Unnatural Growths

As Zomtober continues apace, it would appear that the participants have been very busy, so much so that they’ve been slipping in sneaky mid-week posts prior to the Sunday deadline. Whilst I’m not taking part this year, I thought I’d follow suit, mainly because the content I had planned for my normal weekend post was getting slightly unwieldy and would have required the best part of a day to actually get uploaded…

So, whilst the title above might suggest something that requires a prescription of a topical cream, the subject of this post is the cold floronic menace of animate vegetation…

For his Zomtober project this year, Simon aka Blaxkleric is painting up several figures from his vast collection of Crooked Dice miniatures, for use in his “Doctor Who and the Seeds of Doom” Zombicide game. From the progress so far, it looks like it’s going to be awesome. For the first post regarding this project, go here. In a conversation in one of his posts on this project, I suggested that a specific figure would make a good “fattie” for the game. Having viewed the figure concerned, he agreed and ordered three. He doesn’t know what he’s let himself in for…

This is the figure concerned:

It’s the Gutsoup Golem from Wizards of the Coast’s Dreamblade CMG, specifically from the Chrysotic Plague set. Now, when I initially bought this figure, my intention was to paint it up in more ‘realistic’ meat tones, but once I’d undercoated it, it wasn’t saying “meat monster” to me. Rather it was saying “rampaging swamp beast”, so inspired in part by both Man-Thing and Swamp Thing, but mainly by the Doctor Who story “The Seeds of Doom”, out came the green paints and it was suitably re-painted. As I had mentioned to Simon that I’d done this, I thought it only fair to show what I’d done with mine, so here it is:


As you can see from the picture, it is now a suitably imposing hunk of malevolent vegetation, although the picture doesn’t really do it justice.

Continuing the theme of this post, I mentioned in my last post that West Wind Productions’ Pumpkin Headed Killer Scarecrows were not really suitable as Scooby Doo-esque monsters, as they were a little on the ‘skinny’ side, so couldn’t really pass as people in costumes. However, having dug mine out and arrayed them next to the unfortunate Blake Fredericks, I’ve now changed my mind, as they do look suitably Scooby Doo…


That’s all for now – regularly scheduled programming will resume at the weekend, when we’ll be looking at more Things That Go Bump in the Night…

Comments and feedback appreciated, as always.


11 thoughts on “Unnatural Growths

  1. Terrific stuff Jez, and I’ll be sure to include a link back to this posting when my three Krynoid ‘Fatties’ arrive and are painted up (they’ll be going straight to the front of my painting queue I assure you) 🙂 Very grateful to you for the suggestion, and I like those Pumpkin-Headed monsters too – as I have them in my re-basing queue (along with a load of other “SuperFigs”). I’d be very interested to know what paints you used on your Golem. Was it an undercoat, wash and drybrush etc?


    • Thanks Simon. Felt I ought to post it sooner rather than later, especially since “I have such sights to show you…” at the weekend. You can now see why I suggested it – he’s a big lad. As for painting, all old GW paints. Undercoated white, then base coat of Woodland Green. Dry-brushed with Goblin Green, followed by half Goblin Green/half Rotting Flesh, then finally just Rotting Flesh. Once he was dry, gave the whole figure a wash of Woodland Green with a touch of black, so you end up with an organic look, rather than a dusty look, if you know what I mean. Touch of yellow for the ‘eye’ and done. Hope that helps!


    • Thanks Roger. You know me – always looking beyond the pre-paint. More Scooby Do goodness to come at the weekend, including one of my infamous conversions for a specific Scooby Doo villain. Not even meddling kids can stop me!


  2. Jez, apologies for taking so long to follow you but I’m here now. I have added your own blog to my list of favourite blogs so that I won’t miss any of your posts in future. I do love your Gutsoup Golem. I’d really like to see one painted up in blood red.


    • Welcome aboard, Bryan! Unfortunately this is the only one I have, but as I know you like a bit of gore, one of the figures in my next post should more than make up for this. 😉


    • Thanks Michael. It turns out that i have rather more painted beasties than i thought, hence the midweek post. The next post will include a dozen or so creatures, including plenty of ghosts ready to be busted!


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