May the Farce Be With You…

When I started this particular project in April, the idea was that due to potentially losing a week due to attending Salute, I pick out some partially completed figures that just needed finishing off and…well, finish them off.

As usual, I then decided to add something more to the project – namely building a truck for my clowns to tool around in – which added to my workload.

Which is my way of explaining why we’re effectively in May, but only just finished off April’s project. To be fair, I’m only two days off my planned end date and it still counts as the same weekend, due to the Bank Holiday, so I can live with that.

So, I’ve finally finished my Clown Gang. Here are Tom Foolery, Merry Andrew and Silly Billy, in all their multi-coloured glory!


And here are Marionette and Sweet William:


And finally, M.I.R.T.H.:


And here is the (almost) finished Clownmobile:


I say almost, because whilst the painting and assembly is completed, I was intending on finding out some appropriate circus posters, re-sizing them and printing them out to stick to the sides of the lorry. However, whilst I did find some, I forgot to measure the side of the truck first and they were too big and the dpi was a little low-resolution, so they didn’t look quite the way I wanted. I also feel it needs a number plate, so I also need to do that too.

Here’s a close-up of the cab showing the steering wheel, seat and canopy.


And here’s Merry Andrew, skulking in the back of the truck, doing his best Pennywise impression,  “Do you want a balloon?”  


And finally a group shot, showing the entire gang (so far) and the Clownmobile, ready to empty bank vaults, rob jewellery stores and generally act in a larcenous manner.


And why did I say “so far”? Well, as part of the FORGOTTEN HEROES project announced in my last post, I need to order some figures to form the basis of my conversions. As I always try to order enough figures to justify the postage, I may have added a couple of other figures to my order, including one which I intend to add to my Clown Gang.

Speaking of FORGOTTEN HEROES, there’s still time to join in. The ‘rules’ are simple – create a 28mm superhero or villain (or more than one, if you’re feeling ambitious) during June, ideally one that has not yet had an official (or unofficial) figure created for it. However, in a slight change to the original rules, you can create a character who has had an official or unofficial figure made for them, as long as you don’t use the original figure to make YOUR version. This was requested by someone who wants to make a ‘proper’ version of the character, as the official figure was not very good.

May was going to be a return to the Ghostbusters project, but I’ve decided that I really should finish off some of these half-finished buildings I have lying around, which does actually include my Ghostbusters HQ and my Kura, which still needs a door.


8 thoughts on “May the Farce Be With You…

  1. These are awesome Jez, I love the car as much as I hate clowns! Which is a lot… 😉

    I’m looking around for a suitable fig for forgotten heroes but I’ve got quite a few essays to write plus a Bushido itch that needs scratching but we shall see what I can find.


    • Thanks Andy. It’s been one of those projects that seemed pretty straightforward, but became a bit more complicated as it went on. And bearing in mind what the truck started as, I’m pretty pleased with the result.
      As for Forgotten Heroes, if you have other plans/commitments already, do that instead. It’s just a bit of fun and not mandatory. However, if you don’t join in and start finding balloon animals left around your house, you only have your self to blame… 😉


  2. Oh, yes! It’s Klown Karnage! Great figures and vehicle. Consider this project a resounding success. Sunny the Killer Klown approves of these new recruits and says, “Let the fun begin!” His idea of “fun” is not the same as sane mortals!


    • Thanks Bryan. Not quite enough for a clown apocalypse (Big Topaclypse?), but a good start. Of course, I’ll need a few more, including some on unicycles, maybe some aerial support, some midget clowns…

      It’s a sickness, I tell you…


  3. Another hugely enjoyable themed month and what a resounding success. I still haven’t decided on a Superhero/villain and may need some suggestions to get me thinking, but definitely looking forward to the event.


    • Thanks Michael. As with all buffets, you’re never entirely sure what’s going to be on offer, which is what makes it fun. 🙂
      As for suggestions, anyone you’ve ever thought “I wish they’d make a figure of him/her”? Or seen a figure and thought “That would make a good X”? Or if you want to remain within your particular milieu, there’s always Spring-Heeled Jack…


  4. Smashing stuff Jez, that truck is really great, and as you say when you consider what it’s basis is it’s even more impressive.

    Don’t worry about the late finnish to the project, as it stands I don’t think I’ll even be posting next weekend, as I’ve been struck down with illness and haven’t even looked at a figure or paint brush yet this week.

    Hope you don’t mind but I pinched the “Forgotten Heroes” bit off of your last post and copied it to my page, the TMP and the SFSFW mailing list to try and drum up some more takers.

    I’ve always wanted a Scarlett Johansson as Black widow myself, but perhaps we’ll just keep the conversation about wargames figures. shall we?

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. As the chassis was the only bit I didn’t scratch-build, I’m pretty pleased with the results.
      Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. As I’m away this weekend visiting my eldest in Cambridge, I probably won’t be posting this weekend either, although I may get a crafty post before then.
      And I saw your post on TMP and added the ‘revision’ to the rules there, which opens up the field a bit more, so thanks for doing that.


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