No Evil Shall Escape My Sight…

A little bit of an announcement before we launch into this week’s Noctober post – I was originally intending to complete all my Halloween-themed painting by the end of October and then join Michael Awdry of 28mm Victorian Warfare fame in Dinovember this year.

However, I’m having a bit too much fun with Noctober this year, so I’m declaring it a “Long Halloween”, which will last as long as I have figures to paint and scenery to build (Sorry, Michael…). So, to paraphrase the tagline from the Jurassic Park novel, “In the future, there will be dinosaurs…just not next month”.

So, what can you expect during my Long Halloween? More supernatural superheroes and villains, more creepy critters suitable for “Scooby-Doo” style games, more Ghostbusters, and some inexpensive scratch-built scenery suitable for all types of horror games. It’s going to be a lot of fun for me and hopefully for all of you too.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

This week the intention was to complete the final two members of the Night Brigade and their arch-nemesis, the techno-witch known as Spectra. And I did manage to do this. However, upon reviewing the figures prior to their photo-call, I was not entirely happy with the paint jobs for Nocturne and Spectra. As there was not enough time to repaint them prior to posting, their debut has been postponed until such time as I’m satisfied with them.

Luckily, the final figure of the trio I was intending to post about more than makes up for the lack of female company, so without further ado, let me introduce you to the most recent recruit to the Night Brigade, the costumed vigilante known as…Jack O’Lantern.

The base figure for this character is a Marvel Heroclix Jack O’Lantern, from the Sinister subset. The Marvel Jack O’Lantern first appeared in 1981 as a foe of Machine Man in issue #19 of his own title and was (and still is) a bit of a second-string villain. However, he does have one of the coolest costumes ever, so when I saw that Baron Von J of The Baron’s Blog had used this particular figure as a Golden Age superhero, I decided to pinch this idea myself.

Whilst I do try to give my own superhero characters ‘original’ names (or at least the same name as obscure superheroes and villains), as DC Comics also has a character named Jack O’Lantern (first appearance Super Friends #8 in 1977), my self-imposed “rules” meant that I could use the same name without any issues.

I decided to repaint the original figure, as whilst the pre-paint was quite good, with a little bit of effort, it could be better. I’d also deliberately saved some translucent orange plastic beads from when my daughter was clearing out her ‘kiddie stuff’,  to give my version of Jack O’Lantern a bit more armament. Each bead had a small length of gardening/florist’s wire (thin wire wrapped in green paper) glued in as stalks, and then each completed ‘pumpkin bomb’ was glued into his already open hands.

As he was originally on a standard Heroclix flight stand, I had to trim the peg off, then make a new hole in the base of the “pogo platform” (Marvel’s name for it – not mine), so I could mount it on a proper flight stand.

Whilst it was a relatively simple re-paint, with the addition of a bit more kit, I’m really pleased with how he came out.

And here’s one final picture, giving a criminal eye’s view of Jack O’Lantern, just before he unleashes his explosive brand of justice.

That’s all for this week, but join me for the next episode of Carrion Crow’s Long Halloween, where we will be building some Halloween-themed scenery that Linus would be proud to call his own. Beagles are optional.

11 thoughts on “No Evil Shall Escape My Sight…

  1. Hi Jez, look I comment on your post even when you don’t on mine 😉
    I love that figure and you extra touched are great (very Green Goblin), really looking forward to your scenery, can we expect anything “rising out of the pumpkin patch?”

    Cheers Roger, (by the way there are still no replies to my wordpress question).


    • Believe me, I have been trying…And thank you, Roger – I do have a soft spot for both the Green Goblin and Hobgoblin and this is my take on the Halloween-themed superhero.
      As for the scenery, I think I’ve dropped enough hints that people may have got an idea of what I intend to have a crack at. I have the tools, I have the parts, I have the Plan – hopefully it should all come together.


  2. Not to worry about Dinovember Jez, there will always be time of dinosaurs. That said I have been looking at what I have planed for next month and there seems to be more in the way of adventurers and tenuous links to films with dinosaurs in them rather than dinosaurs themselves. Still as there are no hard and fast rules, I’m not worrying too much. As for Jack, what a great miniature and I love the additional armament, the beads have worked perfectly.


    • It’s a postponement, as I do have rather a lot of dinosaurs that need painting, along with some stalwart sons of the Empire and savage amazons of various statures. And a giant ape, of course…gotta have a giant ape. Turns out I have more ‘Lost World’ figures than I thought I did.
      And Jack came out as I’d hoped. And yes, I may have held him up to various sources of illumination to make his head glow…


  3. I wouldn’t mind one of these in my super clix collection. I love the fact the piece is now a flier. For me, what would complete it would be to see it on a clix base hehe. *ducks from the things thrown at him* I know I now, I`m old fashioned, but I do so love my heroclix.

    But this is a truly lovely mini and I am muchly taken by its super paint job.


    • Actually Steve, I believe this particular figure, in Heroclix terms, is a flier. As this is quite an ‘old’ figure, you should be able to pick it up quite reasonably. I think there’s a newer, more dynamic sculpt from another set, but as his comes on a red Oreo base, this would suggest it’s a Limited Edition, so best to go for the earlier one.

      When buying figures, they fall into three categories, 1. specifically targeted to fill a particular need for a project, such as conversions, etc. 2. I see a figure an immediately know what character that figure will become, 3. I like the figure and just want it. Jack O’Lantern fell into the latter category (as did Giganta), but now he has a purpose.


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