

My conversation with Simon ended up with me stating that I wanted a figure to represent this character, as he appears above. So, having some spare time during He-Month, I decided to have a go…

Obviously, the first thing I needed was a suitable figure to convert. As there was a good chance I was going to cock it up, I decided my base figure needed to be cheap. Also, as Devil Dinosaur was supposed to be a ‘small’ Tyrannosaurus Rex (25 feet tall, apparently), it didn’t need to be very large. A trip to my local Wilkinsons store, who I noted had increased the size of their toy department in readiness for Christmas, led me to their hard plastic figures, which included dinosaurs. As with all inexpensively produced toy dinosaurs, they were all roughly the same size, so no chance of being in scale with one another and were of varying accuracy and quality. However, sometimes you do find one or two gems amongst them and, after spending a whole £1, I was the proud owner of this chap;


According to the writing on its belly, this model is a Dilophosaurus, which those of you who have seen Jurassic Park will know, is the crested, poison-spitting dinosaur that killed the computer programmer. Which is looks nothing like, or the scientific reconstructions of said dinosaur. However, having said that, it is a particularly nice model, that actually looks like a dinosaur. As with all injection molded figures, there are obvious mold lines, the main one being the one around it’s ‘waist’, which would have to be filled prior to gaming with it. But surface detail is good and I can imagine if you were gaming with dinosaurs, this would make a good (and cheap) addition to your collection.

However, for my purposes, as I’m going to be converting it into Devil Dinosaur, I need to remove the ridge above the eyes, reposition the arms, find a suitably scaled revolver, try to work out how to make a suitably scaled champagne flute, and sculpt on a cravat and smoking jacket, before I can even start applying paint.

And you thought that the Masters of the Universe project was crazy…

So, He-Month 2 and the Devil Dinosaur will run alongside one another for September, and will hopefully all be finished by the end of the month.

Thanks for visiting. Comments and feedback appreciated, as always (even if it’s to question my sanity…)


16 thoughts on ““I Hate Monkeys.”

    • Thanks Michael. Whilst it’s a little early for “Dinovember”, I had a feeling you’d appreciate it. We’ll have to see if my skills match my ambition, but it will certainly be fun finding out!


  1. I’ve worked with this theropod before:


    The mold line at the waist is actually a join – he’s hollow. It’s also going to be covered by the smoking jacket, so I’d leave it. Repositioning the arms should be relatively easy too – the PVC will slice and pin handily, and the sleeves will cover any imperfections. You’re spoiled for choice on adding clothing – basically anything not heat-activated is fine. Glue-soaked tissue if you don’t feel confident sculpting. Some kind of bead for the champagne flute. I think that GW’s Orks had some oversized pistols that may work.


    • Nice to know that particular model is available elsewhere, Kitchen Wolf. I have to say that your conversion wasn’t what I was expecting, but the texture and paint job is superb. Thanks for the tips regarding my planned conversion – I think I’ve got the gun sorted, but wasn’t happy with my proposed solution for the champagne flute, so your suggestion was very helpful. 🙂


  2. This should be fun! talk about one extreme to another , think you might have to mix up a bit more milliput than you did with Orko for this one, mate!

    Best of luck, can I give you one piece of advice? if you can get hold of an old “eyepencil” brush, the rubber tipped type, my wife had one from Boots “No7” range, it was attached to the back of the pencil. I pinched it once she’d used up the pencil. It’s basically a bigger version of the black tipped putty tool poking out from behind Sceletor’s head at the top of my blog header.

    This is an essential when trying to get a smooth finish on clothes etc.. dip it in a little water to dampen the tip and it will work wonders..

    Cheers Roger.


    • You know me, Roger – I likes a bit of a challenge! Although this one is a little extreme…
      Still, should be entertaining and educational, as we see whether my vision matches my skill. Thanks for the tip, btw. I shall keep my eyes peeled when I’m next wandering the aisles, as there’s only so much you can achieve with a wet finger…
      Innocently typed, but now I can’t get the image of Kenneth Williams out of my head saying “Ooooh, Matron!”


  3. Oh lord don’t buy one new! if your thinking of that you’d be better off going to a “Hobbycraft” and buying the proper thing! they are called colour shapers, see link…


    you can probably buy them cheaper elsewhere (the range might have some).

    “There’s nothing you can achieve with a wet finger, that you cant do better the proper damp tool !!” Oh behave!

    Cheers Roger.


    • You should know by now that I’m “cost effective” (I.e. cheap), so wouldn’t be looking to pay full price for a proxy tool. I will be dropping into The Range on the way home, as I’m sure I’ve seen packs of these tools in there without realising what they were. Previously all my sculpting has been done with fingers, craft knives and toothpicks – just imagine what I could achieve with proper tools!


      • Don’t knock the humble cocktail stick! I use them extensively, and am always picking up more each tome we go to “Costco” at least that’s my excuse for eating all the free samples I can get my hands on! the “cocktail sticks!!” (yea right).

        Cheers Roger.


        • Having paid a visit to The Range, it would appear this was not where I saw the blender pack. May have been The Works instead. However, having a rummage at home turned up a few potentially useful tools, including plastic coffee stirrers of various shapes and flexibility, a plastic glue spreader like you got at school and two different stylus’ (styli?) that were intended for use with a tablet that have never been used, one of which has a soft rubber tip half the diameter of my little finger. So pending getting some professional tools, it would appear I have some additional options. And a lot of stuff I should have probably thrown away…


  4. Great stuff Jez, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I think your version of Devil Dinosaur is far closer in size/shape to that depicted in his current adventures fighting alongside Captain America on “Planet Hulk” – I’ll be reviewing #1 very soon. Thanks very much for the shout out too – much appreciated I assure you.


    • Thanks for the comments, Simon. I hold you entirely responsible for this digression and, judging from the interest it’s garnered, it seems to be quite popular. With so many eyes watching, I just hope I manage to produce something reasonable! And as for the shout out, you’re welcome. 🙂


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