Back to the Future – Part II

Should you own a copy of 7TV (or indeed 7TV2e) or just have a hankering to recreate the adventures of your favourite spy-fi or science fiction shows of the 1970’s, your first port of call in respect of suitable miniatures would be Crooked Dice. With their range of figures, you can adventure in the fictional worlds of Blake’s 7, Space: 1999, Planet of the Apes, Captain Scarlet, Life on Mars, James Bond, Austin Powers or Danger 5.

Sadly, you can no longer populate your tabletop with figures resembling characters from Doctor Who. For that, you’ll have to go to Warlord Games and their ‘officially licenced’ range…

If the spy-fi aspect of this genre appeals to more than the science fiction part, you also have the option of the ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ ranges, produced by both Artisan Designs and Copplestone Castings respectively.

However, if the Science Fiction aspect appeals more, whilst Crooked Dice’s range is quite comprehensive, there are a few characters missing. It’s all very well giving us Cylons, but we can’t recreate Battlestar Galactica without some Colonials as well.

Luckily for you, my unending search for the ‘right’ figure on the Internet has turned up some more hidden gems. So, buckle your seat-belt and accelerate to 88mph, as we travel Back to the Future once more. However, be warned, this post may have you reaching for your wallet…

As regular followers will know, I’m a big fan of the original Ghostbusters movie and it’s sequel, and found that the recent 2016 ‘reboot’ failed to crap all over my childhood, so the fact that Crooked Dice produces a variety of Ghostbusters of both sexes makes me happy. However, 9 years before the release of Ghostbusters, in 1975, the children of America were exposed to the exploits of ‘The Ghost Busters’, a trio of bumbling paranormal investigators who used their ‘ghost dematerializers’ to defeat supernatural threats to their city. The trio was made up of Kong, Spencer and Tracy, who was a gorilla. Yes, you read that right.

The series was quite popular and ran for 15 episodes, but wasn’t quite popular enough to be renewed for a second season. Whilst I was aware of the series, due to the fact the Columbia had to pay its producers for the right to use the name Ghostbusters for their movie, I’ve never actually seen the show. However, I do know what the main characters look like.

Whilst hunting for Teen Angels, I paid a visit to Nexus Miniatures website, who you may be familiar with due to their Super Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse range of figures, which includes Battlestar Galactica Colonials, the visitors from V and Mulder and Scully from The X-Files. It would appear that since my last visit, they’ve been rather busy and I was delighted to find these on their site:

The Real Ghost-Facers

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, it is our intrepid and original Ghost Busters. Currently, they are priced at £11.45 for the three, as part of a pre-order deal, with the price going up to £13.50 once they are on general release, which appears to be in the second quarter of next year.

Impressed with the sculpting, I perused the remainder of the catalogue and found some more familiar faces…

The New Defenders (Major John Colt, Mike Chicane, and Patti Pretty)

Whilst these are listed as the ‘New Defenders’, I think we can all recognise that these might actually be Avengers rather than Defenders. £12.50 at the moment, rising to £13.50 when on general release.

And whilst Crooked Dice may have one Tomorrow Person, Nexus Miniatures have a full set…

The Morrow Men

Currently £16.50 for the four, rising to £18.00 when on general release.

Finally, the set that almost made me reach for my own wallet, which is very unlike me.

Future Force

Could it be the bird-costumed defenders of the Earth known as G-Force? I think it could! Currently £20.00 for the five, rising to £22.50 once on general release. And you can’t have G-Force without their enemy, Zoltar.

Sub-Finem & Imperatorem - Machine Empire Commanders

Or the ubiquitous masked goons.

Equitum Troopers of the Machine Empire

Now, all these miniatures were sculpted by the very talented Carl Stoelzel, of Stoelzel’s Structures fame. Looks like card models are not his only forte. From what I can gather, the pre-order prices apply to the figures they currently have in stock, prior to the general release of these next year, so if you want them at these prices, I suggest you get ’em quick. Think of it an early Christmas present to yourself.

The Nexus Miniatures site is well worth a look, as they also have Varian from The Fantastic Journey (him with the ‘tuning fork’ weapon), all the ‘interdimensional operatives’ from Sapphire & Steel and, oddly, the cast of Gilligan’s Island.

So, now that the retro sci-fi bug has bitten me, expect some Doctors, aliens and scenery over the coming weeks here at the Buffet, along with a few leftovers from The Long Halloween…

Edit: Apparently, according to WordPress, this is my 100th post. Go me!


22 thoughts on “Back to the Future – Part II

    • They’re pretty cool, aren’t they? As soon as I saw them (and the baddies), I was immediately imagining playing games with them. Did you see the weird Tiki-headed men with the Gilligan’s Island figures? They’d make brilliant Scooby Doo monsters.


  1. Great finds, Jez, and you’re right – any of them would be ideal for use with the 7TV or 7TV2e rules. My personal favourites are the three “New Defenders”. Oh, and how cool to see that Carl is every bit as talented at sculpting figures as he is at creating extraordinary card scenery.


    • Thanks Bryan. Going through the Nexus Miniatures catalogue was like stepping back into my childhood, although there are still a few characters I have yet to identify. I have, however, identified ‘The Strangers’ as being the cast and creature from the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ – my google-fu is strong!


  2. I get regular (sometimes hourly/daily) updates from Drew at “Nexus Miniatures” and his plans for next year are absolutely mouth-watering. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know I have a few of the minis you’ve covered on pre-order 😉 I would also strongly recommend you look at his Inanis-Cutem (empty skin) Promethean if you like Manga, as I own two of the resin monstrosities and they’re excellent as well!! I just need to find the time to paint the minis of his I own…


    • As I was aware that you already own some of this company’s figures, I had a feeling you might already know about them. I had a look back through their blog and now crave ALL the Red Dwarf figures. I mean, who wouldn’t want Ace Rimmer, Dwayne Dibley and Mr Flibble?


      • Jez, You may need to contact Drew directly about those as he’s had a ‘cease & desist’ order from Grant Naylor on those sculpts, so withdrew them. Apparently he’ll be able to honour his pre-orders but no new purchases. I’ve got his email address if you want it?


        • That’s a shame. That might also be why the recent ‘investigative academic’ and ‘dependable deputy’ from Crooked Dice no longer look like Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Thanks for the offer, but I think I’ll let those who pre-ordered get theirs. Plenty of other goodies on their site that are higher up my wish list!


      • “That might also be why the recent ‘investigative academic’ and ‘dependable deputy’ from Crooked Dice no longer look like Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.” – well I’ll be interested to see what my two minis look then when they arrive then!?! As you say, there’s no picture of them on the webstore anymore…


        • Let’s hope they come as originally advertised and the pictures in their store are to avoid any further issues with the Beeb. Looks like they’ve used the heads from their original minions range, which Ainsty now sell.


      • Ah… I’ve just seen the ‘new pictures’. I won’t be happy if they come with those heads I must confess. Although that’s probably my own fault for not checking the photos before ordering the miniatures. I’ll let you know when they arrive…


        • Been doing some digging. According to the Forum, the two figures come with the alternate heads on an additional sprue, so you should be alright. I’m speculating that this is avoid the potential wrath of everyone’s favourite Auntie.


  3. Some interesting stuff there Jez, I too was drawn to the “new defenders” the others not so much so, the G-force chaps (and chappesses) would have tempted me more if Ki-up and Pricess had had the “Duck” billed helmets and Ki-up (spelt wrong I know), had been smaller and Tiny hadc the Owl faced helm.

    Also check out “Killer B” for more Spy/fi stuff including a not “Jaws”.

    Cheers Roger.


  4. Thanks Roger. Some very nice (and tempting) stuff indeed. Seems they’re also planning on releasing some Buck Rogers and Red Dwarf figures, so even more goodness to come. And I was aware of Killer B’s “Geezers Royale” range – I think they have a Steve Austin too.


    • Apologies Michael, but at least I posted a warning that it might end up costing you money if you read the post. They were too cool not to share though. Shame I don’t get commission, as I reckon both Nexus and Miniature Figurines probably received a spike in sales after my posts…


  5. This is the first time I`ve ever seen you do a review Jez, I now wish you`d do more of these actually, as you do them so well. You can`t begin too image how lucky I feel and just how much I shudder in dread at how CLOSE I came NOT to getting my Crooked Dice “Blakes 7” cast and protagonists. Seems with the promise of a B7 `remake` looming ever closer, Crooked Dice are all prepared to do a fast retreat (like the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 39) and have the retire of this range – axed if necessary. But I got lucky, yaaaay!!!! and I now have `not` Servalan and Travis, Federation troops and robots, and ALL Blake`s freedom fighters (including ORAC). I must say Crooked Dice really do deliver, and playing using their incredible renderings of well known icons of our TV past, is extremely conducive to `playing the game.`

    I wish Crooked Dice would do the “The Champions”.. the `not` version of course.

    Your posting really made me appreciate Crooked Dice and Nexus Miniatures (their catalogue is excellent) and really made me value my own collection that much more.

    Lovely post.


    • Thanks Tarot. I don’t really think of them as reviews, more like “look at the cool stuff I’ve found!” As the smaller companies don’t have as greater a profile as GW, Warlord, etc. I kind of think I’m doing both the company concerned and those who read my blog a service – you’re made aware of cool figures and the company gets some customers it might not have previously had.
      I’m glad you managed to get what you needed for your Blake’s 7 games – i’m still missing a few Doctors (from various places) so will be endeavouring to compete my collection before the supplies dry up completely.


      • {{{{ I don’t really think of them as reviews, more like “look at the cool stuff I’ve found!” }}}}

        you know what, you are right. Nice way of looking at it.

        mmmm yes lots of B7 coming up in 2017, that for sure. Good luck with your Doctor Who collection for use with your 7TV. I look forward to seeing these games come to light once you start your cool AARs.


  6. Beautiful eye candy, temptation, and desire to WANT… no… neeeeeed!!!! is making me feel like a honey bee attracted to a particularly juicy batch of delicious flowers.

    Nice post mate.


    • And this why i laughed – laughed, i tell you! – when you said your collection was ‘complete’. As long as you draw breath and your mind keeps on coming up with cool variations on our hobby, your collection can never be ‘complete’. But don’t worry, I shall be here to guide you, to make you aware of those things you didn’t know you needed until i showed them to you. If you wouldn’t mind signing this contract…it’s only a little blood, after all, not even a teaspoonful…as “I have such sights to show you…”
      Heh, heh, heh *rubs hands together gleefully*


      • offers out his hand and offers Carrion a nice red apple*

        Please Sir, show me… moooore.

        Hangs head** yes, yes, yes, alright yes, you win, you are right, I am wrong, oh help… noooo!! my collection isn’t complete is it *sniffs sobbingly into my new white hanky* oh woe is meeeeee.

        But no wait, means I get to keep collecting yummy new stuff. mmmmmmm.

        *brightens up considerably*

        ……. a teaspoon`s worth huh?


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