“A Unique Fixer-Upper Opportunity…”

As my self-imposed ‘weekend’ deadline for the next update on my Ghostbusters project crept ever closer, I was getting concerned that there would not actually be an update, as real life events appeared to be conspiring against me.

Luckily, Friday and Saturday night I was, like the Pet Shop Boys, ‘left to my own devices’, so out came the paints and the various parts of my Ghostbusters project were arrayed around me, so I could work a little on each as the paint dried on the previous item.

However, progress is sloooooow…

So, let’s start with my “unique fixer-upper opportunity”, namely my firehouse;


All exterior walls are now undercoated in white, which will hopefully make the next part of the painting a lot easier. The smokestack/vent on the roof has had a single coat of GW Chainmail and the front door has had an initial coat of GW Blood Red, but will require several more until I’m happy with it. I still have to paint the interior walls and decide whether I will re-paint the roof, or just give it a wash (it’s currently black). I’ve also removed the doors, so they can be painted separately, as shown below:


Both of the firehouse doors have been undercoated in white, both sides, and the fronts have been given an initial coat of red. If I’d managed to get one of the Plasticville Fire Stations that is actually cast in white and red plastic, I could have saved myself a bit of time. Oh well…

The control panel for my containment grid has been tidied up a bit now and additional components painted, revealing that the two lower vents were made from ‘poppers’ or ‘snap fasteners’, as I believe they are called in the U.S. However, the ‘cable’ which protruded from the bottom of the box into the floor grid fell off – which actually made everything else easier to paint, so I’ll re-attach it later.

As for my Ectomobile, it’s coming along…


Whilst it doesn’t look like it’s had much done to it, bearing in mind it was a dirty cream colour to start with, with writing on both side doors, rear door, roof and along each side, the fact that’s it’s actually white now and you can hardly see the writing is a win for me, along with the fact that I’ve worked out how to get a nice smooth finish without obvious brush strokes. Still undecided about what should go on the roof, although I am leaning towards the retro-style siren and lights above the cab, so we shall see.

As for my Ghostbusters…


The jumpsuits were originally painted in Docrafts Linen and have now received two coats of GW Kommando Khaki, which is a better match to the jumpsuits used in the movies. Even with two coats, it still looks a little patchy, as this particular GW shade is quite thin, so will probably get a further coat. All electronic equipment, i.e. proton packs, PKE Meters, etc. has received an initial coat of GW Chainmail, with the intention of using Black Ink on it, so that the metal shows through on the edges. Vin’buster has received a couple of coats of a GW brown whose label has fallen off, and is now the colour I intended him to be, and my female ‘buster has been given Khaki trousers and blonde hair.

So, that’s the progress so far, but we can’t have a Ghostbusters post without a ‘ghost’, can we? Although, what we have here is actually a Class 7 Inorganic Physical Conglomerate, more commonly known as a Chain Golem…


Alright, so it’s actually a Dreamblade Iron Thug, which has been removed from its massive plastic base and repainted in almost exactly the same colours it came in, but better. This is a nicely detailed miniature, well worth tracking down and whilst it may not be as big as the D&D Miniatures Chain Golem;

The Iron Thug one does actually look like it’s made from animated lengths of chain, which makes it an ideal Ghostbusters baddie, as anyone who has faced the Book Golems in Ghostbusters: The Video Game will know.

That’s all for this weekend’s update, but be sure to check in midweek, when I will (hopefully) have the next instalment  of “Beyond Ghostbusters”, where we will be paying a visit to Texas…

You know who to call…


10 thoughts on ““A Unique Fixer-Upper Opportunity…”

  1. This is going great guns, Jez. You’re clearly well-immersed in this project and your postings are proving great reads so don;t worry about you thinking things are a little slow. You could though stop tempting me with yet another “Dreamblade” model you rotter 😉


    • Thanks Simon. I always worry when posting that I haven’t done quite enough to warrant people’s attention, so always have at least one backup figure, just in case. This week’s just happened to be the Dreamblade Iron Thug. And surely it’s better to be tempted by a single figure than by a $50 plus Kickstarter? 😉


  2. I never knew that chain golems existed and here you are showing off two. The D&D chain golem is fantastic. Don’t worry about slow progress. Any progress is better than no progress.


    • Thanks Bryan. I’ve always been a fan of golems since my role playing days, although they were known as ‘the created’ in Ravenloft and Frostgrave calls them ‘constructs’. Along with the standard clay, flesh, stone and iron golems, the D&D miniatures range has some of the obscure ones, such as the chain golem. I regularly check the online singles sellers to see what’s ‘new’ usually starting off with golems, although I still crave the Earth Titan, as it’s very good Vale for its size.


    • Thanks Roger. Hopefully I’ve broken the back of the tedious bit, so progress should accelerate now. And as I spend a fair bit of my ‘free’ time browsing miniatures, I can usually find a figure to represent almost anything. Of course, I don’t always remember where I’ve seen what, so must rely on my mastery of Web-Fu, Grasshopper.


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