“We Came, We Saw, We Kicked Its Ass!”

And with one of the most famous quotes from Ghostbusters, I am announcing a brief hiatus from my Ghostbusters Project, as next month sees the return of the popular Buffet feature – He- Month – which, based on the month it is occurring in, just had to be called “March-sters of the Universe.” Luckily, the quality of the figures far outweighs what passes for ‘humour’ round here…

So, as this was quite an ambitious project, which did go off on tangent here and there along the way, what have I to show for all my ‘hard’ work? Let’s have a look…

Firstly, my plan was to convert the Plasticville Fire Station into my Ghostbusters HQ, which started off looking like this:


And now looks like this:


Not completely operational, as we need to give the interior and exterior walls, doors and windows another coat of paint, finish the detailing on the containment grid and other equipment and obviously put some signage up.

Then we had their mode of transport, which started off as a Lledo Ambulance:


and now looks like this:


It still requires one more coat of white before I’m entirely happy with it and the roof-top equipment needs some final detailing, but other than that, it’s almost done. But what of the logos, I hear you ask? Well, my freehand painting skills are not precise enough to replicate the Ghostbusters symbol, so I’m going to cheat…

I found a Canadian company called FX Miniatures, who produce replica decals as both waterslide transfers and vinyl stickers, in a variety of scales, running from 1/87 to 1/10. They seem to mainly concentrate on police decals, but do have a selection of ‘Movie & TV’ stickers, including decals to transform the vehicle of your choice into a Mystery Machine, Love Bug or General Lee. And an Ectomobile, of course. So, I shall be purchasing some to not only decorate my Ectomobile, but also the Ghostbusters HQ as well – probably in 1/64, as I reckon this will be the right size.

As for the Ghostbusters themselves, they started off like this:


And currently look like this:


As these figures are quite detailed, I didn’t want to rush them, so they’re not quite finished yet. As you’ve probably noted, Vin’buster currently has different coloured boots, as I’m currently in two minds as to how best to do them. My female scientist’s scarf will (hopefully) end up tartan, but so far all I’ve done is the base colour…

During the project, we were also introduced to the Soul Takers…


…who have added a further monstrosity to their number. The figure in the centre is an D&D Miniatures Cerebrilith from the Night Below set. I originally bought this to bolster my Marro forces in Heroscape, as someone had produced a custom card for this figure, but as I’d already re-purposed my Marro Warriors as Soul Takers, I decided to repaint the Cerebrilith in the same colours. Not quite finished, but I think it makes a good addition to their forces, as it has a similar look. The figure is available from Troll and Toad for a very reasonable $3.49.

Finally, I did promise a look at my ghostly horde – so far, that is – so here they are:


As you can see, there are now quite a few, including my home-made Ithaqua the Wind-Walker, details of which can be found here. And this only includes the ‘ghosts’, as we still have were-creatures, mummies, vampires and some more pumpkin-headed monstrosities to come – although these may make an appearance when Enigma Investigations revisits the Buffet (details of their last visit can be found here).

So, the Ghostbusters Project is officially on hold, but it will return, as I need to finish the HQ, Ectomobile and Ghostbusters off. And I will no doubt have thought up some other cool stuff by the time it returns – which will hopefully not involve me jamming sweets onto plastic stands this time…

As noted above, March sees the return of He-Month, where Roger Webb over at Rantings from Under the Wargames Table and myself here will be re-creating characters from the Masters of the Universe franchise in 28mm, with varying degrees of success.

As a final tease, these are the figures I am planning on converting…


However, you’ll have to wait until the next post to find out who they will (hopefully) end up as – feel free to guess away in the meantime.

Comments and feedback appreciated.


15 thoughts on ““We Came, We Saw, We Kicked Its Ass!”

  1. Great to see the ghosts all together, and all the progress made to date – I really have enjoyed this project and look forward to your return to it in due course. As for the possible characters, I’m guessing (left to right) He-Man, Man at Arms and Beast Man.


    • Thanks Michael. Once I’d got all the ghosts out, I was quite surprised how many there were. Looks like my Ghostbusters will be rather busy once they’re operational… especially as I still have some nefarious plans under wraps.
      As for your guesses, I’ve already done those three, so no. 🙂


  2. I’ve really enjoyed your Ghostbusters posts Jez, and the HQ should look great once finished, the re-purposed Marros look great now and your additions are inspired as always. In fact it all looks good. the Pipe cleaner wind ghost being a particular highlight.

    Right then now on to He-month 3, I think (probably wrong here but anyway), that the Drax figure could possibly be Trap-Jaw and the Lex Luthor possibly Mer-man? Anyway all set for the off now, so let the madness begin!!

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. I think He-Month came at the right time, as I think I needed a break from Ghostbusters. Of course, now I’m on a ‘break’, I’ve started thinking what I can do next on it! Always the way…
      And you are correct regarding Drax.


        • Unfortunately, having looked at various pictures of him, I’ve come to the conclusion that whilst the concept of the character is cool, so far the depictions of him were a bit rubbish, so part of MY challenge is to make TrapJaw look cool. We’ll have to see how successful I am.


  3. It was nice to see an overview of your Ghostbusters project and whilst I’m sorry you’re taking a break from it I hope it won’t be too long before you return to it with renewed enthusiasm. Best of luck with your He-man challenge.


    • Thanks Bryan. We have a month’s worth of He-Man fun, then back to ‘busting! I still have your kind gifts waiting to receive the Carrion Crow treatment, plus a few ideas bubbling away, including at least one scratch build of something I’ve wanted for a while, but wasn’t happy with the available figures. Plus it fits in with the Ghostbusters project…


    • Thanks Bob. As this is our third outing, it should be interesting to see which characters we choose – although it appears we’re both having a go at Trapjaw! As for the Ghostbusters, they’ll definitely be back, as they are one or two ghosts that need busting…


  4. Hi Jez, just a quick check in to make sure all is OK over at the crows nest. as you’ve been a bit quiet, and no He-month post. I’m not trying to push you, please understand, I know how real life can get in the way of things like this. Just letting touching base.

    Cheers Roger.

    P.S. is it Prince Adam?


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