Introducing…Master Crow

After posting the first part of my home-brew skirmish rules, currently entitled The Way of the Crow, which was introduced by the esteemed and dignified Master Crow, it occurred to me that I really should have a figure to represent him.

As those who had the dubious pleasure of meeting me in the flesh at Salute back in April will know, whilst I appear to be channelling Jack Dee’s voice, the person I most resemble is Sam the Eagle from The Muppet Show…

For those of you who were not able to attend Salute this year, I was given permission to re-publish the report compiled by the noted unnaturalist, Sir David Battenberg, who gives his thoughts on some of the attendees here.

As I appear to resemble this blue-hued patriot, and my online ID is Carrion Crow, it seemed obvious that I would use him as the spokes-crow for the rules. So, having spent some fruitless time scouring the internet I discovered that whilst you can buy figures of Sam, they’re all too big for my purposes. So, being a cunning and inventive bugger, it was off to my figure collection and bits box, to see if I had the necessary resources to enable me to create an approximation of ‘Master Crow’ in 28mm.

Having gone through my collection, I decided that this figure was the best fit:

This is one of the three Izumi Samurai that came with the original HeroScape boxed set. Of the three, it is my least favourite figure – the other two have more character and will be appearing on here during the current focus on Oriental fantasy, one as a samurai for Clan Karasu and the other as a member of the despicable Clan Chouda (boo!).

As I was not overly enamoured of this figure, I felt no compunctions in altering him to my needs…so I cut off his head. This went into my bits box, as I knew I’d have a use for it later. I then gouged out a hollow in the area of his neck, as I had a cunning plan…

When I previously visited Oriental fantasy back in August last year, I posed the question “Could you use a GW Kroot mercenary to create a figure of a Tengu?” The answer turned out to be ‘Yes’. Details of this conversion can be found here.

So having established that a Kroot head can pass for a Tengu, or other birdman of your choice, I selected one of the open-mouthed Kroot heads and cut off the rear ‘feathers’. I then filed down the back of the head until it was nice and rounded, filed the ‘neck’ of the head until it matched the hollow I had created earlier in the donor figure and glued it in place.

So far, so good. Now whilst the dark eyebrows which are a distinctive feature of Master Crow can be created using suitable layers of paint, his tufty hair was another matter. So I turned to my favourite item for creating hair on figures, the humble pipe cleaner. I’ve previously used this on both my Oriental dragon conversion and my Hulk to Oni conversion, and once painted, it does give the impression of shaggy locks, without the tedium of sculpting individual strands. I like easy…

Cutting a suitable length of the correct thickness (as my pipe cleaners are tapered), I bent this around the tip of a pair of needle nosed pliers, then glued it in the correct place on the back of his head. The end result is this.

So, now I have my very own Master Crow, who now only needs an appropriate paint job, and he will be ready to show everyone why he warrants the title ‘Master’.

Join me next time, when we’ll have more Oriental goodness of some description, as I juggle the many balls I have. I shall finish with an appropriate quote from Confucius:

“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.”

16 thoughts on “Introducing…Master Crow

  1. Wonderful, Jez, just wonderful! There is something very satisfying about making a figure of yourself to use in games. I love my Vampifan figure that I converted and I can’t wait to use your Chibi Vampifan in a few games. I look forward to seeing Master Crow in a few games.


    • Thanks Bryan. I would point out that I do have rather more hair than both Master Crow and Sam the Eagle, but I do have the terrifying eyebrows.
      And once he’s painted, I’m sure I’ll be statting him up and giving him an outing. The honour of Clan Karasu is at stake, especially against the vile Clan Chouda. Ooh, they’re so very, very bad…


  2. Very nice Jez, another simple but effective conversion, I can almost forgive you for linking back to that post of me as “Jasper Carrot!”…almost.;-)

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. No paint on him yet, as I decided I ought to slap a bit more putty on my armatures. Women’s breaststroke, especially at Chibi scale, are quite challenging to get looking the right size, proportion and shape. I may have erred on the side of ‘slightly bigger’, as it was easier.

      As for the rest, at least you’re not associated with an ‘angry bird’…


  3. really nice. I`m regretting giving away all our HeroScape more and more as time goes by hehe (had waves 1 to 7 in their entirety). Ah well. It was so nice to see this guy put to such good use.


    • Thanks Hil. I originally bought HeroScape when Argos were dumping their stock, so got it for a tenner. It was bought mainly for the terrain, but I tried the game and quite liked it, so I gradually built up my collection of bits. However, about half of what I had went for silly money on ebay, as it was not as widely distributed in UK. I ended up with two complete original master sets, and scenery from 3 Marvel sets, a Swarm of the Marro and A Road to the Forgotten Forest, plus a bunch of figures.

      I love the tactile nature and modularity of the tiles and have spent hours just building battlefields. And because the figures cover a wide spread of genres, there’s usually something of use in there. Probably my favourite conversion was one of the Zettian Guards into the Spooky Space Kook from Scooby Doo.


  4. veeeeery nice. The personality figurine thing is really a great idea. Everyone should have their own self (or ideal perception of self even) represented on the table top. Funnily enough I don’t have a fantasy version of myself in any of my games. But I DO have an officer version of myself for my historical games.


    • Thanks Steve. Whilst Master Crow does not really represent an ‘ideal’ version of myself, the resemblance is there and the subject matter (which is effectively a samurai chicken, if we’re honest) suits my sense of humoour and personality.

      And you’ll be pleased to know that th next post I’ll be putting up is a return to the Super Chibification Workshop, where YOUR figure has begun to take shape…


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