“Cunningly Fashioned from Pure Green!”

As regular followers of both my blog and Roger’s Rantings from Under the Wargames Table blog will be aware, Roger very kindly crafted a Chibi ‘Master Crow’ for me as a surprise thank you gift;

CC chibi (8)

Details on how he made this wonderful figure can be found here. However, Roger also kindly sent me a small amount of Green Stuff, as he knows that I’m too cheap to buy my own (and also as a dig for not buying tea for him and Simon at Salute, as promised.)

The reason I mention this is that we are returning to the Super Chibification Workshop and my initial experiments with Green Stuff. Do not expect the level of expertise and craftsmanship evidenced by Roger, as I’ve never used this medium before and found it a somewhat challenging experience. And that was after Roger had provided me with some detailed tips.

However, after two sessions using it (and a variety of colourful profanities whilst doing so), I believe I may have now got its measure…

Anyway, when we last saw the armature that is hopefully going to be transformed into “Clockwork Mage Stevie”, it looked like this;


Realising that the arms were a little on the chunky side, I filed these down and then moved on to the forearms. As these are going to be big-ass steampunk gauntlets, I thought I’d lay down the initial shape of them, to give me some idea as to what they’ll end up looking like. Whilst I had the Milliput out, I also added a bit more bulk to the figure’s head.

The next session involved purely Green Stuff, and I’d decided that the best thing to do was use it to smooth out the figure’s thighs, as it gives a much smoother finish. As the figure had no feet as yet and this particular character would be wearing trousers, I needed to make a start on the feet before sculpting the lower legs. And this is where we’ve got to now:

Next we have “Shrine Guardian Tarot”, who looked like this last time;


As mentioned in my previous post, I wasn’t entirely happy with the proportions of certain…*ahem*… “aspects” of this figure, so out came the needle files to tidy up and reshape the anatomy. As with the previous figure, I then moved onto the forearms.

This figure proved particularly troublesome in respect of the left forearm. I tried on three separate occasions to sculpt this, first with Milliput, then Green Stuff, but for some reason it just wasn’t playing ball. I finally managed to get complete it on the fourth attempt. The right forearm was a doddle in comparison.

I then moved onto the figure’s thighs, using the putty to smooth out the previously rough Milliput, with variable results. As this figure will be having flappy Japanese trousers, as with the previous figure, I needed to sculpt the feet first. As the intention was that this figure should be wearing sandals, I started with the soles first, with the intention of adding the feet after these had cured.

The remaining Green Stuff was used to bulk out the figure’s head a bit more and this is where I ended up with this one;

For some reason, when looking at the picture above, I’m reminded of Bruce Lee…but with breasts…

Moving swiftly on…

Our final figure is “Pulp Avenger Hil”, and this is where we left her last time;


As with Tarot’s figure, this one also needed some cosmetic surgery, in order to reshape the anatomy. I then decided to add the left foot, as this character will be wearing knee-high boots. The Green Stuff came out for the next session, and the forearms were added, the top part of the figure’s trousers and the remaining putty used to bulk out the head a bit more. And this is where we are with this one;

I know it doesn’t appear that I’ve done very much, but a large proportion of the time was familiarising myself with the properties of Green Stuff…in other words, moaning about it sticking to stuff I didn’t want it to and not sticking to things I did want it to stick to, getting it jammed under my finger-nails and refusing to come out, and leaving green smears across my cutting mat. More practice is definitely needed until I’ll consider myself proficient, so I’ll probably finish the figures off with Milliput, as I’m more familiar with its properties.

Next week it could be more sculpting, more Way of the Crow rules or maybe some painting. Depends on what type of time I have available.


15 thoughts on ““Cunningly Fashioned from Pure Green!”

  1. Wonderful posting Jez, and its good to see you making great progress with your sculpting. You’re clearly having great fun working on these chibi minis and it really shows in your enthusiastic article. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final results. But these WIP postings are rather good reads too 🙂


    • Thanks Simon. After last week’s filler post, I thought I really ought to get back on track. Although, I’m getting to the point where I’m wondering if my skills will match my vision….


  2. Progress is progress mate, keep it going. I often think that my skills don’t match the vision I have in my head but most of the time I get close enough that I’m happy, I’m sure you’ll be the same 😉


    • Thanks Andy. If I was making these just for myself, I wouldn’t be as concerned. But as they’re for others, I need to make sure they’re as good as they can be. The joys of being a perfectionist…


  3. Really good progress Jez, I’ve spent many a “happy” hour swearing at Greenstuff, I don’t think this ridiculous hot weather helps, the properties of Greenstuffof my demeanour . Doing the basic shapes is always the bit that I hate as I’m impatient to get onto the details.

    It’s a good way to learn patience…but bl**dy annoying sometimes!!!

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. It does have its peculiarities. As I usually have a water filled tin lid for dampening my tools, I’ve taken to dumping the mixed green stuff that I’m not currently using in there – stops it from sticking to my work area or my fingers between uses. Seems to be working.


  4. Tarot asked me to let you know she did write a long comment about your post.. but for some reason it has completely failed to show up here on the comments section. Just so you don’t think she didn’t see it. She did, and did reply, but the blog just didn’t accept it.


    • I’m going to cover off both of your comments with one reply – because I’m efficient like that. 😉
      I’m not sure why Tarot couldn’t leave a comment, as I’ve checked the settings and it’s effectively open for anyone and she’s managed to leave them before. Very curious. Could you pass on my email address to her – that way if she experiences the same problem again, she can at least let me know what she thinks?And I appreciate her feedback.
      I’m assuming that you’re quite pleased with my progress so far, given your previous comment? I have managed to get a bit of sculpting in this week, so there should be some more WIPs up at the weekend. Slow progress, I know, but at least there is progress!


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