Disasters of the Universe…

So, He-Month 3 or “March-sters of the Universe” draws to a close and whilst Roger over at Rantings from Under the Wargames Table has completed his three characters, namely Tri-klops, Trap Jaw and a rather superb Ram-Man, having built them almost from scratch,  I was feeling slightly smug that I only need to add a few details to mine to complete them.

However, the gods of wargaming do not look kindly upon those who become complacent and I have been troubled by recalcitrant paint brushes and paint that refused to go where I wanted it.

Whilst I am done, I’m not entirely happy with what I’ve produced, but feel that further ‘faffing’ will result in making things worse, so I’ve decided to draw a line under it and show my less than sterling efforts for this round of He-Month.

First, Man-E-Faces. All I needed to do was add a few details and a couple of washes and I was done. Unfortunately, the dark blue wash proved a little two runny and resulted in me having to repaint several areas of his flesh and re-wash these to give a better overall coverage. The mask he wears beneath his helmet also proved a little trickier than I anticipated, as it’s effectively a red domino mask with white eyes. Anyway, he’s done now, although not to my exacting standards;


Next, we have Trap Jaw, who I’d decided that all he needed was the silver stripe on his helmet to be finished. However, I then decided that I’d attempt to do a skull and crossbones on his shoulder pad and attempt to ‘paint in’ his jaw. This looked absolutely, shockingly crap, so I had to re-do his face and shoulder pad and washing his face resulted in me having to re-paint his torso too, as I ended up with green runs all down him. He is now done too, but I’m also less than happy with him.


Finally, Tri-klops and whereas the other two caused me issues, Tri-klops was a dream and came out exactly as I’d hoped. I really think that this is one of my better conversions.


Having done a bit of research regarding eye colour and shape, I decided that I’d just go for oval  and red pupils, but did give him the ‘angry’ eye on the front, which has worked really well.

As we need a tally of how many MOTU figures I’ve done so far, I thought I’d do a couple of group shots. So the ‘Heroic Warriors’ first;


So, six ‘heroes’, being Fisto, Teela, He-Man, Man-E-Faces, Man-at-Arms and Orko. Man-e-Faces is quite tall compared to the others, but I still think that of the ‘heroes’, Orko is my favourite.

Next, the ‘Villains’;


So, four villains – Trap-Jaw, Beast Man, Skeletor and Tri-Klops, with Zodac on the end, as otherwise we’d have too many in the other photo. Tri-klops is my new favourite here, followed by Beast Man.

So, a grand total of eleven Masters of the Universe characters, with only another nine (-ish) to go. It would appear that the heroes still outnumber the villains, so I may have to concentrate on the baddies next time, although I have a hankering to try to create the humanoid bee warrior known as Buzz-Off, so we shall see…

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, next month will see a return to Supers, as I intend to complete one of the factions within my own superhero universe, the super-powered circus performers known as…The Clown Gang. (Not exactly original, I know, but they refused to be called anything else and have threatened me with “cream” pies to the face, so ‘Clown Gang’ it is…)

Comments and feedback appreciated and welcome.

10 thoughts on “Disasters of the Universe…

  1. I was never a fan of Masters of the Universe (sorry!) but your conversions have come out well. However, what does intrigue me is your upcoming clown gang. I own LOADS of clown figures and I like them and hate them in equal measure. Clowns are downright scary!


    • Thanks Bryan. Some like Masters of the Universe, some like turtles, plenty of room for all of us. As for the Clown Gang, although only partially painted (hence my project to complete them), they proved themselves against my super-nazis, stuffing Aryan headfirst into a dumpster, so evil they may be, but quite effective too! They’re also an eclectic bunch, so should be a bit of an eye opener.


  2. I almost glad you had dome trial and tribulations of your own (sorry I’m a bitter man!), but I think your final results are quite simply excellent, there is no evidence of you painting problems in the photos. I think Man-e-faces is my fav closely followed by Beast-man, then Tri-Klops.

    Looking forward to your clowns (they are the ultimate evil you know).

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. I did manage to recover them, but it took a little more effort than it should have. As for the Clown Gang, they’re not exactly ALL clowns, as you shall see… 😉


  3. I’ve been there so many times Jez, a simple touch-up suddenly turns into a complete re-paint because a little drip here or there, so I really feel your pain. However just look at those marvellous group shots you’ve put together (hint Roger!!) and tell me they don’t make you swell with pride? because they damn well should. This project is thoroughly entertaining and you’ve once again taken something designed for other things and re-purposed it for Masters Of The Universe – great stuff 🙂


    • Thank you very much, Simon. As we’ve both committed to another ten figures, looks like He-Month will become a semi-regular feature on both blogs. However, as we get into the more obscure and odd characters, I think it will become more challenging. Plus I think we’ve both been contemplating a certain castle as well…


    • Thanks Michael. Looks like they’ll be one or two more to come, although we may end up scraping the barrel character-wise. Should be entertaining to see what each of chooses for our next batch.


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