“I Think This Building Should be Condemned…”

Whilst I have been beavering away on my Ghostbusters Project, I decided that as the firehouse was going to take the longest, I’d concentrate on that first. However, because I’ve had limited time and painting large swathes of plastic wall takes more time than it really should, I haven’t got very much to show for all my effort. We started with this…


So the original building was moulded in tan and black plastic, as shown above. However, I wanted something slightly different, so decided to repaint it. If you are planning on using this particular model for your Ghostbusters HQ, try to get one that’s moulded in red and white plastic, as you’ll save yourself a bit of time.

So, after copious layers of paint, this is where we are now:


Looks a little different, I’m sure you’ll agree. As the doors were originally black, even with an undercoat of white and several coats of red, they’re still not entirely where I want them to be. The roof trim has also been painted black, as have all the windows. The garage doors are actually on back to front at the moment, as they have protruding handles, which mean that they’re a little fiddly to get back into place, so I’m just hanging them there for the time being. And to prove I have actually been painting, here’s the rear view…


The little notch in the rear wall is, I believe, so that model railroaders could add electrics to the inside of the building. Our final view is of inside, just to show that I have been quite thorough with my painting.


Painting the windows, inside and out and the crossbars took a very long time, but it’s done now, so hopefully the next post will be a little more exciting.

However, it would be a pretty poor post if this is the only thing I have to show you, so whilst I may not be showing much in the way of progress, there is more content…

One of my most popular previous posts was We Built This City…from MDF, where I looked at suitable modern 28mm MDF buildings for superhero gaming. As Ghostbusters is also set in ‘modern’ times, I thought this a good place to highlight some suitable buildings, should you want to replicate New York on your tabletop. As the majority of these buildings were designed with the Batman Miniatures Games in mind, they are also useful for building Gotham city as well.

I’ve previously mentioned Multiverse Gaming, but since my last post back in May of last year, they have expanded their range.

This is the Mohawk Magnetower, which you can imagine rooftop rituals being performed on, in attempt to summon Gozer. Available from their website for 59.95 Euros. There are plenty of other goodies on their website to construct your city, so worth a look.

A new company, based in Australia is Knights of Dice. The majority of their Sentry City range is very much inspired by the Art Deco movement.

Wolfman Plaza

This is Wolfman Plaza, a ridiculously well-detailed building, available from their website for A$50.00, which is approximately £25.00. There are lost more buildings of similar quality on their website, so also well worth a look.

Our final manufacturer is TTCombat, whose massive warehouse I previously featured on my blog. However, since then they have expanded their range quite significantly, so if you want apartment buildings, theatres, gas stations, police stations, fast food outlets, courthouses or a variety of municipal trucks, they are also well worth a browse. Being based in the UK, they are obviously a better option for me, shipping-wise, and their buildings are relatively inexpensive, compared to some of the other retailers.

This two-storey police station, which has a removable roof and two floors, is £11.95. Whilst this Abandoned Appartment building is only £13.95.

Of course, whilst you now have the buildings to construct your ideal modern city, what of the roads? Well, I recently came across a new products from InRoad Toys, called PlayTape.

Classic Road Series Black, 30' x 4"

This product is a roll of paper sticky tape, pre-printed with a two-lane tarmac road. It comes in several colours, 15 or 30 foot lengths and two widths, 2″ and 4″. From my research on this I would say that the above product, which is the 4″ wide, 30 ft long tape, is the most suitable for 28mm. Direct from their website, it’s $12.99. However, there is a UK stockist, namely Modelmatic, who sell it for £11.99.

The actual company’s website has other variations of this theme, including off-road track tape, trolley tracks and railroad tracks. Both sites are worth a visit, as they have pictures of the product in use and embedded videos, showing how the stuff works. As far as I can gather, it’s effectively pre-printed masking tape, so can be ripped by hand, is repositionable and easily portable. I think it’s a fantastic product, ideal for taking along to club evenings or shows, so you can quickly lay down roads or for use in a more permanent build, with a suitable varnish coat to prevent damage. I will certainly be picking some up.

That’s all for this weekend – join me hopefully midweek for some more “Beyond Ghostbusters” and, as always, you know who to call…


6 thoughts on ““I Think This Building Should be Condemned…”

  1. That tape looks brilliant. These stages of painting are time consuming aren’t they? Uninteresting but have to be endured, I’m sure you’ll be up and running with more exciting stuff soon!


    • It’s a genius idea – you could easily do a ‘Temple of Doom’ track with the railroad tape. And I thought I’d get the tedious stuff out the way first, otherwise it’d be hanging over my head later.


  2. Another fantastic and informative post Jez, didn’t I say that I wasn’t buying any mini’s till April! All those MDF building are superb and perfect for Super’s… Must resist, must resist….

    Cheers Roger.

    P.S. Ghostbusters central looks the business, but cant ‘model railroaders drill their own holes? if they can wire it up them surely….. oh well, lets not go there.


    • Thanks Roger. They are rather nice buildings. I’ve resisted so far by working out how many figures I could get for the same price, although TT Combat’s prices do make that slightly more difficult…maybe just the gas station…lol.


  3. I’m still not entirely convinced that fire station is the right building for your Ghostbusters project but it’s looking better the more you paint it. I do, however, like the MDF models made by TTCombat, especially that Abandoned Building. I checked out their website and almost wish I hadn’t because I found so many sets I want to buy! Thanks (I think!) for the heads up.


    • Thanks Bryan. Once I’ve got all the bits and bobs installed, hopefully that will change your mind. And I know exactly what you mean regarding TTCombat – I only went there to look at the theatre and now I have a shopping list too. 😦


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