It’s About Time…

Knowing that I had a second evening to myself this week, I contemplated the many possibilities that such a ‘gift’ could be utilised for. Do I finish watching Jessica Jones on Netflix, as I’m woefully behind on my Marvel tv? Watch the last episode of the rather good Doctor Who spin-off – Class? Or possibly add some more pigment to some of my miniatures?

As the rest of the weekend was going to be a washout, hobby-wise, I thought the best use of my time would be to update my loyal readers on what I’m currently doing and what I have planned over the coming weeks.

So, having made a few purchases at Warfare at the end of November, I got around to basing them and giving them an undercoat and a touch of colour. Here are the first three in the painting queue;

So, starting from the left, we have a Heroclix Jackal from the Web of Spider-Man subset. As this is a particularly bestial version of the character and reminds me of the vampires from Penny Dreadful, he will become some form of undead predator – perhaps a ghoul or feral vampire.

Next up we have Mad Jim Jones from the Black Scorpion Pirates range, who is currently on his way to becoming Bastian Stone, a rogue, scoundrel and implacable foe on the undead, who will, once finished, be winging his way across to Ireland to feature in a Ravenloft campaign run by the estimable owners of The Game Cupboard blog.

On the far right, we have a Butler from Moonraker Miniatures’ Investigators range, who will become the first character for my Carry on Screaming! project, namely Sockett the butler, played by Bernard Bresslaw.

Now, I’ve always wanted a ‘headless horseman’ figure, and whilst several companies do them, Rapier Miniatures one is only £3.00, so I snaffled him up. Here he is:

Maybe not the most dynamic figure, but it’s a good solid and nicely detailed figure. And unlike some of the other offerings, he’s actually carrying his own head, as can be seen below:

Looks pretty pissed off, doesn’t he? And yes, the horse is currently blue…but won’t stay that way. Did I mention it’s only £3.00?

As regular readers will know, I like double use titles, and the second use of this title relates to the next batch of figures in my painting queue, namely some Timelords…

So, at either end we have the 3rd and 12th incarnation of the Doctor, from the sadly retired Crooked Dice range, with Heresy Miniatures Steve Buddle sculpt of the 11th Doctor in the centre, also out of production.

As far as I’m concerned, these are the definitive versions of these characters in 28mm, as they look like the actors concerned. And whilst they may not be ‘officially licenced’, at least they match the scale of the rest of my figures, unlike Warlord Games’ offerings.

And if you have Timelords, you need baddies, so here are those that have made it into the painting queue so far:

Could those be a couple of the original plastic Games Workshop Cybermen, released waaaaay back in 1987? I do believe they are! I have a handful more of these, which I’m planning on slightly converting, as the figures only came in the one pose and are all carrying the same…weapon? truncheon? something bought at Ann Summers? I will have to do a little bit of research on this, as I’m not entirely sure what it’s supposed to be.

The figure in the centre is a Heroclix Cardinal Raker from the Galactic Guardians subset. I removed his silly two-pronged sword and replaced it with a ‘chronostaff’ made from a length of paperclip and a small bead. He will end up as a renegade Timelord, in the vein of Omega, as his outfit does resemble the ornate ceremonial robes of the Timelords, but without the peripheral vision blocking big collars.

So, expect to see these progress over the coming weeks, accompanied by some more retro-sci-fi goodness, including both blobby and non-blobby aliens and hopefully some suitable terrain, which definitely won’t be a quarry…


25 thoughts on “It’s About Time…

    • So many projects…so little time. But it does allow me to focus, so i actually use the time wisely. And I think this is the most figures I’ve had on the go at one time, so we shall see how fast I progress. I’m feeling quite motivated by this lot at present, although there will be a lot of referring to pictures online to make sure I get the outfits right.


  1. One of your best postings yet, Jez. Absolutely packed full of eye candy and great innovations (as to what you plan on using the minis for). Lovely stuff and more reason why I was disappointed not to bump into you at Warfare.


    • Thanks Simon. Sometimes I see a figure and know exactly what i’m going to use it for, other times I buy it because it’s cool and cheap, THEN think of a use for it. The Cardinal Raker figure was converted prior to me deciding what to use him for – he was going to be an oriental mage at one point, then a lich king, but he ended up as a renegade Timelord, which is cooler. And as you’ve probably gathered from the pictures, he’s pretty big, so will make an imposing baddie.


  2. As Simon rightly said, there’s lots of lovely eye candy here, Jez. I like the look of all of the figures you’ve shown and I’m looking forward to seeing them fully painted.


  3. OOooh I didn’t know I/we missed Simon at Warfare, that’s too sad. I didn’t even know he went 😦

    Jez, this post is just what I needed to wake up to. It contains it all. First you mention Penny Dreadful, which is, I believe, one of the most underrated yet best tv shows to have hit the screen in a long time. Anyone into Gothic (especially Jack the Ripper Victorian Gothic) is in for a treat with this show, believe me there. Combines supers (i.e. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) with extreme horror: and the show brings to life most of the literary greats of the time, from Dorian Grey, Allan Quartermain, Frankenstein and his monster(s), The Wolfman, Countess Elizabeth Báthory, Dracula…. all the way to Witches, Vampire Spawn, Succubi, Lucy Westenra and Mina Murray. The show is an HBO masterpiece.

    You then go on to showcase the Heroclix Jackal, and wow I like the way you are converting him. Your Bernard Bresslaw is inspired, and I picked up my eyes and ears when I read about him. He`s perfect, and if there is a single figure of yours I would most covert, it’s your lovely 28mm butler. I really want to see this one finished mmmm. Sockett is so funny, and Carry on Screaming is my third favourite Carry On film (behind Carry on up the Khyber and Carry on Jack).

    Your headless horseman is wonderful, and again I love your execution of the piece, I especially like the expression on the torso`s head tucked neatly under its arm hehe.

    I instantly fell in love with your Jon Pertwee Doctor Who (isn’t the middle one the actor who plays Tristan in All Creatures Great and Small – Peter Davison?). As for the Cybermen, that`s it!!! I`m getting into Doctor Who after Christmas. Will go nicely with my Blakes 7, Terry Nation did make both after all, so the two should crossover nicely.

    I`m SURE I have seen Cardinal Riker in the collection of clix here. I may be wrong, but I shall have a root around the pile and see if I have him. He`s probably Stevie`s but if so I`ll just flutter my lashes and say pleeeeaaase – as I don’t believe it’s being used at all by anyone lol. I have a inkling of a use for him in my dream like game machinations hmmmm.

    Inspiring post Jez.


    • Thank you, Tarot. Penny Dreadful is amazing. I managed to see almost all of the first season, but only the first episode of the second (issues with Sky). However, one of my birthday presents this year was the complete first season, so i’m looking forward to watching it in its entirety. It’s at times shocking, sensual and definitively Gothic. The final scene of the first season’s last episode had me saying out loud “That is so frickin’ cool!” Anyone who leaves the genre NEEDS to watch it.
      On the opposite end of the scale ‘Carry on Screaming’ is my favourite Carry On movie, which although a comedy, does have a pretty decent plot that could easily be adapted for Call of Cthulhu, for example.
      My Butler is rather nice and, at only £1.25, a bargain. That range from Moonraker has some other nice figures, which i think must be inspired by/from Cluedo. The Detective would fit in exceptionally well in your Gotham.
      As for the ‘Doctors’ the one in the centre is actually Matt Smith’s version of the Doctor. The Crooked Dice Pertwee is THE definitive 3rd Doctor sculpt, but sadly no longer avaliable. However, Black Tree Design do three versions of him, and had i not been able to get hold of this one, i would have got one of there’s (but not the one that looks like someone’s nan).


  4. If that’s your avatar for the Strahd game, wow, he`s gonna look amazing when finished.

    Really nice post, and totally full of insight and inspiration. Its certainly got my gaming batteries all charged up and ready to go.


    • Hopefully i can do him justice – he ‘s ridiculously well-detailed.
      And motivation is a very important part of our hobby – if you’re not inspired by whatever you’re working on, it can be easy to just not do anything. That’s why i tend to have a variety of different figures on the go at the same time. If i’m not inspired to paint one of them, there’s always something else waiting. And if my posts inspire others, then everyone wins.


  5. What a tonic to the senses. Your posts are going from strength to strength lately, each one successively more enticing than the last.
    There`s nothing not to love about this, and it was a pleasure to wake up to and read. Like picking up a new issue of a favourite hobby magazine and immediately spotting an article in it that really works for you.

    Very nice indeed.


    • Welcome back, Hils, your comments have been missed. I blame the plague-bearing Tarot and her filthy foreign germs. *ahem*
      Thank you for your comments – I do try to vary the content, partly to give variety and partly because my mind flits from idea to idea quite quickly – stops me from becoming bored, which is a bonus.


      • Thanks hun, yes her evil germs laid us all low for quite some time, but I became a Zombivore or something and survived and am now as mending fast, Raaaar!!!!

        We will whip her later when we have the strength to wield salted the cat,, and feed her bread and water for a while in penance.


  6. Really interesting stuff on show there Jez, I’ve got a few of those Cuybermen and Daleks still on the sprue up in the loft somewhere I believe they are worth a bit now (or were till warlords DW stuff came out, and true 25mm too.

    Carry on screaming is my all time favourite carry on film, looking forward to seeing your “Oddbod” and “Junior” proxies.

    The headless horseman is nice too could make an appearance in a Scooby doo game as well I guess.

    Cheers Roger.


    • {{I’ve got….. Daleks still on the sprue up in the loft somewhere }}

      *gasps* a sprue of Daleks *thrusts a hand into her mouth to stifle a scream of excitement* You must be a God or something. I`d slay just to get a glimpse of a sprue of Daleks hehehe.


      • Unfortunately, whilst i had the whole boxed set at one point, only one partial sprue and a handful of Cybermen remain. So I can field half a dozen identical Cybermen and a single Engineer Dalek…

        As for the rest of the cast of ‘Carry on Screaming’ i’ve found suitable models for the main cast, but the Oddbods and Rubatiti are proving a little more difficult to locate.


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