April Fools

During the closing weeks of He-Month in March, I was contemplating what should be my next project. Whilst the Ghostbusters Project is still ongoing, I was not feeling particularly motivated to return to it in March. Furthermore, as I have finally booked my ticket for Salute, I needed something that could be completed with a potential 3-week period – so this meant looking at which half-completed group of figures grabbed my fancy.

As Simon over at Fantorical is currently beavering away on his mountain of Heroclix figures for the “Cosmic Cube Crossover Conflict” (my name for his huge upcoming batrep), I was inspired to paint up some superheroes &/or villains. And as it was April, it seemed a no-brainer that I should paint up the nefarious super-powered clowns known as…The Clown Gang!

So, let me introduce you to the first three members, Merry Andrew, Silly Billy and Tom Foolery:


So, these three well-armed clowns were originally part of the officially-licensed Cyberpunk miniatures, specifically the Bozos. They are now available from Mirliton as part of the 28mm Future Warriors range for 6.71 Euros for the three from here. I filed of the integral bases and glued them to 25mm circular bases, to match the rest of my supers.

The final three members of the gang are its leader, Marionette, the robotic clown known as M.I.R.T.H. (Mechanism Intended for the Removal of Troublesome Heroes) and Sweet William, who may or may not be made from sweets…


These figures are, from left to right, Yvette, Magician’s Assistant, available from Reaper Miniatures for $5.99, Bot from the Superfigs line, available from Old Glory Miniatures for $8.95, and Kandyman from the 7th Doctor range, available from Black Tree Design for £3.25.

So, this is my Clown Gang, with nary a Heroclix figure in sight! Depending on how much time I have, I may try and construct their Clownmobile (or rather their truck). We shall see…

Comments and feedback welcome.


12 thoughts on “April Fools

  1. Oh this should be a laugh (pun intended!!) as we all know clowns are the ultimate evil!!

    Some great figure choices there Jez, I do like Marionette, that is a cracking figure (in all senses of the word), and I’ve always liked that Bot Four color mini’s. You’ve even found a use for one of the worst Dr Who villains of all time!

    I’m really am looking forward to you seeing this one through.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. As I wanted a Joker-ish gang, but without copying it exactly, I had to be a bit creative. Other than Sweet William, all will have clown makeup, including the robot, so should be interesting. And Yvonne is a lovely figure and would make a good Zatana proxy -although I won’t be doing fishnets, as my painting skills aren’t that good.


  2. The Bozos were amongst the first clown figures I bought. I love the figure of Marionette. I hope you do get round to making a Clownmobile, just to see what your warped imagination comes up with!


  3. Great stuff Jez, and many thanks for the plug 🙂 I do like those “Mirliton” Clowns, and I have that Superfigs robot somewhere myself. Wonderful looking gang with some delightfully vibrant WIPs. These should look corkingly colourful when finished. Nice to see the Kandy Man too – awful TV Story imho, but I thought he was rather evil 🙂


    • Thanks Simon. The clowns are particularly characterful and are still quite a reasonable price. And as we’ve already had a brief appearance by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and jelly baby ‘ghosts’, it was inevitable that we’d have more sweet-related figures. Of course, I have now decided I want a 28mm Cookie Monster, although might have to have a go at sculpting that myself.


    • Thanks Michael. It’s actually all one gang/crew, just separated to make the picture less busy. And although he was (apparently) a rubbish Doctor Who villain, Kandyman makes a good addition to my gang, especially as he can spray candy floss from his hands to entangle his foes…


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