You Look Like You Need a Doctor…

This week, I’ve been mostly drawing snowmen…

Due to agreeing to help with the ‘best decorated Christmas area’ competition at work this week, I found my ‘spare’ time being consumed by drawing cartoon snowmen to populate a frieze (or should that be ‘freeze’) for the wall. This, of course, meant that whilst I was being arty and creative, it wasn’t hobby-focused, so no further progress has been made on the figures I showed you last week.

But that doesn’t mean I have nothing to show you, as I’ve been venturing once more into the wilds of the Internet and have discovered a few choice items, all related to my current focus – Doctor Who.

Now, we all know that Warlord Games have managed to secure the official licence to make Doctor Who figures and that certain manufacturers have received ‘Cease & Desist’ letters regarding miniatures they produce that were inspired by or resemble characters or creatures from the series. We also know that the Warlord Games Who figures are not 28mm, which means that they won’t fit in with majority of the figures I own.

However, all is not lost for the 28mm Who gamer, as I will now show you.

Okay, first up is obviously Black Tree Design, who produce the original Harlequin range of Doctor Who figures, which run from William Hartnell’s incarnation right up to Paul McGann’s – so 1st through 8th Doctor. Their licence to produce these figures appears to still be in place and they have a wide selection of characters and monsters, including the Peter Cushing movie Doctor and companions. The sculpting varies in accuracy and quality, with some being less convincing than others. However, they do provide at least one additional version of each Doctor from the 1st to the 7th, with the exception of Colin Baker’s incarnation, which only gets the one. The other bonus with Black Tree is that they run weekly sales, in which at least one or two of each Doctor’s sub-ranges has a discount, so if you’re after characters from a specific era of Classic Who, it might be worth waiting until that particular range is on offer.

In the previous post, Back to the Future, I featured the Retro Sci-Fi range from Miniature Figurines, which has a rather nice version of Peter Cushing’s movie Doctor and the spin-off character Abslom Daak, so follow the link for fuller details on that.

And waaaay back in December of last year, during the Ghostbusters Project, I flagged up this miniature from Ironclad Miniatures:

This is Dr How, from their 28m Victorian Sci-fi range, retailing at £3.00.  Whilst to me he looks more like Parker from ‘Thunderbirds’ than the 1st Doctor, it does give you another option.

Of course, everything I’ve shown you so far is from the ‘Classic’ era of who, so if you want characters and creatures from Nu-Who, where do you go?

The 2005 9th Doctor two-parter Aliens of London/World War Three introduced the Slitheen to the Whoniverse – large, bug-eyed, clawed hunting aliens, who could disguise themselves as humans by compressing themselves into ‘skin-suits’. A creation of then-showrunner Russell T Davies, they were used and re-used in both the first series of Nu-Who and also in Sarah Jane Adventures, although these were yellow ones called Blathereen. Not one of my favourite Nu-Who inventions, but the 28mm Who gamer might want some, so should pay a visit to C P Models, who have five variations of their big-eyed alien at £1.65 each, or £6.00 for four.

They even do a ‘youngling’ at £1.00.

In series three, a Paul Cornell 7th Doctor novel called Human Nature, was adapted for the 10th Doctor, in which the Doctor was hiding out at an Edwardian boys boarding school, having placed the majority of his memories and Timelord-ness into a pocket watch via a device called a ‘chameleon arch’, making him, for all intents and purposes, human. The reason for this was that he was being tracked by The Family of Blood, a group of aliens who wanted to steal his Timelord essence for themselves. These aliens possessed various local humans in an effort to locate the Doctor and animated scarecrows to act as minions.

If you want to replicate this 2007 two-parter, which featured a battle between armed Edwardian schoolboys and the aforementioned scarecrows AND have the entire supporting cast, pop along to Gripping Beast, who under the Woodbine Design Company Specials range, have four sets of figures, each containing 4 figures, at £6.00 each.

TWDCSP07 Squire and family (4)

TWDCSP08 Schoolmaster set (4)

They even do the scarecrows…

TWDCSP10 Scary Scarecrows (4)

Plus if you need some armed or unarmed Morris Men for the 1971 Jon Pertwee serial The Daemons (or for any other reason, for that matter), they do them too.

Finally, we move on the 11th incarnation of the Doctor and some of his foes. During the 2011 two-parter The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People, we were introduced to the “Gangers” – doppelgänger made from ‘programmable matter’ controlled by their progenitor and used for hazardous work. Of course, something went wrong and they became independent and attempted to kill and replace their ‘originals’.  As they became more fanatical, their matter deformed, turning them into monsters.

To populate your tabletop with some Gangers, we need to turn to Attica Games, who within their ‘Shiver’ range, have the Plastic Population;

Attica Games: - The Plastic Population - jpeg image

£3.50 each or £6.00 for a pack of two, although some of the bigger figures are a little more expensive.

Matt Smith’s Doctor also had to contend with the Silence during 2011, who first appeared in the Series 6 opener The Impossible Astronaut. Whilst Warlord Games do a pack of three Silence for £11.99, they are not the most dynamic of poses, not really conveying the creepiness of this race. However, Attica Games also have the ESPchers:

Attica Games: - The ESPchers - jpeg image

£4.00 each, £10.00 for a pack of three or £17.00 for all six. So a similar price to the Warlord Games ones, but certainly more creepy.

As far as I am aware, all of these figures have so far managed to stay off the BBC’s radar, but that may not last, so if you want them I’d order sooner rather than later.

Hopefully my next post will show some progress on the figures I featured last week, but as Christmas is creeping ever closer, I’m not entirely sure when that will be.

So Merry Christmas to All, and to All A Good Night!


22 thoughts on “You Look Like You Need a Doctor…

  1. What an excellent post, Jez. Very informative. I have the Gripping Beast figures, which I bought for a non-Doctor Who project. Of the others you’ve showed there are none I’m particularly after, but I appreciate being made aware of them. I actually love the new Warlord Games range of Doctor Who and I’ll be sticking with them from now on. I’m actually painting up the 10th and 12th Doctors and their companions right now and I hope to have them finished before Christmas.


    • Thanks Bryan. I think Warlord’s livence and the removal of unofficial figures has split the fans, similar to the split between those who like the new series and those that don’t.
      I may buy some of the alien figures from Warlord, but i’m currently unimpressed with the Doctor and companion sculpts.


  2. Interesting post Jez, not really my cup of tea (as you are well aware of my opinion of “Nu Who”. But very informative for the people who do like it.

    Cheers Roger.

    P.S. got your card today, many thanks for the kind words, if I don’t speak to you again before Xmas all the best to you and your family.


    • Thanks Roger. Whilst I know you’re not keen on Nu=Who, Gripping Beast have poachers and armed schoolboys that would be useful for VBCW and Attica has some WWII Nazi villains, including a rather nice not=Red Skull. I cater for all tastes at my Buffet…


  3. Jez, I’m not collecting Dr Who as such but what a great selection of miniatures with the scarecrows as my clear favourite and now on the wish List! Another brilliant post.

    Like Roger I received your card, thank you for the kind words very thoughtful. Missus Gobbo and I don’t send Xmas cards, instead donating some time and money to a local charitable cause that’s close to Mrs G’s heart. So I’ll thank you here and wish you a merry Christmas and a hobby filled new year!



    • Thanks Andy. If you don”t send Christmas Cards, how will I get your autograph, now you’re a YouTube star? Whilst this post is aimed at the Who gamer, the figures do have multiple uses and those scarecrows are rather good, aren’t they?


  4. Really informative post Jez, and interesting to me as I have only recently starting to branch out from main stream purchases and look more and more to the small companies, for that (sometimes) more personal appeal. This post names many things I will most surely look into. The links are very useful.

    But I have to ask a question now and risk looking very stupid and silly. What is Nu=Who, please?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Tarot. Some people consider the original Doctor Who series and the rebirth of it in 2005 to be separate entities, with the more recent tales being considered ‘Nu-Who’. However, it has been made clear that this is just a continuation of the series, so shouldn’t be taken as separate. However, some fans have not warmed to the new series – it’s similar to the schism you get in Star Trek between the Original Series and Next Generation. Hope that helps.


  5. A very well informed and interesting post Jez mate. I enjoyed reading it. You know a post is good when you book mark it and save it to favourites with the prime intention of reading it all over again in a few days time.

    You know, a little trick I use for miniatures… which works very well if you have purchased a new figure (or small group of figures) which… when you get them home… you realise are s-l-i-g-h-t-l-y too small to go seamlessly with the rest of the collection. Just use a bit of Polymer clay; its easy to use, blends together nicely (to make vibrant and interesting colours and shapes) fast drying (25 minutes in the oven) and looks highly cool. If you have a model who feels a bit too small… just build up the base (a wall, some rubble, have the piece standing on a rock, etc) and plop/glue the main character on top: this gives him the much needed extra height, and makes the finished thing look fantastic anyway.


    • Thanks Steve. I like finding cool stuff and sharing it, especially if it’s things people may not have seen before.
      And whilst I understand and appreciate your advice, let me put it into context for you. Imagine that you’d been told that not only were they were not making Heroclix supers anymore and virtually overnight nobody was selling them, but also the only available option was Knight Models superheroes figures – which had a limited range of characters, are more expensive and, most importantly, didn’t match the scale of your existing collection. That’s how I feel about the way Warlord Games and the BBC have handled the Doctor Who licence. Whilst I may purchase some of their figures (but only the aliens) I will ensure I don’t pay full price or buy direct from Warlord Games. Obviously, this will make no difference to them, but at least I will feel morally clean. Rant over…


      • I totally and utterly `get you` and understand implicitly. I ADORE Warlord Games (for many reasons… best left for another place to write about) but in this issue you mention, I stand firmly behind you in support of your words.


  6. I enjoyed this a lot. I`m sitting in bed (its freezing here today and I`m enjoying reading in bed and sipping coffee) and browsing and this thread really caught my attention. Best of all, its told me things I didn’t know before, and given me new links and urls to check out.


    • Thanks Hil. The Internet is a vast and sprawling place, and I love discovering small corners that I’ve not ventured into before. I seem to have a a talent for discovering the smaller companies that make cool stuff and then showing them to others.


  7. THANK YOU for the amazingly interesting Christmas cards Jez. Was so lovely to read the cool stories contained in each. Very unusual *chuckles* and very much appreciated mate.

    *Christmas hugs* from all here.


  8. Jez, another of your infuriatingly tempting posts, with the “Gripping Beast” models proving especially good – I own the Blathereen and found them somewhat small tbh! However, now “Warlord Games” are finally starting to publicise some of their future releases (Tetraps in the new year) I’m hoping they’ll be doing a Family of Blood range at some point; another corking “Nu-Who” two-parter which Roger continues to deprive himself of 😉

    I had never heard of “Attica Games” though and I simply must congratulate you on easily the most disturbing range of minis I’ve seen in a long-time. They are damnably weird!!

    Many thanks indeed for the card, and the very kind words inside. Like Andy, I don’t do cards tbh, but I do have something for you. However, I’m just doing a clear out of some minis, and adding to your little parcel with the odd find. I’ll push it in the post at the start of the New Year 🙂


    • Thanks Simon. To be honest, the majority of this post was aimed squarely at you, as I know that you enjoy Doctor Who in all its incarnations, much like me.
      As my current focus is retro-sci-fi and Who in particular, I’ve been scouring the Internet for suitable models (licenced, unlicenced and ‘looks right’), and keep turning up interesting models in out of the way places.
      However, whilst i will be painting the models i do own, along with some others i’m hoping to order after Christmas, there will be some ‘cheap’ builds, including a couple of genius ideas for both a classic era monster and a nu-Who monster that i’ve come up with.
      AND some other wayfarers in the time-stream. Hmm, Sarissa now some 50’s style buildings – I wonder if i can find a suitable figure for Clara in her diner outfit…


        • Understandable, Bryan – she is by far the best companion the Doctor has ever had. Would be interesting to see her as a companion for the Fourth Doctor, as i think they would compliment each other quite well.
          And when i find alternatives for Who characters, i will post them on here – including Clara.


  9. Hi Jez

    I’ve had loads of problems trying to comment on your recent posts, I’m not sure whether you are receiving them or not.

    So if not I want to thank you for my card and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a hobby filled New Year.

    Kind regards Andy

    Sent from my iPad



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