Full of Eastern Promise…

For those of a certain generation, the post title will evoke memories of rose-flavoured purple jelly coated in milk chocolate, but I’ve chosen it to describe the contents of this post.

We continue with the Oriental Fantasy theme and I thought it high time that I actually got some figures onto the painting table. However, as three of the figures I was intending on painting had not been completely based, out came the Milliput…

The first two figures are both from the Wizkids’ Heroclix range, namely Scarab from the Indy Heroclix subset and Samuroid from The Flash subset. Having detached the pair from their ‘clix bases, I glued Samuroid to a 2 pence piece, but found that Scarab wide-legged stance precluded me from doing the same with her. However, having used some HeroScape figures for other purposes, I did have a spare Heroclix base, which was the right size. I then smoothed some Milliput onto each base and then stippled it with the end of blunt toothpick.

Currently, the intention is to repaint Scarab as a Ninja or Kunoichi (although traditionally the kunoichi were spies disguised as courtesans, amongst other things) and the Samuroid will either be a Daimyo, as he is rather impressively large, or possibly a demonic Samurai. I’m not sure yet.

Next up, we have another Heroclix figure – Ironclad from the Web of Spider-Man subset. This particular character is one of the quartet of villains known as the U-Foes, who gained their powers in a similar fashion to the Fantastic Four. However, I’d bought this particular figure for one reason only – to turn him into a sumo wrestler! The figure was already suitably muscled and sported a ‘skirt’ around his nether regions, which I have seen sumo wrestlers wearing, but his hair was wrong. However, a Milliput topknot and even without paint, he’s starting to look a bit more sumo…

As anyone who works with any kind of two-part sculpting putty will know, when you’re mixing it up, you either end up with too little for the job in hand, or too much. In this instance, I mixed too much, so rather than waste it I got of my Chibi armatures and used the remaining putty up on them.

First up, ‘Pulp Avenger Hil’. Not a great deal has been done to this figure since last time, the only real addition being her right foot, which was bare metal last time. I’ve also decided to take the WIP picture from behind, so you can see the definition of her calves, feet and…er…bum.

Nest, ‘Clockwork Mage Stevie’. As I need to complete the lower parts of this figure first, before I can sculpt his coat, I needed to make the feet/shoes bigger, as they were far too small. As you can see they are now more ‘shoe-like’.  I also bulked out the head a little more, but it would appear I didn’t smooth out the finger-prints, so it now looks like he has a thumb for a head…

Finally, ‘Shrine Guardian Tarot’. I must have really hit my sculpting groove when I got to this figure, as not only did I manage to sculpt pretty good tabi (Japanese split-toed socks), I’ve managed to make a start on the tunic. Whilst my original intention was to follow the traditional Miko outfit, I think I may have been subconsciously influenced by this image of Sailor Mars…

But with a bit more cleavage on show, as you can see below…

Either way, I’m feeling pretty positive that all three figures will end up looking like I envisioned them.

As next week sees quite a heavy workload, I may not get any new hobby stuff done, so we may have another tale, or possibly some resurrected articles from my old blog. Who knows… πŸ˜‰


16 thoughts on “Full of Eastern Promise…

  1. I hope Oriental month runs a bit longer Jez as I’m really enjoying it. The ‘clix you’ve got are spot on and the Chibis are coming on brilliantly – T looks particularly good so far!


    • I think we’ll just call it the ‘Oriental Fantasy Project’, as I’m nowhere near finished yet. And there’s plenty more to come, I need to paint up these three ‘clix, I’ve got a Kitsune in both forms to finish off, some monks, ashigaru, ninja and samurai to paint. Plus more Way of the Crow AND a batrep. It’s going to be here for a while…


    • Thanks Bryan. They are coming along well, even if the progress is a little slow. And I’ve more ‘clix and HeroScape figures which have been drafted into this project. I reckon I could field a proxy Bushido faction just from figures I already own, much like yourself!


    • Thanks Michael. Whilst the actual hands-on hobby time I have is usually limited, I have plenty of thinking time. This allows me to plan what I’m going to do next from the list of the many projects in my head.


  2. These are starting to take positive shape and are coming together nicely. The Hil and Tarot pieces are looking masterly, and the other Orientals are most attractive. This is so enjoyable to follow, and I will be watching as closely as I may from now on πŸ™‚


    • Thank you very much, Hil. Due the fact that I have no real time constraints on these, it’s allowing me to spend some time ‘getting it right’. Not everything has gone entirely to plan, but it seems to be going well!


  3. me like-y… me like-y lots.

    I pricked my ears up at the mention of Eastern Promise, and you indeed delivered, yummy stuff, and I want to see moreeee, more, more please. The Chibis are intriguing me and I am watching with an avid eye to see their gradual development.


    • Not to worry, Tarot, I have at least a dozen or so miniatures awaiting paint, so should keep you going for a while.
      As for the Chibis, they do seem to be coming on rather nicely – not bad for a first attempt at this kind of thing!


  4. All good stuff Jez, I do like that Scarab figure, she’s a bit of a find! and a nice choice for your Sumo too.

    The chibi’s are coming along well, but when are you going to start on the faces?

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. You know I can always find inexpensive figures for whatever project I’m doing.

      As for the Chibis, their heads aren’t quite big enough for facial features yet…but we’re getting closer.


    • Your attention is always welcome and appreciated, Tarot. Although there probably won’t be much progress this week – work has been manic. What sort of filler article will I come up with? Not even I’m sure yet… πŸ˜‰


  5. Another corking posting Jez. I really like those “Heroclix” repaints/conversions. Very well indeed, Sir!! The green-stuff sculpting is coming along nicely too, so please keep it going. We all want to see your masterpieces πŸ™‚


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