Kringle’s Men

Due to receiving an unexpected birthday windfall, my mind has been on what shiny new toys I could buy, rather than concentrating on painting tiny little men with equally tiny little moustaches…

However, as my co-conspirators on Frostgrave Mo’vember (Roger at Rantings from Under the Wargames Table and Simon at Fantorical) have been busy beavering away AND have drafted an additional compatriot in the form of Punkrabbit (blog here), who has been swayed by the siren song of Frostgrave and joined us in our little corner of the asylum, I thought I should really crack on.

First up, the figure that would have been my first entry for Mo’vember, had he not proved so troublesome and the first member of Kringle the Enchanter’s warband – Sir Gideon Rust, Templar.

FG Templar

The is another Ral Partha Europe figure, namely the Armoured Duke, currently available for £3.00. This figure has a lot of nice detail, but my initial colour scheme didn’t quite work, so I ended up re-painting him not once, but twice. I finally managed to get his armour looking nice and rusty. The fact that he has a moustache and goatee also means that he meets the criteria for Mo’vember. This particular sculpt also reminds me of the Tenniel illustration of the White Knight from Alice Through the Looking Glass, so should you be putting together a Wonderland-inspired warband, you can’t go far wrong with this figure.

Next up, my second week Mo’vember entry and also a member of Kringle’s Men,  Black Powder Pete, “Archer”.

FG Dwarf

Yes, I know he’s a dwarf and yes, that is an arquebus, but as far as the “rules” are concerned, it’s a bow, alright? As I had been painting this dwarf up in a similar colour palette as my other figures, I decided that he should be part of Kringle’s Men. And as a dwarf, he’s got a beard, so another Mo’vember tick there…

The final member of Kringle’s Men this week is Holly “It’s NOT a girl’s name” the Apprentice. A little bit arrogant, Holly decided to cut some corners when casting his first spell, resulting in it exploding in his face. This burnt the right side of his face and damaged his right eye, resulting in complete colour blindness, so he now has to rely on his master, Kringle the Enchanter, to advise him what colour his clothes are. His master has a mischievous sense of humour…

FG Apprentice

As the expression on this figure’s face made me think he was a bit up himself, I decided to give him stripey Christmas elf tights, as I seem to have developed a bit of a Christmas theme with my warband. The right side of his face was an accident, as I was trying to paint his eyes, did the left eye fine, then ended up with a huge black blob as his right eye, which I then attempted to rectify by over-painting with white, picked up the wrong paint and ended up with a grey blob in the centre. It looked pretty cool, so I added a bit more GW Dwarf Flesh around the eye-socket, to resemble burnt skin and now we have a rather unique take on the HeroQuest Wizard.

So, managed to catch up, regained my painting mojo and have finally decided what my final Mo’vember entry will be, although he won’t be a member of the warband. Next week, we will finally meet Kringle the Enchanter, along with some of his creations…

Comments and feedback appreciated, as always.

11 thoughts on “Kringle’s Men

  1. Better late than never they say, and these are definitely in the better category Jez. I’m in a good mood so I’ll even let you have the dwarf (though there’s no reason I can see in the rules why you can’t have a dwarf, elf, orc or whatever in you warband, Simon may prove me wrong here).

    I doo like your stripey tights (well your figures I’ve never actually seen your own personal ones, of course). And the knight at the top of the page is also a cracker (reminded me of Don Quixote, for some reason).

    All good, and back up to speed. Did you buy anything nice at Reading?

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. I was quite pleased with my output this week, even with the slight errors with my apprentice. I actually got more done than I’ve shown, but they’re not quite finished yet.
      Reading was insanely busy, more so than last year, with a bit more variety. Saw what I thought was a Frostgrave game being played, but turned out to be Santa Claus Wars, with a compete set of your figures! And yes, picked up some figures from Rapier Miniatures and Crooked Dice. A couple of 28mm foxes as the alternate form of my Kitsune and Ghostbusters, but possibly not the ones you’re expecting. All will be revealed next month.


  2. Great submissions to Mo’vember Jez, with the armoured Duke being my fave (indeed I may pick him up myself having seen how good he looks with your rusty mail colour scheme). Love the candy lollipop trousers too 🙂

    I wish I had known you were at Reading today, as I was as well. Been nice to have touched base and I’m looking forward to seeing what “Crooked Dice” goodies you picked up. Now you mention it there were a few companies selling 28mm animals dotted about the show, and I actually ended up buying a few sharp-toothed friends for my Black Manta as a result 😉


    • Thanks Simon. Originally the armour was painted with a mix of grey and chainmail, but it was too pale. Brown ink went on next, but that was too dark. A wash of GW Red Gore tied it all together and we got the rusty result. Shame I wasn’t aware you were there, as it would have been nice to put a name to a face. If you saw someone looking like a slightly grumpy Action Man in a check shirt, that was me. Hope you had more luck parking than I did. And was it sharks you bought, from Spy or Die Trying’s stall?


      • Sorry Jez, I don’t remember seeing you. But you’re spot on about the sharks, as I’ve been after something like them for ages and then I saw their buy four packs and get a fifth free 😉 Parking did seem a little chaotic. But I got there for 9, just to make sure and slipped into our annual parking space right at the back. Hopefully everyone there had a top time and made loads of money. I certainly splurged on a few new ranges.


    • Thanks Bob. Still deciding whether to ‘winterize’ my bases. Whilst my wizard may not be wearing gloves, he does have a scarf, so at least he’s suitably dressed – unlike my barbarian, both of which you will see in next post. 🙂


    • Welcome back, Bryan! We’ve missed you. It is a particularly nice miniature and I am tempted to buy another one, as I have a feeling it would look cool in a diorama with the Reaper Jabberwock.


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