“More Sightings Are Reported…”

Due to parental responsibilities this week, I haven’t had any ‘hobby-time’. However, as last week was very productive, I do have some ‘banked’ figures, which I decided not to post last week, as my last post was rather lengthy.

I still haven’t completed my Ghostbusters, but I have managed to increase the number of ghosts haunting the city, so once they are completed, they will be rather busy…

Having thought myself rather cunning, I have finished off some Nurglings to use as ‘ghosts’, only to find that great minds think alike and Simon over on Fantorical had also posted some painted Nurglings! However, Simon’s appear to be the one-piece plastic ‘stack’ of Nurglings, whereas mine are the individual metal miniatures, from when they were first released.


I based them individually, with a minor conversion on the one with the outstretched arms to make a more ghostly ghost, by adding a Milliput tail, which you can’t actually see in the photo above, because I took it from the wrong angle. D’oh! The converted one was painted GW Sunburst Yellow, then given a coat of GW Brown Ink, so actually looks like he’s made of brass, which looks quite cool, but also doesn’t show up in the photo. Brilliant start, Jez…

Next we have some re-based Heroclix  and a repainted Ral Partha zombie from the Ravenloft line, all re-purposed for Ghostbusters;


We have, from left to right, the DC Heroclix Orange Lantern Construct, DC Heroclix Fire, Marvel Heroclix Living Lightning and the Ral Partha zombie.  Yay, more transparent ghosts!

Finally, I’ve managed to finish (almost) my repainted Marro Warriors from the Heroscape games as the Ghost World’s equivalent of the Ghostbusters, the Soul Takers. When we last saw them, they looked like this:


And now they look like this:


The reason I say they’re ‘almost’ finished, is that when I was dry-brushing them I noticed that I’d failed to repaint the figure on the far left’s left hand – it was still green! So I had to repaint it red and have yet to finish the dry-brushing on this.

A relative straightforward paint job on these – bodies were undercoated in GW Red Gore, with the ‘guns’ being painted with Docrafts Linen. The figures were then dry-brushed in their entirety with the same colour, giving that exposed bone look. The guns were then washed in GW Spearstaff Brown, which makes them look slightly pink and bony-looking. The globes on the guns were then painted with GW Mithril Silver, followed by a coat of GW Purple Ink, which was also used to colour the eyes.

The Soul Hound (a Grenadier Hound of Tindalos, now re-named as a Bloodsniffer of Chaos by Mirliton), received the same treatment, but his tongue was given a thin coat of GW Imperial Purple, which is actually a dark pink.

And there we have a particularly unpleasant band of undead and/or ghostly warriors to plague the Ghostbusters, or anyone else I feel like…

Join me back here next week, where I will hopefully have finished my Ghostbusters, as the number of ghosts seems to be increasing in both size and number.

You know who to call…


15 thoughts on ““More Sightings Are Reported…”

  1. Those “Oldhammer” Nurglings look great as ghosts Jez, and I like what you’ve done on the Marro Warriors too; especially as the pre-painted ones Roger very kindly sent me look awful imho. Your colour scheme is a vast improvement. Nice to see some more “Heroclix” too. Great posting Jez and more power to your Ghostbusters project 🙂


  2. And the ghost train keeps’ a rolling, more inspired choices Jez. I have to agree with Simon that the “Marro” fig’s of yours are a vast improvement on the original paintjobs, and their dog looks like it could have been made for them. I do like that Zombie girl too that looks like a really nice sculpt.

    Only two weeks till “Eternia”, the clock is ticking….

    Best get painting them “busters”.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. I have to admit that I was really pleased with how they came out and the ‘soul hound’ was one of those happy coincidences. And I intend to have my ‘busters completed by March, even if their HQ and car has to wait.


  3. I am not a fan of Nurglings but I do admire your idea to paint them up as ghosts. Very apt! By the way, I just wanted you to know that I have few Horrorclix figures you might want for your Ghostbusters project. I’ll happily send you them, free of charge, if you want. Just drop me an e-mail at vampifan@talktalk,net with your address and I’ll post them to you. Three of them are silver-ringed Uniques, so I’m guessing you won’t have them.


    • Thanks Michael. I understand why the mighty-thewed barbarian would put you in mind of me…wait, it was the nurglings, wasn’t it? *sigh*
      Story of my life…
      February seems to be fits and starts, so I’m hoping to have at least my ‘busters finished by the end of the month, as March sees the return of He-month.


  4. HI Jez your incredibly kind gift arrived today, how did you know? two of my all time fav’s in one comic book, that’s two great reads I have to find time for now (got one off of Simon as well the other week).

    I’ll probably wait till I’m off of nights as I want to be fully alert when I get into them.

    Cheers Guys


    • You didn’t honestly think you’d be left off my gifting list, did you? And I have tried to provide appropriate presents for each of you, based on my powers of deduction. Holmes ain’t got nothing on me! You are very welcome, Roger.


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