Forgotten Heroes – Extra Credit

Even though I went off at a tangent last week and built Andy from Da Gobbo’s Grotto a burger cart and grill for his Bushido games, I am well on my way to completing my two pledged ‘Forgotten Heroes’ – Super-Soldier and Bananaman.

Having slapped some base colours on both figures, I am happy that Bananaman does not require any further trimming of his banana ‘horns’, as once the paint was on they looked fine. However, referring to my copy of Super-Soldier #1, I realised that my version needs a haircut, as his mask cover the back of his head, so I need to file down his hair before applying the next coat of paint. However, you will have to wait until the weekend for pictures of that…

As I have some extra time, which is always a blessing when it comes to hobby stuff, and everyone else seems to be either further ahead than me or producing more characters (for details of their progress, check out the official Forgotten Heroes site), I thought I’d try an earn some ‘extra credit’ by doing an additional figure. I did have a couple of potential back-up figures, but the first I’m still not entirely sure how to do and the second I wasn’t particularly enthused about.

Luckily, an additional figure I purchased on a whim when ordering my last batch of ‘clix from Blue Rat Games gave me an idea. A quick bit of online research and I realised that this figure, suitably repainted, would make an ideal proxy for the more recent depictions of this character.

So, the ‘Extra Credit’ character I will be attempting to complete before the end of June, which will especially please Michael Awdry of 28mm Victorian Warfare fame, is…

Stegron, the Dinosaur Man!

Stegron first saw print in Marvel Team-up #19, published in March 1974 and was created by Len Wein and Gil Kane. In his first appearance, Vincent Stegron was hired by S.H.I.E.L.D. to work with Dr. Curt Connors (better known as the Spider-Man foe the Lizard) to analyze dinosaur DNA sourced from the Savage Land. Inspired by the experiment that transformed Dr. Connors into the Lizard, Stegron stole some of this DNA and injected himself with it. As you do. Unsurprisingly, he was then transformed into an orange-skinned dinosaur-man, who was mentally able to control dinosaurs. Transporting several of these to New York from the Savage Land, he planned to take over the world by transforming the human race into dinosaur men like himself. It took the combined efforts of Spider-Man, the Black Panther and Ka-Zar to stop him.

Even though Stegron is very derivative of the Lizard and decidedly funky, he has regularly popped up on many occasions since then, primarily as a foe of Spider-Man, but also acting as the protector of the Savage Land in concert with Ka-Zar on a number of occasions. Initially, his appearance was more stream-lined and human-looking, but more recent depictions show him more bulked out and dinosaur-looking and this is the version that I’m going to try to replicate.

So, what was the additional figure I picked up that will be (hopefully) transformed into Stegron? This one:

This is the 2014 movie version of Godzilla from NECA’s tie-in range of collectible miniatures, specifically the ‘Atomic Breath’ variant. It’s a nicely detailed miniature and cost me a grand total of £2.49, which given that’s it 2″ tall, is a bit of bargain. To give some idea of scale, here he is next to a 28mm HeroScape Spider-Man figure:


He’s a bit of monster, isn’t he? As you can see, I’ve removed his ‘Atomic Breath’, which was just a case of tugging it free. This has joined my bits box, as I’m sure I’ll find some nefarious use for it. To complete his transformation from iconic Kaiju into orange-hued Spider-Man villain, he ideally needs tail spikes and a couple of bracelets, which all the best ‘dressed’ dinosaur-men are sporting this season. I have some ideas on how to achieve this, but we shall see exactly how successful I am. Other than that, it will be just a case of repainting him.

Join me at the weekend for updates on all three ‘Forgotten Heroes’, as well as a further update on Andy’s burger cart. As Stegron would say “When I’ve got a monster appetite, only Cupid Burgers can satisfy my primal urges.”



11 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes – Extra Credit

  1. Very nice too Jez, he’s gonna look monsterously good (I thank you….)

    I can just see my newly acquired chef/Cupid burger entrepreneur shouting at him and waving a squid burger up at the Kaiju trying to divert his ravenous appetite lol


    • Thanks Andy.
      *sound of splintering wood* “Stupid Kaiju! You break cart with big feet!”
      “But Stegron…hungry…” lol
      You do realise you’re going to have to stat up your chef for Bushido, don’t you? Maybe some sort of area of effect where if a character gets too close, they stop whatever they’re doing and go and buy a burger instead?


      • Absolutely, maybe run it a little like “cut my own throat” Dibbler and people are horrified but are drawn to them and still buy them anyway = controlled marker and then are horribly sick = poison marker (1).


        • Sounds ideal – maybe if someone manages to shake off the ‘control’ the chef is insulted and goes berserk. Make him incredibly tough, but tied to the cart, so cannot venture more than 3″ from the cart, so best option is to run away.


  2. Here’s another supervillain I have never heard of but I like your choice of figure to convert him from. I’m a big fan of Blue Rat Games. Their bricks and mortar shop is only a few miles away from where I live, which came as a big surprise to me. A pleasant surprise as well!


    • Thanks Bryan. He is a bit obscure, but I love those oddball Marvel villains from the 70’s and everyone loves dinosaurs – except that purple one, he’s just…wrong.
      Living so close to Blue Rat Games could prove expensive – you know they do TMNT Heroclix singles, right?


    • Thanks Michael. I had a feeling you’d approve! 😉 And apologies for making you aware of Blue Rat Games…although you can’t argue with the prices for some of the more common figures! I don’t feel so bad when I’ve added 10 figures to my basket and realise that it’s still cheaper than buying a single figure from Knight Models, for example, and that’s including postage. I think I paid 79p for the Batman figure who featured in the post at the end of last month – not only was it very reasonable, it’s a decent sculpt and the paint job’s not bad either…although I am tempted to repaint him as…Burger-Bat!


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  4. Another great choice Jez, and a clever re-working of a big G figure.

    One of the great things about this challenge is being introduced to characters that you either don’t know or you’ve forgotten about.

    Cheers Roger. (P.S. sorry I’ve not been around commenting this last week or so but things have been mad busy, I’ll explain all in my weekly post).


    • Thanks Roger. I saw that you’d reposted it on the Forgotten Heroes site, but wondered why you hadn’t actually commented. And I’d bought the figure with no clear intention as to what I was going to do with it – as you do – and this just seemed an ideal use for him.


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