“You Ignorant Disgusting Blob!”

Whilst the above quotation from Ghostbusters II was in reference to a beaker full of psycho-reactive ectoplasm (or “mood-slime”), it seemed apt for this weeks post, as you will discover below…

As mentioned in my last post, my weekend posts will record my progress on my Ghostbusters Project, so let’s see what progress has been made…

The first order of the day was to base my Ghostbusters. As all four of my chosen figures had integral tabs and were supplied with 25mm slottabases, it seemed that this would not be a chore. However, as anyone who has sculpted figures will know, there are days when, no matter what you do, the putty refuses to behave itself. Whether it was the temperature, consistency of the mix or the alignment of the stars on that particular day, no matter what I tried, it proved to be impossible to work with. All I ended up with was a ‘disgusting blob’ masquerading as a base, making it look like the miniature was standing on a pile of manure. Not good.

Rather than completely giving up, I decided to use another tried and tested method, involving polystyrene cement and sandpaper. You cut a rough circle of sandpaper, slightly bigger than the top of the base. Slather the top of the base in polystyrene cement and attach the sandpaper and then leave to dry. As the polystyrene cement will slightly melt the plastic, the sandpaper ain’t going nowhere and you get a ‘sand’ topped base, without throwing actual sand all over your work area. As the sandpaper is pretty uniform in coverage, you also don’t get those horrible clumps that you sometimes get with normal sand. Once dry, file down the over hanging sandpaper until it’s flush with the base. Then superglue your chosen figure to the base and paint away. This particular basing method is good for depicting asphalt, once painted suitable colours.

So, having created four bases using this method, I snipped the tabs off my figures and filed down the undersides of their feet so they would stand straight. The addition of proton packs to Doc Brown and Riddick was accomplished via superglue only, as I currently do not have a pin vice or drill bit of the right diameter. Doc Brown’s straps for his pack were created using fuse wire, cut to the appropriate length, bent to shape and superglued in place. An undercoat of white and some initial block painting was done – mainly to test the colour for their overalls – and this is where we stand with the Ghostbusters so far:


Coming along nicely, in my opinion.

Next up, the ‘Ectomobile’:


To be honest, all that’s been done to this so far is to overpaint the faded cream colour of the original bodywork with a gloss white. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I couldn’t decide what to put on the roof. Do I go for the standard double light-bar and additional equipment of the Ecto-1? Or just use the chrome light combination of a 1950’s ambulance, with possible some kind of loudspeaker siren affair? Or just leave as is, but put a Ghostbusters symbol on the roof? I still haven’t decided. The second reason was the firehouse – I had forgotten just how long it takes to paint scenery.

Here’s the progress so far:


It’s received a white undercoat on two walls and a grey basecoat on the ramp and interior floor – and it took bloody ages. Here’s another picture with a Ghostbuster and his car, to give an idea of how well this building scales to 28mm.


As you can see, the decorators were a little slapdash with the internal paint-job.

However, we have progressed a little bit further with the containment grid and this is what it looks like now:


Not too shabby, so far. The above picture also shows why I don’t usually show WIPs, as my initial block-painting tends to be a bit…messy. It will look better next time, I promise.

Finally, its time for a spectral visitation. During the Halloween weekend, Comedy Central showed Ghostbusters II and whilst watching the courtroom scene, I realised that the fatter of the two Scoleri Brothers resembled the Heroclix figure of the Blob from the Clobberin’ Time expansion:

This particular figure is a favourite for conversion, one of my favourites being Roger Webb’s zombie clown, which you can see on his post here.

As I’d already added a meat cleaver (from a HeroQuest Orc) to the figure’s right hand, as he was originally going to be a supervillain name ‘Ogre’, it was just a matter of popping him off his base, tidying up his feet and making a hole in his belly, so I could mount him on a flight stand. A suitably ‘spectral’ paint job and here he is…


So, there you have my “ignorant disgusting blob”. Quite a simple conversion, but I think he makes a very suitable Ghostbusters ghost. And here’s a shot of him menacing one of the Ghostbusters, which gives a better view of the meat cleaver.


That’s all for this weekends update, but be sure to look in again midweek, when I’ll be ‘casting’ another movie in my “expanded” Ghostbusters universe.

You know who to call…


10 thoughts on ““You Ignorant Disgusting Blob!”

    • Thanks Simon. You will be seeing a few more Heroclix figures re-purposed as ghosts during this project, as quite of few of the more ‘distorted’ figures make excellent spectral entities, with only a minimal repaint.


  1. Even though I rarely post WIP posts on my blog I do enjoy seeing them elsewhere. I, too, love your Blob conversion. Heroclix is proving to be a good source of conversion material for you.


    • Thanks Bryan. Heroclix is a useful source for cheap figures and the range is constantly expanding, so you can usually find something of use, for whatever project you’re doing. The Blob would make a good zombie as is – and I’m sure you’d do a fantastic job if you painted one up!


  2. Very nice work so far Jez, I do like your “not-fire station” and Ecto 2 is looking the business. Good to see you re-purposing the “Blob” that’s one scary ghoulie! and thanks for the link, most appreciated.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. I did mention when you did your Blob conversion that I had plans for mine – and here he is! And progress is being made on everything else, although I’m still undecided as to whether I should clutter the roof of my Ectomobile or not.


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