The Power of Three

It’s all about the Power of Three! It’s the third time Roger and I have indulged ourselves with He-Month, each of us is completing three figures, Tri-klops has three eyes, Man-e-faces has three faces and Trap Jaw has three…um…er…

Nope, I got nothing.

It’s all about the Power of Three…except for Trap Jaw, who decided to be bloody awkward.

Anyway, speaking of Trap Jaw, let’s see where we’ve got with him this week;

So, rather than Milliputting or gluing a helmet on, I decided to paint it on as a skullcap. I did initially attempt to do the same for his jaw, but it looked crap, so my version of Trap Jaw doesn’t actually have the ‘jaw’ part. I also decided to give him his signature purple pants, as otherwise his trousers would have been monotonously black.

His trousers and arm have been inked black, replicating the shiny black plastic these parts were on the original figure and all green parts have been washed with Woodland Green. All he needs now is a wash on his blue parts and sword, and a few details, such as the silver stripe on his skullcap. As his belt is a lot slimmer than on the original figure, I’m considering painting a tiny green skull (or skull ad crossbones) on the shoulder pad, as I think this would look cool. We shall see…

Next, Tri-klops;


Pretty much done on this one too. I decided to paint the orange in ‘v’ of his tunic, to bring a bit more colour to the figure and match the chest panel the original figure has. He’s also had the previously dark grey parts inked black, had his green parts washed with Salamander Green and his flesh with Dwarf Flesh. Just needs a wash on sword, the gems on his hilt picked out and his eyes painted on and he’s done.

Finally, Man-e-faces;

Following the colour scheme of the original figure, I’ve painted the front straps of his chest panel purple, as well as the armour plates on each hip. I also tidied up the blue sections and gave them another coat. Finally, his ‘flesh’ parts were given a wash of dwarf flesh. Whilst this does highlight the cybernetic nature of his limbs, I still think he looks cool.

I just need to apply a further brighter red to his gun, paint the red ‘mask’ associated with his human face, add some orange highlights to the central part of his chest panel and he’s pretty much done as well.

Obviously, I still need to wash their bases as well.

Of course, if you want more accurate representations of Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops and a particularly awesome Ram-Man, take a look at what Roger’s been up to over on Rantings from Under the Wargames Table.

Yes, we are slightly bonkers, but we’ve got Masters of the Universe figures. And it would appear we’ve only got about halfway through the figures we want to do, so there will be ample opportunity for others to join us… you know you want to…

Comments and feedback welcome and appreciated.


6 thoughts on “The Power of Three

  1. Well I think these are your best three yet! (though I do still like your beast-man a lot too). Your sculpting work on Man-e-faces is top notch too, I’d be justly proud of that myself, I was a bit dubious about Traw-jaw without the jaw but he really works well, and I’d say you’ve achieved your goal of a “cool” “Trappster”.

    Plus yours are nearly painted! I’ve just about finished the sculpting on my three today still need to base them up and then I can get to sloshing the paint about myself. Perhaps at Salute we can discus June-iverse?

    Really well done to you sir.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. Even though I’ve not had a great deal of time this month to do these, they seem to have come together really well. Guess the planning phase helps. As for June, I have a slightly different but similar idea for that month, which I’ll be happy to discuss at Salute. 😉


  2. Good stuff indeed Jez, and those are some incredibly clean paint-jobs you’re progressing at the moment. Tri-Klops is my fave of the bunch. He looks so much better than the original “Heroclix” mini. I’ll have a look and see whether I’ve got any plastic Ork jaws for you to use on Trapjaw. I’m not sure what “WH 40k” stuff I have. But you might find a use for it?


    • Thanks Simon. Natural light makes such a difference to my painting. And thank you for the offer, but I think I’ll leave him sans the jaw part. He’s got a big honking cannon for an arm, he don’t need no mechanical jaw! And Doc Samson is a versatile figure – I’m wondering what else I could do with it.


    • Thanks Michael. As mine were a little more straightforward than Roger’s, I seem to be progressing well and should see them all done by the end of March. And we will, of course, have the obligatory group shots, to show the depths of this obsession…


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