‘S’ is for…

Whilst thinking about this post, I noticed that everything I was planning on including either began with, or had some connection to, the letter ‘S’. And that gave me my Sesame Street inspired post title. Let us begin…

S is for…’Sai’

In a reply to one of Andy’s wonderful Bushido posts over at Da Gobbo’s Grotto, I stated that all my Oriental figures appeared to be male, with only the monstrous denizens of Japanese myth and legend being of the female persuasion – namely my Onryo, Kitsune, Oni and Jorogumo. To rectify this imbalance, I scoured my collection to see if I had any suitable figures, and came across this:

Image result for elektra heroclix

This was the first sculpt of Elektra from the Heroclix Infinity Challenge set. As she is armed with her signature weapon, namely a pair of Sai, I thought she would make a suitable addition to my Oriental fantasy project and even out the male/female ratio.

However, I felt that she was maybe a little under-dressed and a simple repaint would just make her look like a different coloured Elektra, so I decided to repaint her with a bit more clothing.

As I’d already decided that Clan Chouda’s colours were light green and black, and Clan Karasu’s were blue and yellow, to make her stand out as a mercenary who would fight for either faction, I decided to paint her green and gold, as you can see below:

It wasn’t until I’d finished painting her main colours that I realised that I’d used the same colours as Iron Fist’s classic costume. Go figure. She’s not quite finished, but I’m quite pleased with how I’ve managed to make her outfit a bit more concealing, although her skin colour is a little dark – so I might be repainting it.

S if for…’Samurai’

I’d previously given my rebased Heroclix Samuroid (from the Heroclix Flash subset) an undercoat of GW Goblin Green, as the intention was to turn him into an animated jade statue, under the control of whichever Onmyoji activated him.

He was then given a wash of GW Salamander Green, followed by being dry-brushed with GW Ghoul Grey, followed by GW Rotting Flesh, both of which are effectively different shades of green. I then pained his base Goblin Green, and washed this with a 50/50 mix of black and Salamander Green, then dotted in his eyes with GW Sunburst Yellow. And here he is;

Unlike Simon’s Weeping Angels, you will see this statue move, but he’ll be sending you to see your ancestors, rather than back in time…

S is for…’Sakura’

Whilst I’d already decided on the main colour scheme for my ‘Heroclix Ironclad-to-Rikishi’ conversion, i.e. flesh, I was undecided as to what colour I should paint his traditional kesho-mawashi (decorative apron). I was considering doing a variation of the ‘Rising Sun’ motif, but felt that this was a little too modern.

Looking at my paints, I thought that a good counterpoint to the sheer physical might of a Rikishi would be to use…pink, specifically GW Tentacle Pink, which is the same colour as candy floss. And, coincidently, cherry blossom! A base coat of Docrafts Chocolate Brown, followed by GW Brown Ink gave a lovely dark brown apron, which I then dotted with GW Tentacle Pink, to represent cherry blossom.

And Japanese for ‘cherry blossom’ is Sakura…so thus was born Sakura, the professional rikishi. Although he does also look a little Samoan too…

Finally, S is for…’Starships’

Due to Simon’s WIP on his Irregular Miniatures 6mm Star Trek proxies, I’ve been bitten by the Star Trek bug, as shown in my last post, wherein I constructed my own interpretation of a Federation starship.

Having scoured the web, I have found (so far) three companies that sell either ‘official’ Star Trek starship miniatures or proxies.

The official models can be found on the Amarillo Design Bureau website, of which there are two ranges, Starline 2400 and Starline 2500. The former is the larger range, and covers most of the races mentioned in the Original Series, so if you’re looking for Ferengi Marauders, Klingon Birds of Prey or Romulan Warbirds, you’re out of luck. The Andromedan range of fancy saucers remind me of the spaceship that appears on the covers of E.L.O. albums…

Andromedan Dominator

There is no copyright text…you did not see it…besides, this isn’t strictly a website…

Obviously, we also have Irregular Miniatures, as mentioned before, where you will find a range of pretty nice proxy Federation starships under their 6mm ranges.

Finally, we have Ground Zero Games, who have an extensive range of starships for their own Full Thrust game (which is freely downloadable from their website). The range of starships for the Out Rim Coalition are those that look most like Federation starships.

However, if you happen to have some sprues of Warhammer 40,000 weaponry, some GI Joe 3 3/4″ weaponry and a box of buttons, you can make your own…

As I’ve built a couple more starships since last week, both of which are larger than the first, I’ve had to downgrade my first ship. I’ve also decided on some background fluff for my ships, as whilst they are inspired by Star Trek, they aren’t in the same universe…

The planet of New Albion was colonised by Great Britain and is ruled by a hereditary monarchy, the current incumbent being Victoria the Third. As such, all starships in the New Albion Royal Navy receive the designation ‘HMS’, signifying ‘Her Majesty’s Starship’. Currently, the NARN fields Corvettes, Frigates, Cruisers and Dreadnoughts.

This is the HMS Webb, a Bulldog class Frigate.

This is the HMS Moore, a Lion class Cruiser.

And this is the HMS Scott, a Dragon class Dreadnought.

And here are a couple of pictures showing all three ships, to give an idea of relative size.

I still need to construct the smallest starship, which will be a Unicorn class Corvette, the HMS Nash, but the fleet is coming along.

All three ships were initially undercoated in Docrafts Light Grey, then given two coats of watered down Rust-Oleum Gloss White. This is quite a thick paint, so watering down means that you don’t get brush marks and the light grey shows through, meaning you don’t have to give it a wash afterwards. I then picked out various bits and bobs with my own Orange mix. They are pretty much done, although I think some decals would make them ‘pop’ a bit more.

I do have another ship currently under construction – a Tarot class Frigate – from the notorious Dendrassi race, known for their lush green home-world and their piratical ways…

That’s all for this week. Next week I will be continuing in a similar vein, so there will be more Oriental fantasy figures, possibly more starships, maybe a visit to the Super Chibification workshop…

Unless I get distracted by something else, of course – like my proposed game of heavily armed and armoured narrow boat combat “Pirates of the River Thames”…

16 thoughts on “‘S’ is for…

  1. Wow! I feel so proud to have a starship named after me. And I’m clearly in good company alongside HMS Moore, HMS Webb and soon to be, HMS Nash. A worthy fleet indeed. Great work, Jez and your scratch-builds are truly inspiring.


    • Thanks Bryan. Once I’d decided on four intial sizes of starships for my rules and the background fluff, it just seemed obvious that each New Albion ship should be named after one of my UK followers. Of course, I do now need to build some more Dendrassi ships to name after our Irish friends AND the vessel of the infamous privateer, Captain Samuel Crowe. ..


  2. Great stuff Jez, the Oriental’s are top notch but I’m afraid it’s the Starships that grabbed my attention, they are inspired, (great names by the way;-)), the painting has really tied them together and they look the business .

    “Captain Samuel Crowe”, named after that great nautical hero “Russell” of course!

    If you are thinking of doing your “Narrow boats” in 28mm I saw an article years ago on building them with “eat me date” boxes, don’t know if you can still get these but I remember they looked really good.

    Oh and this sounds like a cracking idea for a game by the way.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. Blame Simon – if he hadn’t posted his WIP, I wouldn’t have suddenly got the itch to build starships. And I wouldn’t be writing a set of rules to use them.

      As for “Pirates of the River Thames”, this initially started as a joke way back when “Pirates of the Spanish Main” came out. However, the idea has not gone away and I’m now of the opinion that a combination of Amera plastic rivers, tiny narrow boats with cannons and a set of simple rules, I can pull it off. I like the idea of 28mm narrow boats, but was considering a smaller scale. However, you could always build one for your VBCW forces?


      • Hmmm, I’ll have to see if I can get one of those damn date boxes myself now..

        And can I just add regarding the names of the Starships, that size isn’t everything! (Mine being the smallest),

        Cheers Roger.


  3. The oriental models are excellent, still not enough women on the team but it goes some way to redressing the balance. Love the starships v inventive! Can’t wait to see the commissioning of HMS Nash….. πŸ˜‰


    • Thanks Andy. I shall be keeping my eye out for inexpensive additions to my Oriental females – which taken out of context would sound very wrong – to ensure a good choice of characters. I also have my eye on at least one of Greebo’s wartarts as an addition – might have to wait until my birthday for that one though!

      And I know roughly what the HIS Nash is going to look like, I just need a bracing strut for the warp nacelles.

      The joy of this hobby is that I can type comments like the above and everyone knows what I’m talking about. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Michael. Her outfit was a little TOO revealing for Edo era Japan, even given the fantasy aspect. And the starships do seem to be popular. And I hadn’t forgotten you – the DSS (Deep Space Station) Awdry will be making an appearance…


  4. Many MANY thanks for the shout-out, Jez, and for naming that formidable-looking starship after me πŸ™‚ Not too sure about blaming me though for your wonderful innovation and inspiration. That’s all down to you my friend πŸ™‚ its clearly also the start of something rather big if you’re planning additional vessels and even a Deep Space Station – really looking forward to seeing these I must confess.

    From my point of view, I hope to encourage you no end during “Star Trek” September, when not only do I hope to tempt and tease you with more paint-jobs from “Irregular Miniatures”. But post a few “Star Trek Attack Wing” BatReps as the NCC1701-D tackles Klingons, Romulans and even the Borg. Hopefully that’ll keep you motivated enough πŸ™‚


    • You are more than welcome, Simon. If not for you, I wouldn’t have been inspired to dip into this genre.
      I’m hoping that once I’ve got the rules into a workable shape and enough ships for a play test, I’ll be posting a playtest/batrep – then the rules themselves.
      So many projects – so little time…


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