Beware the Devil Shrimp…

Whilst my weekend post Where Walks the Wendigo was intended to be my last post for Scooby Doo month here at the Buffet, as Saturday is actually Halloween, I couldn’t really let this pass without a post.

However, the issue I have is that I am actually away from this evening until Sunday night, as it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m off with the family to visit my eldest son, who’s reading History at Cambridge. Takes after his mother, obviously…

So, what that means is that you get a bonus midweek post, instead of a weekend post as normal. So, what have I in store for you? Read on…

Over the years, many manufacturers have attempted to model the  eldritch horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos, with varying degrees of success. Grenadier, currently distributed by Mirliton, RAFM, Black Cat Bases and even Reaper had a go at a few. And if you haven’t seen the current Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 2 Kickstarter, go and take a look at the insanity-inducing goodness, as you can pledge a $1, then choose whatever figure add-ons you want, which is ideal if you want the figures without committing to the actual game. This is actually the first Kickstarter I’ve been tempted by, so that’s saying something…

Anyway, one of the older ranges was Metal Magic’s Dunwich Detectives range, which is currently being distributed by eM-4 Miniatures and/or Moonraker Miniatures.

I bought this specific model – 2012a Dimensional Shambler Attacking (£2.10), for potential use as a monster in an unspecified-at-the-time game:

He (it?) languished in my paint queue for a while, having been undercoated in green, until the recent Scooby Doo project gave me the impetus to paint him (it?) up as a ‘monster’ for my mystery solving teens to face. However, I wasn’t happy with the colour scheme and undercoated it back to white. Looking at the figure, it suddenly occurred to me that this was…seafood. So, out came the necessary paints and it was repainted as the Devil Shrimp of Crystal Cove.

Devil Shrimp

Ruh-roh! Looks like Anne won’t be outrunning the monster this time. I think it came out rather well and when I finally get around to my Forbidden Planet retro sci-fi project, I think I may be buying a few more to menace the crew of my United Planets Cruiser.

That’s all for this month, be sure to join me in November, where things will be getting decidedly Frosty…

Comments and feedback appreciated, as always.


8 thoughts on “Beware the Devil Shrimp…

    • Thanks Simon. It’s a nicely detailed figure, which I think would also suit a “Metaluna Mutant” from This Island Earth colour scheme. May have to get a few more. And thank you for the birthday wishes – you have my permission to toast me with the alcoholic tipple of your choice. 😉


  1. Happy birthday mate, 21 again? Poor Anne, off to the hidden lair I guess, and salt water will play murder with her perm! Hope the gang can rescue her quickly. Great looking monster by the way.

    Be sure and be back in time for Mo’vember.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. Whilst I may be accruing years, I keep young by playing with my wonderful toys. And Anne unfortunately has the ‘Monster Magnet’ ability, so she does attract rather a lot of unwanted attention. As for the Devil Shrimp, he turned out rather well. And don’t worry, I’m prepped and ready to go for Mo’vember – looking forward to it.


    • Cheers Bryan. I seem to have inadvertently bought quite a few figures suitable for Scooby Doo gaming. Still a few needing painting, so looks like I’ll be revisiting this project again. 🙂


    • Thanks Michael. Once I’d got it back to white, seemed obvious that it should be shrimp-pink. However, this will be the last Scooby Doo-esque monster for a while, as we’re going all Frostgrave next month. 🙂


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