All Hallow’s Evil

Whilst the shambling dead are taking their rightful place on blogs across the Internet during what most bloggers know as Zomtober 2016, here at the Buffet we like to do things a bit differently…

So, welcome to week two of Noctober, where I will be completing (where possible) figures that have been assigned to various supernatural projects.

Last week I introduced you to the first three members of the Night Brigade, my team of supernatural protectors in the Liberty Force universe (my own superhero universe).

The intention of the preceding week was to complete the final four members, but one required re-basing and the other needed more work than I had time to complete, so this week you get two more members of the Night Brigade and a supernatural villain, who may bedevil the Night Brigade, terrify Enigma Investigations or end up facing the Ghostbusters. I like multi-use figures…

Many cultures have myths or legends of water spirits, such as the Rhinemaidens, nereids, Jenny Greenteeth or Vodianoi, Strangely, the majority of these tend to have female characteristics, as does the member of the Night Brigade known as Undine. Some say that ‘she’ was once a marine biologist who was involved in an industrial accident, reborn as a being of animate water with no memory of her previous life. Others say that Doc Kraken used the Conch of Poseidon to summon one of his many daughters to serve him. The truth is unknown, but since joining the Night Brigade, Undine has proved her worth against the myriad foes they have faced.  

The base figure for Undine is Solstice, from the DC Heroclix Teen Titans subset. I have no idea who this character actually is, but as the model was both nicely sculpted, appeared to be translucent and was only 29p, she was snapped up for a potential ghost figure for my Ghostbusters project.

However, when she arrived, it turned out that she wasn’t as translucent as I first thought. A chance comment from a friend saying that he thought the figure would make a good dryad led me down the path of elementals and thus was Undine born.

After re-basing her, I used Milliput to blend her into the base a bit more, then she got a base coat of Goblin Green and her ‘hair’ was painted Woodland Green. A wash of Salamander Green was then followed with a liberal dry-brushing with Rotting Flesh. A relatively simple, yet effective, paint job.

The heroine now known as Catspaw was once a dabbler in the Dark Arts. However, when attempting to make a pact with one of the Dark Powers, the being in question took her request a little too literally and she was merged with her familiar, creating a being with the knowledge and features of a human woman, but the feral nature, fur and abilities of a feline. Now an outcast, Catspaw joined Doc Kraken in his crusade, hoping at some point to reverse her transformation. 

Another DC Heroclix figure, this one Cheetah from the Cosmic Justice subset. This is probably the most feral looking of the Heroclix Cheetah figures and when I saw it I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

Another relatively straightforward paint job – base coat of Marine Dark Blue, followed by a coat of Blue Ink on her body and Black Ink on her hair. Eyes were painted in with Bogey Green, then the pupils with Chaos Black.

Our final figure for this week is a character I have dubbed Samhain.

In a change from the other two, this is actually a Dreamblade figure, specifically the Knight of Autumn Gate (whatever that means). The figure came with a slightly silly looking flaming sword in its right hand, so this was removed and it was re-based. The armour was initially painted with Chainmail, followed by Brown Ink. The head was painted Sunburst Yellow, then Pumpkin Orange, with the stalk being Goblin Green. The whole figure was then given a wash in Bogey Green, with additional high-lights of both Sunburst Yellow and Pumpkin Orange on the head, where the Bogey Green was a bit too green.

And I now have a particularly well-armoured personification of Halloween in the form of Samhain, Demon of the Gourd.

And to give you some idea of scale, here’s a group shot with our two lovely ladies going up against the armoured squash.

And that’s all for this week. Next week, I will hopefully be posting the final two members of the Night Brigade and one of their foes. And a group shot of all seven members.

And for the final week of Noctober? Hopefully something a little more…Peanuts?!

15 thoughts on “All Hallow’s Evil

  1. Undine just does it for me. I could also see really good potential here to have made her a really hot female Gabriel (like in the film Constantine). However your idea really cuts the mustard nicely. All three look pretty cool together, with Catspaw being my second favourite. Though the green (with sort of molten yellow seeping through) is rather creepily catchy on the pumpkin guy too.


    • Thanks Tarot. As I said in the post, they were all pretty straight forward to paint, but they have come out rather well. The ‘pumpkin guy’ does look suitably creepy, which was the effect I was going for and looks so much better than its original pre-paint.


  2. I actually like these… a lot. Hmmm, they are inventive and really dash darn useful on the table to I should think.. All these pieces you make Jez, I just want to see you USE them all in a super duper table top game or six.


    • Thanks Steve. The problem I have at the moment is that I have a lot of half-painted figures, and don’t like to post a batrep unless ALL the figures are painted. Hopefully by the end of the month we’ll have the Night Brigade done, and I’ve already finished the Clown Gang…Monsters vs Clowns? It DOES sound suitably Halloween-y…


  3. Love Undine, think she is excellent! The other two are great but Undine for me is the better sculpt and better paint job. Love the water effect which is always my bugbear, I just can’t get it right on miniatures.


    • Thanks Andy. I think with painting water on figures, it’s more the colours you choose than the technique. Everyone tends to use shades of blue, which is fine for tropical seas, but not for ‘real’ water. Although, painting figures a murky greeny brown would only work for muck monsters and living canals.


  4. As already said three smashing repurposed figs, but like everyone else (I am easily lead as you know!). Undine is my favourite. I might have to have a look for one of those myself now as I don’t have a water based hero/villain ()or she could be ice…or fire, might need three, hmmmm).

    Cheers Roger.


    • It is a nice sculpt, which isn’t immediacy obvious from the pictures. And at 29p each, you could order half a dozen without worrying too much about it.
      And your site is still refusing to crept comments from me. I thought it might be an issue my end, but I can post comments to other sites with no problems. Weird…


      • sure is weird, I got the E-mail to say you are following my site, but nothing about a post. Yet other people can post no problem.

        Might have to look to see if the there is a contact e-mail to wordpress and see if they can figure it out.

        By the way did tyou try commenting on Forgotten heroes as there’s nothing there either.

        Cheers Roger.


  5. Definitely going to have to follow suit and say that Undine is a cracker, Jez. The other two are good, but she is terrific. Having said that I did look to see how much a couple of Knights of Autumn Gate would cost, as I love the look of the mini – sadly its a tad expensive currently, but I’ll certainly be keeping my eye out for it on ebay.


    • Thanks Simon. Some of the more obscure Heroclix do make effective conversion fodder and as many have already said, this particular figure has many potential uses.
      As for the Knights for Autumn, good luck. A little more uncommon than the gutsoup golems, but still worth getting – from the right price.


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