Clown Tech 101

Marionette circled the hulking robot sitting in the middle of the workshop, a pensive expression on her face. Stopping, she turned to Merry Andrew, who was building God-knows-what out of a variety of household appliances.

“I know I said we needed a bit more muscle for the next job,  but I was hoping for something a little more inconspicuous…”

Merry Andrew tipped up the welding mask with a sour expression on his painted  face.

“We’re clowns. We’re not renowned for blending in.”

“Point taken'” said Marionette, “But in order to get M.I.R.T.H. close enough to the bank, we’re going to need a truck…”

One more we venture into the Liberty Force universe, the universe I have created for my own group of heroes and villains, this month focusing on the nefarious clowns of the Clown Gang and their creations.

The first update is on Merry Andrew and his creations, the hulking clown-bot known as M.I.R.T.H. and the sickly sweet robotic confectionary known as Sweet William:

Whilst it may appear that I’ve not done very much since my last post, I have added a few additional colours to the each of the above figures; M.I.R.T.H. has been given black ‘gloves’, Merry Andrew has had his cuffs and ruff painted in cream and Sweet William has received a coat of Chainmail to his arms, which was then was inked Black and all three have had their bases painted Light Grey.

As for the remainder of the gang…

Silly Billy has been given red hair, his coat tidied up around the edges and both his boots and blunderbus washed in Black ink. Marionette has had all her previously Marine Dark Blue parts inked Black (hat, gloves and boots) and also been given black pants. I still need to tidy up her legs and decide if she’s wearing stocking and choose a colour for her bodice. Tom Foolery has had his leg, wrist and neck ruffs painted cream and his bomb inked Black.

However, there is a reason that I haven’t progressed as far as I should have on them and it started with this:

The above is a very old piece of Lego from the Fabuland range, which was aimed at younger children, as all the characters had animal heads. It didn’t do particularly well at the time, but I had a few sets and this particular piece was actually broken, with the front ‘loop’ snapped off. However, it is ideal for the basis of the Clown Gang’s transportation, namely…the Clownmobile.

So, digging through my bits box, I stacked some balsa wood, hobby wood and various plastic odds and ends and after much contemplation and a frantic hunt for some glue, started sticking things on to my chassis. And this was stage one:

So far, I’ve mainly used wood in its construction, as I wanted to go for the 1930’s Circus Truck feel. The engine hood at the front was a cut down plastic container, which came from some kind of Kinder Egg-ish thing. The grill is made from the top part of a plastic coffee stirrer, the kind you used to find in Motorway service stations before everyone started using wood. Works quite well and does give the feel of an old lorry grill.

Having constructed the main part of the chassis, I then decided to add the cargo container at the rear, which has a base and three sides so far. Looking at the half-constructed model, I realised that some of the parts would be quite tricky to paint once I’d attached bumpers, etc., so gave those tricky parts an undercoat of black, as well as painting the grill to see what it looked like. And this is where we are so far.

The rear cargo container can take at least three standard models standing up, even with the roof on, or one M.I.R.T.H. laying down, so it meets its purpose very well. I need to complete the cab, add lights and bumpers and then paint it up in suitably bright primary colours, possibly with some kind of circus poster printed out and stuck to either side. So far, everything is going according to plan…

Next week, more clowning around, but the post is likely to be on Sunday, as I will be attending Salute. I have started compiling my shopping list, as it turns out that some of the figures I’ve featured on my blog will be available and this saves me shelling out on shipping costs, which means I can buy more figures! However, as I’ve volunteered to buy the teas (and possibly biscuits) for my fellow bloggers Simon from Fantorical and Roger from Rantings under the Wargames Table, I’d best make sure that I keep the tea-kitty separate and not succumb to “Salute Virgin Fever” and buy everything I see.

Good thing there’s not a bar on site…or is there?


13 thoughts on “Clown Tech 101

  1. I’m loving what you’re doing with this project, Jez. A very good start to the Clownmobile. Clowns are most definitely evil but oh boy, they are fun… in a sick and twisted way! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!


  2. Smashing stuff Jez,, really love the Clown truck, more inspired product re-working mate.

    Also looking forward to the meet up at Salute, I really cant ask you to buy the biscuits too (not at Excel prices), a cuppa will be more than enough. There is a bloggers meet up at 1.00pm by the main desk, but I thought the three of us would also meet up independent of this as well, see you there.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Bob. Clowns are fun to paint. And particularly versatile. Imagine the look on your opponents face when the blip in Space Hulk is revealed as evil space clowns. Or your armed survivors are faced with a veritable horde of painted faces, who get faster as the organ music increases in tempo. And Mantic’s next game is sure to be called Clowns of War.
      And if you think the truck looks good now, just you wait…


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