Forgotten Heroes – Final Issue! (For now…)

When I first conceived the idea of ‘Forgotten Heroes’ back in April, my initial idea was that it would be a bit of fun for people who don’t usually get involved in this sort of thing – no pressure, no ‘competition’ – just a group of like-minded individuals all having a go at making figures of characters that the commercial companies haven’t got around to yet. Little did I know it would prove so popular!

I would just like to personally thank Roger Webb of Rantings from Under the Wargames Table fame, without who we would not have had a central site to display the hard work, ingenuity and inventiveness of those who’ve taken part. If you’ve yet to visit the site, go there now and marvel at the cornucopia of characters  created!

Right, having had some additional hobby time available this week, I’ve managed to complete my three ‘Forgotten Heroes’ and a certain side project I’ve been working on…

So, my ‘Extra Credit’ Forgotten Hero was Stegron the Dinosaur Man, who I made from a Godzilla collectible miniature released to coincide with the 2014 film of the same name. All I needed to do to finish him was paint his base, so not  a lot different from last time we saw him.


Yes, it’s a big orange lizard…wearing jewelry. I think he’s come out very well and matches the most recent depictions of the character.


Not someone I’d want to meet in a dark alley…

Next was Super-Soldier, from the DC/Marvel crossover ‘company’ Amalgam Comics, who is an amalgamation of Captain America and Superman. This was originally a Heroclix Captain Atom, who I gave a belt, fancy boots and a shield to.


Whilst the conversion work was minimal, I’d forgotten that the details of his costume included painting a white star on his chest and back, red and white stripes around his mid-riff and the iconic ‘S’ shield, which took a lot of concentration and a steady hand.


I’m pretty happy that I’ve managed to capture the look of the character, but have just remembered that I failed to paint the straps on the rear of his shield, which luckily you can’t see in the photos above. Might need to get the paints back out…

Finally, we have the Man of Peel himself, Nutty comic’s Bananaman, who was created from a Heroclix Bizarro. This figure required the most conversion, as I had to shave his head, trim his cape, add banana boots and gloves and sculpt his cowl.


As you can see, he now has his red ‘B’ belt buckle and the banana skin lines on his gloves, boots and cape.


Given that I was quite worried about whether he would end up looking like he was supposed to, I think I’ve managed to pull it off and now have a one-of-a-kind Bananaman figure. Which is pretty cool.

And to finish with, here’s a group shot of all three figures.


So, my work on ‘Forgotten Heroes’ draws to a close…until next time. As this was so popular, it will definitely return at some point…I’ve still got several figures I want to do, but have other fish to fry over the next couple of months.

Talking of frying…I have also finished the Jwar Islands ‘Cupid Burgers’ franchise, which sounds more impressive than what it actually is, which is a cart and a grill.

This was a side project for Andy of da Gobbo’s Grotto, who has been beavering away at populating his gaming table with factions and terrain to play games of GCT Studios Bushido. But he hadn’t made a burger cart and grill, so I offered to make him one. And here it is:


The cart was looking a little bare, so I added some decoration along the side, and a couple of hunks of meat hanging from the cart, as the burgers have to be made from something, right? And you would also need to slice the meat, so there are a couple of knives on the cart.

Here’s another shot of the side of the cart, showing the decorations a bit more clearly;


I built the cart separately and was intending on attaching it to the scenic base, but decided it would be more useful as a separate piece. Here’s the scenic base, with completed grill:


As you can see, the flag is in place, but this is also removable, for ease of transportation and storage. The grill itself has been put into place, which unfortunately covers the work I spent on the charcoal – making sure it looked right and was the right colour – but what can you do? As you can see, we have two burgers cooking away – looking pretty much done to me – and a kama resting next to the grill, to discourage those who want a burger for free.

And when you put it all together, it looks like this:


Andy has already hired a feisty Oriental cook to man the grill, so all that needs to be done is for the above to be packaged up and sent winging its way down to him. Looks like the Jwar Islands Cupid Burger stand will be opening soon – down by the docks.

So, as the burger cart and grill is complete and my Heroes are no longer Forgotten, what’s next for the Buffet? Well, having been inspired by Andy’s Bushido posts, I shall be returning to Oriental gaming for July, but Carrion Crow style…

Like the idea of Oriental Fantasy gaming, but your budget cannot currently stretch to buying the rules and miniatures for Bushido? I will be showing you how you can still play the game without shelling out for ANY official products.

AND I will be finally revealing my own set of skirmish rules, which I will be using to run a game in which a Samurai and his retainers attempt to cross a bridge, as an alternative to using the Bushido rules…

AND there will be more Japanese-inspired goodness, as I try my hand at sculpting personalised Chibi-style figures, after some people got a bit excited (and jealous) of this

Bring your chopsticks, as it’s an Oriental Buffet next month!

32 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes – Final Issue! (For now…)

  1. Superb work Jez, all three minis look spot on and your conversions are inspired as always. (especially good work on the stripes on Super Soldier, I have my own stripes to do yet and am not looking forward to it!)

    That burger cart looks the “biz” too (as does your Chibi Vampifan, and I jealous as heck of the pair of them getting “Carrion Originals” (though I’m not hinting, just saying of course!).

    Thanks for coming up with this great idea, it’s been a blast (well it will be once we all finish, it’s not a race!!), I’m up for the next time, we could do it each June??

    Cheers Roger.

    P.S. I will post this across to the FH site later, but I’ve already been into wordpress twice today, so far).


    • Thanks Roger. Luckily I had a brush thin enough to enable me to do the stripes without having to just use the tip. I think I had more ‘fun’ with the ‘S’ on the shield…

      As for the Burger cart, it didn’t come out quite the way I initially imagined it, but I think the final piece is actually better. Hopefully it will fit in well on Andy’s new Bushido board.

      And I’m sure at some point you’ll receive a product from the Crowhouse Miniatures catalogue – just have to find something…appropriate. 😉

      And Forgotten Heroes should certainly be at least an annual event – might be worth putting a poll up on the site to see what the other participants think. I’m pretty certain that’s an option on WordPress.


  2. Bannanaman still my fave Jez, he looks brilliant! Of course the others look great too but he is da bomb 😉

    The burger cart looks amazing, I’ve painted the owner/operator (trying to think of an appropriate name for him now). So looking forward to its arrival in da Grotto 😊


  3. Many congratulations on your splendid conversions, Jez. All three have come out great, although Bananaman still remains my favourite. I very much hope that “Forgotten Heroes” will be an annual event. I’d love to take part again next year.

    Big thumbs up for the work you’ve done on Andy’s burger cart. It really is something special.

    And yes, your Chibi Vampifan conversion did cause a lot of excitement amongst a certain trio of fellow bloggers and gamers from Ireland. No wonder they’re all clamouring for you to work your magic again.


    • Thanks Bryan. Bananaman seems to be quite popular, probably due to the fact that we all know who he is. And as it has proved quite popular, it will certainly be returning – I mean, I still haven’t done Condorman…

      And I’m pretty pleased with the cart. These sort of projects test my ingenuity and as I like both cheap and easy, I usually come up with a solution that’s both. For example, the burgers are just two pieces of greyboard which I used a standard hole punch on.

      As for my chibification project, I have to admit to being a bit nervous. Let’s hope my talent matches my vision, or it’ll be stick men all round. Although, that might be quite cool too…


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    • Thanks Kaptain. I had bought the figure on a whim, with the intention of probably repainting him as something else and this just seemed right. Having not seen either of the two most recent Godzilla movies, Godzilla to me is the original Toho version, so I don’t feel too bad. 😉

      And I have kind of been ‘pimping’ your rules as they have the right level of simplicity and complexity for me. As I’ve been rather busy finishing off this month’s project, I’ve not had a chance to play them yet. However, I’m hoping to give them a go shortly.


  6. What a fabulous month you have had and what fabulous results you have produced! Bananaman is certainly my favourite, not lest because of all the work that you had to do to bring him to life. Thank you also, and of course Roger, for allowing us to come along for the ride as although I may not have completed my entry it has been such a blast just seeing what everyone else has managed to do.


    • Thanks Michael. Luckily I had a little extra time this month and managed to secure at least some of it for hobby stuff.

      And you are welcome. As you had a little difficulty deciding who you wanted to do, the fact that you haven’t quite finished yet is understandable. You’ve still got until Thursday, but we won’t tell you off if it’s a little later. I’m sure, given your job, you have a stockpile of suitable excuses… 😉


  7. I LIKE the Capt America. I`m a bit of an Avengers nut and love the idea of having a unique version of him…. triangular shield,….. hmmm unusual? I really like the flying clix piece you use to make the grounded version, was a good call….. I`m just struggling with the shield shape lol (as there is a really good reason its usually depicted as round). Ever thought of making a Capt Britain? I think this is probably a project I will do myself very soon, as I really need one for my games, and the eBay price for a HeroClix one is real stupido money… much easier just to make a custom one.

    I like the Godzie conversion and … well I like them all actually mate :))))

    Steve :)))


    • Thanks Steve. I’m a huge Cap fan as well – he’s probably my favourite Marvel character and he did originally have a triangular shield way back when he first appeared. However, this is an alternate reality version of him, from the DC vs Marvel crossover event, wherein Marvel and DC characters were “amalgamated”, so the super soldier serum was derived from Krptonian DNA. This led to the creation of “Super-Soldier” who combines aspects of both Cap and Superman.
      As for Captain Britain, I do want to do him too – both original red suit and his revamped suit under Alan Moore’s run.
      However, that will have to wait, as I have Chibifications to do first. 😉


        • Yes, it is – that was prior to it being sliced in two by Kitty Pryde wielding the Soulsword. Probably my favourite CB costume. I’ll have to see if I can find it for a reasonable price.


      • {{ ….. he did originally have a triangular shield way back when he first appeared.}}

        Do you know, I really didnt know that.. thank you for the heads up there. I love it when I learn new things like that.

        {{However, this is an alternate reality version of him, from the DC vs Marvel crossover event, wherein Marvel and DC characters were “amalgamated”, so the super soldier serum was derived from Krptonian DNA.}}

        Again I SHOULD have known better. I am the first and the absolute champion of imagi-nation gaming and a true advocate of innovation and `making it up your OWN way` and I chastise myself thoroughly for even questioning. Again I love it when something forces me, and reminds me to “think before I speak” lol.

        {{As for Captain Britain, I do want to do him too – both original red suit and his revamped suit under Alan Moore’s run.}}

        I`d actually enjoy to see your take on both costume styles Jez. Me I`ll probably have a go at the classic red/white (with blue boots and shoulders, if I recall right?). I`m not familiar enough with Capt Britain to dare do an alternative version myself Jez. I just know I need the character for my games.

        {{However, that will have to wait, as I have Chibifications to do first}}

        I`m really intrigued now :)))


        • He also carried a ‘photonic’ shield for a while (think hard light) which made an appearance in Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD, which was pretty cool. Yes, font of all geeky knowledge regarding Cap, characters derived from him (such as the Red Guardian, Protocide and U.S.Agent) and alternate reality versions of him (such as Super-Soldier, Ultimate Secret Agent and All-American).

          Regarding Captain Britain, he’s had about seven different costumes, but started off with an all red jumpsuit, with a yellow lion on the chest, before moving on to the iconic red and white costume, with the knee high boots inspired by the Lifeguards uniform (Queen’s soldiers, not David Hasslehoff).

          Chibification is the term I’ve coined for turning real people in Chibis. Which involves sculpting, rather than a ray that shrinks the body, but leaves the head untouched. (But only because I’m waiting for parts to be sent over from Germany…)


  8. Can I make just one request could you take a picture of your favourite figure of the two against a white background(like a piece of white paper)? I’m going to ask all the entrants to do this as I have an idea for another page header for the FH site. Oh and by the way talking of page headers, I like your new one.

    Cheers Roger.


  9. Sorry should be favourite of the three of course! (doh!)

    Oh and while I’m berating myself sorry that you have two pingbacks, the one to my blog was a mistake as I stupidly reposted you posting onto my Rantings blog firstly and had to redo it onto the FH site.
    Roger. (I shouldn’t be let out you know!)


  10. Hope this works (I`m on himself`s laptop).

    Fantastic blog, very enjoyable and slightly unusual content… I`m loving it already. I shall be a regular visitor from now on for sure.



    • Apologies for the issues you’ve been having with blog access, Hil. Should be sorted now.

      And “slightly unusual” is a good description of both my blog and myself. Welcome to the Buffet! 😉


    • Thanks Dungeon Lord. Your comment is appreciated. The skirmish rules are currently mostly in my head, but have been extensively play-tested, so this gives me an opportunity to get them down on ‘paper’. It will be coming in instalments, so consider it a part work – but one that doesn’t cost any money!


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