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We have finally reached the last week of Frostgrave Mo’vember and whilst I may have completed the “Frostgrave” part, with my warband up to full muster (see Kringle’s Men – Part 2), we are still one moustachioed miniature shy of the full complement for the “Mo’vember” part…

I deliberated long and hard over which of the many bearded and moustachioed figure that are awaiting paint should be my final entry for this project, and had several figures potentially lined up as subjects. However, as I have a vast collection of unpainted supers waiting for their chance to enter the limelight, after my tender ministrations have changed them from their original character AND one of them was suitably hirsute around the facial area, it seemed obvious that this would be my final entry for Mo’vember. So, who have we got then?

This is the original figure, representing Hollywood, the Earth -691 future version of Wonder Man, who appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy #17. When I first saw this figure, I immediately knew who this figure was going to represent in my own Superhero universe and how he would be repainted, so had to buy him. And this is what he looks like now:


This is Zeus, a superhero originally known as Apollo during the late 70’s, who went missing after the attempted invasion of Earth by the Anuran Empire – an attempt that was thwarted by the assembled might of both the heroes and villains of that era, which resulted in their deaths. It was assumed that Apollo had also perished, but he had gone into hiding in the wilds of Canada where he remained until he was found by Major Liberty, who convinced him that his days as a hero were not over. Older, wiser, but no less powerful, he has renamed himself Zeus, to reflect his more mature outlook and has rejoined society, acting as a mentor to the younger members of Liberty Force, but still haunted by the deaths of his team-mates so long ago.

A fairly straight-forward repaint. The colours were chosen to suggest my idea of what a modern-day Greek God would choose. Initially he was to have had an all-in-one body suit, but once undercoated, it just seemed obvious that he would go shirtless, so I stippled his chest with white, to try to suggest chest hair. His leggings are actually an Acrylic Gloss White, as it was a recent purchase and I needed a test piece for this paint before I used it for the purpose it was bought for. I think that the contract between the shiny white and the gold works well and whilst it may not be the most complicated of paint jobs, it came out exactly how I envisaged it, so it’s a win.

So, strictly speaking, that should conclude this month’s shenanigans, as we now have our final Mo’vember entry and the Frostgrave warband is complete. However, as regular readers will know, I never just paint one figure and, as the post title suggests, we don’t just have ‘gods’ to look at…

Looking at the Frostgrave bestiary on North Star Military Models website, it shows the kind of beasties that warbands may encounter when venturing into Felstad. As I had a few suitable figures, it was time to re-purpose them for frosty adventures…

First is my Minor Demon…


This is a Games Workshop Pit Fiend from their Night Horrors range from 1989. I could have gone for a non-typical colouring on this figure, but red seemed appropriate. A nice detailed model, which the picture above does not do justice to and also fails to show the subtle shading I managed to achieve – ah, the joys of artificial lighting.

Next up we have a slight cheat, as these figures I’ve had painted for a while, hence the non-Frostgrave basing – my Snow Trolls…


These are Copplestone Castings Yetis, from their High Adventure range, available from their website for £6.50 for the pair, which given their size, is a bargain. Especially when compared to the official Frostgrave Snow Troll, which is £6.00 and not quite as nice, in my opinion. These particular figures were bought as Wendigo for an “abandoned cabin in the woods” scenario, but would also make more convincing and horrific looking Morlocks. Just buy some already, you know you want to and they’re cool.

My final entry is something which doesn’t seem to appear in the official bestiary, so I present my Ice Ogre…


This is a Dreamblade Savage Ogre, a common from the base set and a fairly substantial beastie. This is the third and final (hopefully) time this miniature has been painted, as he was originally a desert ogre in shades of brown and yellow, was partially re-painted as an Oni in red, until I decided that he would look better as an Ice Ogre, so out came the whites and blues.  I’m pretty pleased with this figure, as it came out exactly as I had intended, the white dry-brushing of the whole figure representing the hoarfrost that has built up as it roams Felstad, looking for fresh meat.

So, that’s Frostgrave Mo’vember over and as December hoves into view, I will be dedicating this month (and possibly the following month) to my most ambitious project yet. This is a project that I have been planning on doing for a while and have been slowly accumulating the necessary figures and terrain. There will be miniatures, both of the heroes and their foes, there will at least one building and at least one vehicle. Here’s a visual hint…


For those of you that this isn’t enough for, I’ll just say that I have the tools and I (hopefully) have the talent…You know who to call, right?

Comments and feedback appreciated, as always.


7 thoughts on “Gods & Monsters

  1. I must admit that I’d never heard of the superhero, Hollywood before, but I do know Zeus. It’s nice simple conversion by altering his paint scheme. Of the others, I am most impressed with your pair of snow trolls. Well sculpted and well painted.


    • Thanks Bryan. The Heroclix range seems to be covering quite a few of the more obscure characters, which means there’s more fodder for conversion. And the yetis/trolls are lovely figures which were a joy to paint, and came out rather well.


  2. Nice work Jez, “hooray for Hollywood!!” nice repaint and a whole new look, those yeti’s are smashing figures I’ve had my eye on them for a while myself.

    And this new project looks like it’ll be a laugh, just remember to “staypuffed”.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. Part of my birthday funds went towards a dozen or so Heroclix, some for a future He-Month, some for the upcoming project and some for “normal” supersj. This is one of the first, but you’ll see some more next month.
      And Copplestone’s Yetis are brilliant figures – he also does smaller versions in his 10mm Fantasy range, should you want smaller ones.
      And next month’s project has been on the cards for a while, I just needed the perfect figures and bits.


  3. Well that’s a new one on me, but Zeus certainly turned out well. Loving the snow trolls, but ridiculously excited about the Ghostbusters project! I had hoped to get the Crooked Dice miniatures for my Birthday, but sadly none arrived, but having put them on my wish list I will have to wait until Christmas!


    • Thanks Michael. Being a huge Marvel geek, I do know most of the obscurer characters and as they tend to less well known, make ideal conversion fodder. Although my conversion of the Hulk into an Oni worked out pretty well. As for Ghostbusters – it’s something I’ve been planning to do for a while. However, this won’t be the New York ‘busters, but another franchise, so be prepared for a few surprises. 😉


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