“Do Not Fear My Clowns…Fear My Awesomeness!”

Sometimes, you have an idea which niggles at the back of your mind, scratching away until such time as you get out your hobby gear and begin to create.

There are those rare times when your imagination exceeds your abilities, and you end up making something that looks like it was made by a pre-schooler. The majority of the time, however, you get a reasonable facsimile of what you intended.

And then there are those times where everything not other goes according to plan, but you exceed what you initially envisioned – fate, kismet, destiny, luck, the correct alignment of the planets and/or stars – whatever the reason, you just know that you now have something that is unique, awesome and very cool.

And you feel just that teeniest bit smug.

Which is how I am feeling at the moment. I will leave it up to my regular followers to pierce that particular bubble. Or not.

So, we continue with Clown month here at the buffet and no paintbrush has touched the clowns this week. However, work has progressed on the Clownmobile, as shown below.


Progress from last week was to add the roof to the rear cargo container and add a canopy (and supports) to the cab. The canopy is a cut down plastic ‘wedge’ that’s used as a spacer when laying laminate flooring. I’ve got dozens of these lying around and the tapering shape and width meant it was exactly the tight size for my canopy. The headlights are the plastic inserts from the GW Skeleton Horde boxed set, which are designed to fill the holes in the supplied shields. The bumper/fender is just a length of wooden coffee stirrer, cut to length and the ends sanded to make them more rounded.

Moving on…


The interior of the cab has had a seat added made from two lengths of what I refer to as ‘hobby wood’, a pack of which was given to me by a friend. This has a square cross section, is about 10 inches long and is a bit harder than either Balsa or Bass wood. Other than that, I have no idea what it is, other than useful. Obviously, in order to steer the Clownmobile, we required some controls, so a hole was made in the panel between the cab and the ‘engine’, into which was inserted a length of cotton bud stem, which has had part of a metal popper/pop fastener inserted, to create the wheel. This means that it actually does look like a steering wheel, but you can’t really see that from this picture.

And finally, round the back…


I decided to create a tailgate, which is actually glued in place, from three lengths of coffee stirrer and two pieces of the aforementioned ‘hobby wood’, which I cut lengthwise to reduce their width. However, it looked a little bare, so rummaging through my bits box, I came across a part of an old Action Force/G.I. Joe accessory. The ribbed handle was the correct length to provide not one but two ‘hinges’ for my tailgate, which look suitably retro, fitting in with the theme of the model.

So, other than a suitable circus-themed paint job, the Clownmobile is done. Not bad for a scratch-build, in which the only part I didn’t actually make was the chassis. And as I had all of the component parts already, the only thing this cost me was time.

I’d just like to finish off by saying how nice it was to finally meet/put faces to names at Salute yesterday, although I only really got to speak to Roger, Simon and Michael, and I hope you all got hope safely and in good time. As this was my first Salue, I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer size of it, having only previously experienced Colours and Warfare. However, saying that, it would appear that no matter how big the venue is, some attendees are still inconsiderate enough to barge past you. To quote Kingsman, “Manners maketh man…”

Still, although I failed to partake in any games and was quite frugal in my spending (partly due to not liking particular miniatures when I saw them ‘in the flesh’ and partly due to vendors having sold out of something I wanted by the time I reached them), I did have a good time.

Next week, we complete the Clown Gang and their vehicle and decide what’s next on the agenda…


12 thoughts on ““Do Not Fear My Clowns…Fear My Awesomeness!”

  1. Though I did see these pictures yesterday on your phone, they look even better now I can see them properly, that is a really good conversion job you’ve pulled off the Jez, it should look stunning with a “jazzy” paintjob, and your nefarious clowns gathered around it.

    It was also great to see you in the flesh (ohh matron!) yesterday, I’ll be able to put a face to your comments now.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. Whilst I know you got a preview yesterday, miniscule pictures on my ‘phone didn’t really do it justice. Currently I’m deciding what colour scheme to use, although yellow and red seems appropriate, with a big ‘M’ for Marinoette… although that seems family for some reason and I now have a craving for hamburgers…
      And the Carry On comments we’ve been bandying back and forth have made me consider whether I should assemble the cast from ‘Carry on Screaming’ in miniature, for some tabletop ‘Horror’ gaming…I could use the board from Cluedo, so would just need some suitable figures… I like finding excuses to buy stuff I want – to the Internet!!!


  2. Please don’t take this the wrong way but for something so cheap, that has turned out surprisingly good. With a lick of paint or two I’m sure you can elevate it to something spectacular. Nice one, Jez!


  3. Certainly no bubble piercing from me, what a great build that this is turning into, can’t wait for the paint to be splashed about! Great to meet yesterday and I know exactly what you mean about the lack of manners of some people, I think it is all the shiny goodness that does it, probably why I had to leave early, before it took hold of me!


    • Thanks Michael. As I’ve been left to my own devices for most of the day, paint has been duly splashed and it’s coming along nicely, so I should have all the clowns and the clownmobile done by next weekend. And then I think we’ll be returning to Ghostbusters for May, because, as you know, “bustin’ makes me feel good!”


    • Thanks Andy. Was a shame, but I may very well be at Colours in Newbury, but definitely Warfare in Reading, so should you be attending, we could meet up then.
      Unfortunately, it appears that the care and attention certain people lavish on their figures does not also apply to their armpits. Perhaps a Ghostbusters costume with a slime blower filled with febreeze is in order?
      “Listen…do you smell that?”
      “Hose him! ” 😉


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