Kringle’s Men – Part 2

Due to my wife being away this weekend on a Christmas shopping trip, this meant that I could occupy the dining table for an extended period of time without suffering black looks and the withering scorn usually associated with any time I spend “being geeky”.

Which means that I was able to complete my third week’s entry for Mo’vember AND finish my Frostgrave warband. Industrious little bugger, ain’t I?

When people are asked to name a barbarian, one name readily springs to mind, namely Conan. However, for those of us Brits of a certain age and mindset, another name will also be on the tip of our tongues – Thrud the Barbarian.

Back when White Dwarf was actually a gaming magazine, rather than a catalogue, it featured a one-page comic strip by Carl Critchlow, featuring the misadventures of the aforementioned character. He was big, he was stupid, but he was exceptionally good at killing things, although the collateral damage from his fights usually resulted in the deaths of innocent bystanders and large-scale property damage. The strip ran from September 1983 to September 1988, after which it was quietly dropped. Thrud was briefly resurrected in a full-colour self-published comic book, of which five issues were published between 2002 and 2007. This introduced the character to a new generation of gamers.

Over the years, Thrud has appeared as a 28mm miniature several times, the first five versions of the character being released by Citadel Miniatures, with Heresy Miniatures also releasing three versions of the character as well. These were all limited editions and are available on the secondary market, but you will probably pay through the nose for them.

The most recent incarnation of the character can be found as part of the Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter, as an optional buy Guest Box, and features not only Thrud, but his enemies To-Me Ku-Pa and the Black Currant and a new character named Persephone Pursuivant. You will have to scroll down a fair way to find the relevant images.

So, when building a warband for Frostgrave and needing a barbarian, and being of a certain age and mindset AND having one of the Citadel Miniatures limited edition miniatures, seemed like a no-brainer to include him…


This particular figure is LE12 Thrud the Barbarian and by far the best of Citadel’s sculpts, in my opinion. Having now seen him on the screen, I think I need to dry-brush his furry boots to bring out the detail, as he currently looks like he’s wearing wellies. And while he appears not to be wearing suitable clothing for venturing into a frozen city, in issue #2 of his comic, he did just that, wearing the outfit above. He also happened to be accompanying a sage/wizard and his apprentice and, unsurprisingly, only Thrud survived.

As Kringle is aware of Thrud’s reputation, he felt that whilst his remaining warband were ideally suited to plundering the treasures of Frostgrave, he really ought to have some insurance against Thrud’s tendency to accidentally kill his allies. Being an Enchanter (and having run out of money), if you can’t hire troops – make ’em…


These two miniatures are what I’m planning on using as Constructs, one small and one large.

The figure on the left is a GW Realms of Chaos Familiar from 1988 (apparently). Whilst it looks like one of those wooden artist’s mannequins, I was not confident about painting a wood effect on something so small, so opted to try to make it look like it was made from polished aluminium instead. This was achieved by giving it a base cost of GW Mithril Silver, then washing it in GW Elf Blue. I think it’s worked pretty well.

The figure on the right is a Dreamblade War Toller, which is effectively a golem made from a large bell. For this one I tried to make it look like polished brass, which was a base coat of Bronze, dry-brush of Gold, then washed with a dark brown. Pretty pleased with this one too. As this was a Common, this one is still readily available on the secondary market, so if you want one, check your Dreamblade singles stockists or eBay.

The final member of my warband if Kringle the Enchanter himself.

Kringle Front

Being fully bearded, he meets the criteria for Mo’vember, so he’s my Week 3 entry. Here’s a rear view of him…

Kringle Back

As you can see, whilst he may have foregone gloves, he has not only found Wally, but nicked his scarf! (Incidentally, the scenery above was supposed to be the backdrop for all the miniatures featured this week, but for some reason my camera kept focusing on the ruins behind, rather than the figure, resulting in particular blurry photos, so I had to retake the pictures shown above.)

As the warband is now complete, next we have the obligatory group shot;

Kringle's Men

As I have three Marvel Heroscape sets, which has the grey tiles shown above, the Road to the Forgotten Forest set, which has cobbled tiles and the coniferous trees and two sets of the Heroscape ruins shown above, I believe I may have enough terrain to construct a Frostgrave board just from Heroscape tiles. Bonus!

However, if you are intending on building your own city, I suggest you visit Shed Wars, as Eric is currently constructing his own Frostgrave board and has several brilliant ideas for terrain and scenery. The link above will take you to the first post, but it’s worth reading all of them.

So the Frostgrave part of Frostgrave Mo’vember is complete, which means I only have to complete one more moustachioed figure before the end of the month to complete this month’ s project. However, as I can’t really just do one figure, we may very well be seeing some denizens of the frozen city next week, as Kringle’s Men can hardly go in unopposed, can they?

Be sure to check out the progress of my co-conspirators on this project, Dick Garrison, Blaxkleric and Punkrabbit.

Comments and feedback appreciated, as always.


11 thoughts on “Kringle’s Men – Part 2

  1. Absolutely sensational posting Jez, a real treat of eye candy for sure. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that my fave is the Dreamblade War Toller; and I’ve already identified some of these for a future purchase – trying to be good and not buy anything new until after the Analogue hobbies Painting Challenge and Salute 2016. Great work on all your minis. Its good to see Thrud can still make a mighty impact, and I’m certainly looking forward to finally owning him once the “Black Plague” kickstarter arrives. Great group shot and that scenery works a treat. looking forward to your BatRep 😉


    • Thanks Simon. Still one week left and I have a few surprises in store – including at least one more Dreamblade figure re-purposed for Frostgrave. And I’ve always liked Thrud, so this gave me an excuse to repaint him ‘properly’.
      As I have never attended Salute, I may very well try next year – and we can celebrate the anniversary of you following my blog!
      As for a batrep, I do still need to buy the rules…unless Santa brings them. 😉


    • Thanks Brian. As my space marines are 1st generation ‘womble’ marines, I have to admit that I’m a bit out of touch with the current trends. Thanks for looking and be sure to check in next week when only be looking at the more monstrous denizens of Felstad – in my own inimitable way.


  2. Jez, I too have a fondness for Thrud. I have an old OOP Citadel figure of him that came in a boxed set of characters who appeared in the pages of White Dwarf. I’m looking forward to receiving my Zombicide: Black Plague version of him. Suffice to say, he’s my favourite figure of the ones you’ve posted here, although to be fair, they’re all good.


  3. Great work Jez, and first to finish your warband too, you forgot to mention that Thrudd also made an appearance in the pages of “Valkyrie” magazine for a while, I know this as I was writing the miniature reviews in it at the time.

    Though I like Thrudd I have to say my personal favourite is the “war toller”.

    But as said all good.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. I’d forgotten that he briefly appeared in Valkyrie magazine. Thrud appears to be popular with quite a few people, but then nostalgia can do that to you. The War Toller is an unusual and fun figure, which is why I initially bought him. And now I have an actual use for him!


    • Thanks Michael. It would appear that Frostgrave makes me think of Christmas. Perhaps I should make some treasure markers that look like piles of presents…and a nutcracker prince soldier…maybe some teddy bear infantry… must..resist. 😉


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