March of the Daleks

I had such good intentions this week… I was going to finish off my Ogri that I’d made a start on in Mobile Stone AND my Gel Guards that I’d almost completed in Blobby Aliens.

However, I am mere weak flesh and the siren call of the Daleks was too strong…

This was compounded by the arrival on Wednesday of a small package from Roger Webb, the generous chap who not only provides a great deal of eye candy on his blog Rantings from Under the Wargames Table, but is also the proprietor of Wargames Supply Dump – go there, browse his ranges and don’t be surprised when you’ve found you’ve placed an order…

Anyway, back to the package. This contained 6 of the ‘new paradigm’ Daleks, which have become known as ‘iDaleks’, along with some other new series aliens that were also given away as a free gift on the front of the British Doctor Who Adventures magazine. To be frank, the other figures were wildly out of scale with 28mm or just not very good, with the possible exception of the Weeping Angels and the Silence. We shall see what I can do with them at a later date.

Actually, whilst we are on the subject of the generosity of fellow bloggers, I want want to publicly thank Keith aka The Angry Piper, who is the proprietor of Dead Dick’s Tavern and Temporary Lodging. He recently contacted me because he’d remembered a discussion from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in May of 2015, that my preferred Heorclix version of the Thing was the one that was wielding a hot dog cart from the Fast Forces set, but that I’d not been able to get hold of one.  He’d recently ended up with a double and very kindly sent it winging it’s way over the Atlantic to my door. A very generous gesture and one that is much appreciated.

Go visit his blog, as he’s currently trialing Scott Pyle’s new ruleset Super Mission Force, by utilising an old scenario from TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes to pit the X-Men against various foes, including French-Canadian trappers! Well worth a read.

And for those of you unfamiliar with the Thing figure concerned, in a crossover you probably never thought you’d ever see, here’s why a single Dalek is no match for the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing…

Right, back to the ‘March of the Daleks’. Now, as those who have seen the new series episode Victory of the Daleks, which introduced the new paradigm Daleks, will know, they are a bit bigger than the ‘Time War’ Daleks, as the picture below illustrates;

Image result for idalek

So, how do the plastic Doctor Who Adventures ‘iDaleks’ compare with a ‘normal’ 28mm Dalek, which we know are roughly the same size as ‘Time War’ Daleks? Well, unfortunately, they are widely out of scale, as can be seen below; 

I am, of course, joking. The one on the right is the motorised toy Dalek I recently rediscovered whilst rummaging through my cupboards, who I was asked to put away because someone doesn’t find it trundling about on tabletops screaming “Exterminate!” quite as funny as I do. Regretfully, I was unable to locate this person’s sense of humour during my searches – I fear it may be lost for good.

THIS is actually the comparison shot:

As you can see, they are pretty much in scale with ‘normal’ Daleks, so if you’re a fan of the new paradigm Daleks, they are worth getting.

They are made from hard plastic and assembled from four individual parts; the left and right sides, a ‘cap’ in the centre of the dome and a small rectangular panel at the front of the skirt. The detail is quite good, although there are noticeable mold lines, but due to the material these can be cleaned up with a needle file.

Now, the front panel can prove to be a bit of an issue, as depending on the care in which the Dalek was assembled and whether the two notches that the tabs from this panel go into are cast correctly, you might find that the panel is at an angle, like a small door opening “into the Dalek”. This can be rectified by carefully prising the panel out and re-seating it. This may involves widening the notches or filing off the tabs completely, but it is worth spending some time on, otherwise they look ‘broken’.

As ‘iDaleks’ also have a larger ‘skirt print’ than normal Daleks, you’ll also need bigger bases. I based mine on some spare Heroscape bases, as you can see below;

Now, I have to apologise to Roger at this point, as I believed there were six different types of new paradigm Daleks, and this is what I told him when he offered to send me some across. There are actually only five different types; the white Supreme Dalek, the yellow Eternal Dalek, the orange Science Dalek, the blue Strategist Dalek and the red Drone Dalek. So, the darker orange Dalek above will become a further Drone Dalek when I start painting them.

However, if you want to see what can be made of these cheap plastic toys, I suggest you visit Germy’s website, specifically this page, as he has painted 120 of these little buggers up in the colours of the renegade faction of normal Daleks and Time War Daleks, as well as the most recent red and gold version of the Supreme Dalek.

I’ve obviously not got as many Daleks as him, but I do have some more to show you, namely my normal Daleks;

Whilst the Dalek Patrol set from Black Tree Design does come with six normal Daleks, I decided to only assemble and base five of them. I’m undecided whether I’m going to use the final Dalek to make a mold, so I can have a ‘Glass’ Dalek, like the one in Revelation of the Daleks or whether to add the top half of a DC Heroclix Psion to the skirt, to make my own version of Davros, seeing as he’s not currently available. We shall see.

However, I also discovered that I had enough parts from the remaining plastic Games Workshop ‘Daleks and Cybermen’ boxed set from 1987 to make a single ‘engineer’ Dalek, so built and based him too, along with the Special Weapons Dalek. And here are all the current variations that I have, showing how they all compare:

Whilst there is a slight variation in size between the plastic GW Dalek and the Black Tree metal Dalek, as they are different types of Dalek, I’m not overly concerned. Obviously the ‘iDalek’ is bigger, but they are supposed to be, so this is also not an issue.

So, currently, I have 13 Daleks ready to trundle out and exterminate their enemies;

Where’s Absolm Daak, when you need him?

Now comes the hard part – I need to decide which of the many colour schemes to use on my ‘classic’ Daleks.

That’s all for this week. Next week – even more Doctor Who, but ‘Who’ or what I’ve yet to decide.

Comments appreciated and welcome, although WordPress has been refusing to allow certain people to comment, so feel free to comment on The Miniatures Page instead.

18 thoughts on “March of the Daleks

    • Thanks Simon. Given the amount of Daleks I have now, I do now have need of his particular services. As he’s now ‘canon’ having been mentioned in the Twelfth Doctor episode “Time Heist”, it would be really cool to see him turn up in the flesh. I’ll drop you an email shortly.


    • Thanks Andy. Due to Roger’s generosity, I do have rather a lot now. It’s just deciding what colour to paint the ‘classic’ Daleks, although I am tempted to paint one up in the same colours as a Police car – Constable Dalek “You have the right to remain silent…forever! Exterminate!!”


  1. Dalek’s!!! are freaking awesome! Glad you are pleased with your new acquisitions Jez, just by basing the iDaleks you have gotten further than I ever have with mine. are you going to use Germy’s technique for painting the “sensor bumps”. I’ve got a few unmade up sprues of the GW Dalek/Cyberman figs, I believe they are worth a bit now, my retirement fund perhaps?

    Cheers Roger.


    • You are a true gent, Roger. It took a lot of filing to get the bases flat enough to bases them, as they are slightly convex. As for painting the bumps, if his is the ‘tube’ technique, then yes. Not quite as many to do as he did, but enough that trying to paint them by hand would probably do my head in.
      Last time I looked on eBay, a single full sprue was going for about £8.00, so they are worth a bit more than you paid for them…30 years ago?!! I’d noted the date when they first came out, but not how long ago it was – that makes me feel very old.


  2. wow, haven’t heard from Germy in a long time. Its lovely to see he`s still going strong in the hobby. He made the excellent 10mm resin dungeon we did the rules for over at Pendraken.

    I love this version of the Clix Thing, easily the best version to date I think.

    As for the Daleks, you make me want some more and more each time see them.


    • I’m not sure when he last updated his site, but it’s certainly ‘bookmarked’ for me – so many brilliant ideas.
      And I know that others prefer the Thing from the ‘Clobberin’ Time’ set, but this one is THE definitive Thing in my opinion.
      And it’s all part of “The Dalek’s Master Plan” – soon, EVERY gamer will be pushing miniature Daleks around their tables…


  3. Wonderful Jez, my additional recruits arrived the other day, but I now find myself adding all manner of new characters to my ‘must have’ list as I watch another episode or two – who doesn’t want a Wirrn in their collection? As for colour scheme surely it has to be grey!


    • Thanks Michael. I know exactly what you mean – I want some robots of death, Mr Sinn and Weng-Chiang, plus the Mary Tamm version of Romana. I also want a Sarah Jane Smith and a Leela, but am not overly keen on the Black Tree ones.
      Plus I still need an 8th, 9th, 10th and War Doctor.
      I think this condition is known as the Columbo Effect – “Just one more thing…” 😉


    • Thanks Steve. Who doesn’t love a bit of Dalek?
      And WordPress does occasionally have blips when it refuses to let people post comments. Having previously used Blogger, I prefer the WP interface, as I find more intuitive. Plus the WP ‘reader’ option allows me to read all the posts from blogs I follow on my ‘phone, which is quite convenient.


  4. sounds like a good reason to use it. Blogger is ok but I`ve never been keen on the way you write an article and that vanishes from sight the moment you write a new one, `cos lets face it, how many people ever really go back and read all that hard work from – five years ago? two years… a year, six months ago, even two articles back? not many if any at all I suspect, which is sad really isn’t it.

    Still working on the solution to that one lol, and when I have the answer I might start blogging again ^^


    • Obviously I use the free ‘vanilla’ version of WordPress, but it does offer a lot of options that Blogger doesn’t – I can embed documents and videos if I choose, which Blogger didn’t allow me to do. A good example of what you can do with WordPress is the Crooked Dice site, which is ‘powered by WordPress’.


  5. oh cool I didn’t know that about Crooked Dice, That`s a marvellous site isn’t it. WordPress works for you, which is the main thing Jez, and like I say, Blogger isn’t perfect either. I do actually have a pro paid for website (which is actually crammed full of old and new material: I simply haven’t chosen to open it yet, if I ever do now… not sure really). Websites gives you the best of all worlds, but sadly, they do tend to lack a lot of the blogger interaction, comments and forum chat etc, using that route.


  6. Just saw this, Jez…sorry for the delay. Thanks for the blog plug! As far as the Thing goes,you are quite welcome.

    Glad to see Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew arrived on foreign shores safe and sound. Now he just needs to set his watch…

    What time is it over there in England? (Come on…you know you want to say it…)


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