Back to the Future

Unlike the majority of my blogging peers, I do not enjoy either the acceptance or support of my partner in respect of my devotion to our wonderful hobby. My wife considers any time spent on ‘that role-play crap’, as she terms it,  as a waste of time – time which could be better spent elsewhere. Bless her…

So, in order to continue doing what I enjoy, I have to make certain…concessions. I don’t make extravagant hobby purchases (so no Kickstarters for me), keep my hobby spending to an ‘acceptable’ minimum and try to limit my time spent on my hobby to short periods or when she’s not around. Not an ideal situation, but it has made me a master of cost-effective gaming and given me the ability to use my time constructively.

Anyway, there are times when due to work, planned events or the reasons stated above, I find the weekend has crept up on me without anything to show for my efforts. Some would sulk in the corner and rail against the unfairness of an uncaring and cruel Universe.

I, however, am not one of those people.

So whilst I may not have any of my own work to display, that doesn’t mean I have nothing to show you…

A comment made on Roger’s most recent post from his ‘Ranting from Under the Wargames Table’ blog, sent me scurrying to the Internet, searching for suitable 28mm figures to represent Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels…

Image result for captain caveman and the teen angels

The reason for this was that as I felt this would make a fun ‘cast’ for 7TV, as Captain Caveman regularly produces various prehistoric solutions from the interdimensional space concealed by his body hair. Now there’s a sentence you didn’t think you’d read today. I thought this ability was a pretty good match for the Gadget cards used in the  7TV rules. And it’s also a bit silly, which is a good thing for a hobby that can sometimes take itself a bit too seriously.

However, whilst I did find potential figures for Cavey and Brenda, Taffy and Dee Dee proved somewhat elusive. This combined with the cost of the figures I did find shelved this vanity project for the time being.

But my research did not prove a total loss, as I came across a nice range of miniatures I was previously unaware of, the contents of which will explain the title of this post.

The company concerned is Miniature Figurines & Matchlock Miniatures, which is part of Caliver Books. I was aware of the company before, as they do a small but interesting 28mm range called “Winter of 79  – Living on the Frontlines” which has armed British policemen, grenadiers and, more importantly, Wolfie Smith from Citizen Smith.

You have no actual need for this figure, but you want him anyway… and he’s only £2.25.

The range that I was not aware of, however, can be found under the title Wayne’s World of Wonder, with the innocuous title of Retro Sci-Fi 28mm. Now, there are only nine figures in this range, but when I came across them, five of the nine immediately went onto my wishlist. Not because they’re £2.75 each, which is very reasonable for a 28mm miniature, but because I recognised them…

So first up is RSF 01 – Retro Space Pilot – Spacesuit:

And RSF 02 – Retro Space Pilot – Uniform:

As Crooked Dice have recently released a not-Mekon and our very own Mr Webb’s Retrovians from his Dick Garrison range make very passable Treens, you’re certainly going to need a Dan Dare, and now you have the option of having him in both sets of his ‘work clothes’.

Next up we have RSF 04 – Pepperpot Hunter, and this is where I think I may cost Simon (aka Blaxkleric) some money…

I think it’s fairly obvious that this is the infamous Abslom Daak – Dalek Killer. As the BBC have (allegedly) sent a badly written ‘cease and desist’ letter out to those companies that they have been made aware of who were producing what Paul from Warlord Games has referred to as “rip-off ‘not’ Doctor Who figures”,  you may be concerned that this too may disappear. However, I believe that the rights to this character are currently owned by Marvel, so he should be safe for the time being.

Next we move on to RSF 07 – Mercenary:

Now, this one may not be as familiar to the majority of my readers – this is a character called Grimjack, who first appeared in Starslayer #10 in November 1983, published by First Comics. If you are curious about this character, this Wikipedia link will fill in the blanks. To be honest, whilst I was able to identify the character, that was about all I did know about him – other than he looks cool. Because of this, two other figures in this range, namely RSF 05 – Young City P.I. and RSF 06 – Demon Hunter, may be other versions of this character, but someone more knowledgeable than me would be able to tell you.

For the final figure added to my wishlist, we return to the Whoniverse, but the alternate reality version as presented in Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D., in which the Doctor was portrayed by Peter Cushing:

This is RSF 08 – Chrononaut Grandfather and is a far better sculpt, in my opinion, than the one produced by Black Tree Design. I’m not sure if the movie version of the Doctor falls within Warlord Games’ licence to solely produce Doctor Who figures, so if you want this figure, it might be wise to get it sooner rather than later.

Whilst I’ve touched on two of the other nine figures in the section on Grimjack, the other two figures in this range – RSF 03 Freelance Assassin and RSF 09 Psycho Cyborg (which is £3.99) – I wasn’t able to identify, so if anyone does know who these are supposed to be, I’d be grateful if they could shed some light.

The moon has now set on the Long Halloween and the pumpkin pies, candy and cinder toffee have been cleared from the Buffet…

You’ll have to wait until next time, to see what’s next on the menu!

29 thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. What a mischievous posting, young Jez. One minute I think you’re about to demonstrate some more of your usual green-stuff/everyday utensil modelling magic with Captain Caveman, and the next you’ve got me forking out for some miniatures I never even knew existed. Wot a rotter!! 😉

    You had me with Dan Dare tbh, but as you quite correctly guessed, a certain Dalek Killer was without a doubt a must buy!!! In addition I was enthused with “First Comics” Grimjack; albeit I’m tempted to turn him into a space-faring immortal Highlander… and then there’s the definitive Doctor. Outstanding finds all and yet another article which demonstrates why you are the guru of google-fu when it comes to miniatures.

    Very grateful to you for these finds, Jez, even if my wallet isn’t. Let me know if there’s any in particular you really want (via email if you like) and I’ll see what Santa can do about it 😉


    • Searching the Internet is a bit like panning for gold – time-consuming, but occasionally you find unexpected treasures. Apologies to your wallet, Simon, but at least they’re very reasonably priced. I have a feeling that Michael may be wanting Dan Dare too. I also know where to find an Elizabethan Blackadder and the Six-Million Dollar Man. 😉
      Grimjack would also make a good Ravenloft character.
      As for Santa’s list, probably Absolm Daak would be top, followed by the Peter Cushing Doctor. I have been (reasonably) good this year, after all…


        • Oh my…I thought you were joking. That is extraordinarily generous of you, Simon. Many, many thanks. I’ll drop you an email once I get home. Hmm, now I wonder what Santa will send you? 😉


        • Ah, but did you look at the figures? The Grimjack figure looks like the kind of adventurer you’d expect to come from Forlorn – or at least MY version of that Domain, which is a dark and folklore version of Scotland, renamed Forlarn. Looks like I’ll be collating my Ravenloft revisions and sending them over too…


  2. Necessity fuels invention me thinks Jez, your ability to work within a small budget and limits to your gaming time have caused you to master your craft and find/produce some amazing stuff. What a shame though that Mrs Jez can’t relent a little. Mrs Gobbo has recently began referring to herself as a “Warhammer Widow”, sighs deeply when I bring out my painting trolley and refers to the miniatures as my “funny little men” she also refers to my gaming days as play dates! But after 25 years she has at last stopped trying to hoover them up and has a begrudged acceptance of the hobby and in the last few years I’ve been able to convert a room in the house to “da Grotto” with her blessing, she even helps me with some of my building projects and now with both my children exhibiting nerd sensibilities has started playing too, albeit restricted to miniature based board games like Zombies!! and Carcassonne. As she says it’s better than me going out on the piss every weekend or womanising or any of that nonsense.

    Anyway, these figures are terrific but it’s a shame you couldn’t find the Cpt Caveman stuff as I was really excited by this project.


    • Thanks Andy. As both my sons are fans of the Marvel movies and my daughter not only sat through the entire extended editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but wants to do it again, my wife is fighting a losing battle. Apologies if it came across as a little bit of a moan – she did say she thought my pumpkin patch was “very good”, but followed this up with “But what’s the point?” *sigh*
      Captain Caveman is just shelved for the time being, I’m sure at some point I will be doing it – just need to let it percolate for a bit.
      And the figures are nice, aren’t they? Absolm Daak would look good in Mega City One.


  3. Absalom Daak would be my pick of this fine bunch of figures as well, Jez. I have his graphic novel so I’m very familiar with his character. Some real gems here.


    • I do like finding things like this – smaller companies producing nicely sculpted figures and not charging silly prices. Especially when they’re characters that are instantly recognisable and are just begging to be added to your collection.


  4. What a find! Cracking miniatures and Dan Dare would make a great proxy for Space Cadets, you swine! I am still quietly seething about Crooked Dice having to stop their fabulous and ‘original’ range, has anyone actually seen the ‘cease and desist’ letter?

    Now get back to dreaming up a ‘not’ Captain Caveman.


    • I had a feeling that the Dan Dare figure would be up your alley, Michael, and given the price point on the figures, I’m doing both my readers and the company a favour – you get a cool figure for a nice price and they get a lot more customers. As for the C&D letter, I’ve spoken to one of the recipients – apparently the letter was so badly worded that they initially thought it was a joke and have yet to have ‘official’ confirmation. Having seen comments posted by an official spokesperson from Warlord Games, I now know the official reason for the scale and what their attitude is towards the companies that previously produced unofficial Doctor Who figures – see this thread on The Miniatures Page for further info ( Whilst I can’t fault the sculpting of the monsters in the official range, the human characters are a bit…meh. Plus the wrong scale for the rest of my miniatures.


  5. Blind Beggar Miniatures have a “Captain Mancave ” for 4£.
    I had thought of doing a game with some Saturday morning cartoons in it. For the girls, I would look at some of the Foundry street violence bikini girls, or maybe Copplestone Castings, or Reaper. To get that 60s 70s look… you might also consider some of the Blacktree Design old Dr Who minis. Some of the companions might work.


    • Thanks Broonkah – whilst I was aware of this company, I wasn’t aware of THAT particular figure. I was considering going a bit more ‘realistic’, using a Savage Core Neanderthal for ‘Cavey’ and possbily one or two of Kev White’s figures for the girls – there’s a figure called Kirsten who’s pretty much a spot-on match for an armed Brenda. I may have to rethink now I’ve seen ‘Captain Mancave’…


  6. Nice posting Jez, shame about he Capt Caveman stuff, I actually though Taffy would have been the easiest to find, as leggy blondes in mini dresses seem like something a lot of wargamers would want (due to their proliferation on all the major conflict battlefields of course!). I have a Jo Grant fig that is dressed correctly for Dee Dee, though her hair would need sanding and re-sculpting, but she’s yours if she is of use, I have a Sarah Jane fig that would also do for Brenda (but I’m sorry you CANT have her!).

    Really nice finds with the figures though, I have seen these before but never twigged the it was Absolom Daak (one of my all time fav strips (I too have the graphic novel and I think all the issues of DW weekly that they were in)), Him and the Peter Cushing figure would be my must buys too.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. Surprisingly, Brenda was the easiest = I found at least three figures that would pass muster, a couple that might do for Dee Dee and a possible more realistic Cavey. I did consider the Black Tree figure of Jo Grant, but realised that it would take a bit more effort than I wanted to make her ‘right’. I haven”t given up on this project, and your comment has reminded me of places i’ve yet to look…
      And this post has proved surprisingly popular = I have a feeling that a few more customers may be winging their way to this company.


  7. I’m in saddened shock. I`m sure Mrs C is a wonderful woman and human being but… not support a partner *shakes head in stunned disbelief* my heart goes out to you: and your ability to `cope` continues to impress me. The last mail I sent you never received a replied (neither, he reminds me, did Stevie`s either). So still no address and still no way ever to be able to send you little bits and pieces as and when the whim takes a hold.


    • Well, my stoicism IS legendary… 😉 I will respond to you both. I’m assuming the plague cart hasn’t carried anyone off from your household, then? Hope everyone’s feeling improved.


      • “Bring out yer dead – bring out yer dead!”

        Amazingly, I avoided every last plague ridden cough and splutter of the vile contagion. Where as Stevie, his daughter, Hils and one of her friends, ALL came down with this dreaded lurgy.

        All of them much improved, and in fact think Stevie`s doing/writing up the second part of the zombie game today. Then its back to Ravenloft. Grrrrrr I can`t WAIT for my turn *stamps foot* I want to get back to my Gotham and my super duper new revamped, rebased (and new rules) Clix and Bits campaign.


    • Apologies to you both. As you both signed off with ‘talk soon’, I assumed that meant you’d reached saturation point of my waffling and didn’t want to outstay my welcome. I will reply to you both as soon as I’m able.


  8. “talk soon” is an Irish expression: like “Any news?” (any new gossip) and “Just going out for some messages” (going out for shopping and a pint)…. yes we`re weird over here. Talk soon means… will wait for your reply hahaha.


    • Thanks Steve. My ongoing search for the ‘right’ figures constantly unearths such hidden gem as these. Just you wait for “Back to the Future – Part II” as I’ve found some MORE cool figures in a similar vein, including a certain gorilla who goes by the name ‘Tracy’…


      • that’s sounds fun fun fun. Man, I hope they never do a sad remake of those three classic films. I doubt anything could ever compare to those originals.


  9. Pingback: You Look Like You Need a Doctor… | Carrion Crow's Buffet

    • And thank you for identifying these characters, Paul. I’d kind if guessed they were probably from the same era, but weren’t familiar to me. I think the entire range is briiliant and certainly intend on adding some, if not all of them, to my own collection.


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