Primal Law

Regular visitors to this blog will know that whilst the majority of the content posted here is relatively sensible, there are times when my brain experiences a spasm and we get something a little bit mad. Today is one of those days…

So, if you’ve turned up here expecting more Doctor Who figures, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait. However, if the above has intrigued you, then read on…

One of my favourite blogs to visit, until it sadly closed it’s doors, was “The Games Cupboard”, the majority of the content for which was provided by Steve and Hilary Gilbert, ably abetted by Tarot Hunt. I always looked forward to reading what they had posted, as their love of the hobby was evident and they chose to discuss all aspects of it, rather than just providing an endless parade of figures that had been painted in the preceding week.

I became very good friends with all three of them and have remained in contact ever since. Whilst they may not have been making regular postings on a blog, this does not mean that they have been idle, as they actually been painting and building and, most importantly, playing with their miniatures.

So, the current focus of their attention is a long-planned Judge Dredd/Cursed Earth campaign, which, from the sounds of it, will be absolutely epic. Rather than going the route of buying every single available ‘official’ figure, they are utilising their existing figure collection and converting, scratch-building and generally being awesomely creative to ensure that their vision of the world of Dredd matches what they think it should be, rather than being a cookie-cutter, straight-out-the-box version, like everyone else’s.

The good news is that you won’t have to hear about this second hand from me, as Steve has very kindly agreed to write some articles regarding this project, which I will be hosting here on the Buffet – so watch this space.

The bad news, however, is that the discussions about this project inspired me to create some characters for their campaign and I went a bit…off road.

So, first order of the day was to decide what characters I wanted to create and the obvious choice is Judges. In order to do this, I required some suitable ‘bodies’ and felt that the original ‘womble’ Space Marines from Games Workshop would be ideal. They have big boots, elbow pads and massive shoulder pads and the particular figures I chose were all armed with bolt pistols, which make suitable proxy lawgivers.

So, I removed the backpacks and all their heads and tidied up the torsos a bit, as there was a fair bit of glue residue, due to these being originally put together in the early 90’s.

Looking at them, I decided that whilst they were pretty close, they weren’t exactly right, which led me down the thought path of ‘alternate reality’ versions of the Judges. If these were Judges from another dimension, this would explain why their uniforms were slightly different…so why not make them really different? Which led to the next component parts, namely these:

This is a selection of small plastic dinosaurs, the kind that come in a ‘toob’ and are roughly 30mm tall.

That’s right – I’m making….DINO-JUDGES!!!!

So, having selected the relevant heads and tails, these were removed from the torsos, trimmed and dry-fitted into the neck collars and rears of the Marine bodies.

Once I was happy that the fit was correct, out came the superglue and I discovered that the rubbery plastic used to manufacture these dinosaurs doesn’t like superglue. Having had this issue with plastics before, I went straight to the understairs cupboard and fished out the ‘No More Nails’. This stuff will stick anything to anything, and this indeed proved the case in respect of the dinosaur parts and the Space Marine bodies, as shown below:

Once these had dried, it was just a case of painting them up in the appropriate colours, although I did decide to go with dark blue rather than black for the jumpsuits and gold for the shoulder pads and the buckles for their harnesses.

Now, these may not be the correct colours for ‘official’ 2000AD Judges, but these are DINO=Judges, so they can be whatever colour I like.

I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with how they came out, although my initial assembling of the marine bodies shows that I didn’t consider how I’d paint them, as some of the nooks and crannies were a pain to get too. But now I have completed four Dino-Judges, ready to be dispatched across the Irish Sea to join in Steve, Hils and Tarot’s campaign – which hopefully means this won’t be the last time we see them.

Yes, I know it’s a little bit bonkers, but they’re anthropomorphic future dinosaur policeman – and that’s feckin’ cool!

“You have the right to become extinct! I am the ROAR!!!!

Next week should see a return to ‘regularly scheduled’ programming, but I’m not promising anything…


53 thoughts on “Primal Law

  1. Congratulations Jez on truly giving me a “WTF” moment whilst reading your blog. Those dino-judges are inspired and absolutely awe-inspiring!! Its great to hear that Steve, Hilary Gilbert, and Tarot are doing well too, and its clear that they’ve got you thinking 🙂 Obviously though I’ll be taking your comment that my blog just provides “an endless parade of figures that had been painted in the preceding week” and won’t be posting anymore… 😉


    • Thank you Simon. I always like to provide something a bit different and sometimes it goes a little bit…weird. But they are quite fun, aren’t they?
      And that wasn’t a dig – some bloggers are ‘modellers’ rather than ‘gamers’, so collect and paint rather than actually play with their figures. There’s nothing wrong with this, but surely the point of buying them is to play games with them? I’m just as guilty of this as others, but hope to change this in future. 😉


      • They’re more than quite fun, Jez, they are awesome and “The Jeremy Effect” has certainly given me food for thought for a 10mm project I was only recently thinking of reviving…

        I also think you hit just why Steve, Hils and Tarots blog was so very interesting, as they did truly focus upon the joys of gaming as opposed to the rigours of painting etc (something which I actually find the least enjoyable element of the hobby – but seems to take up the vast majority of my hobby time). I really enjoy collecting, converting and gaming, yet the ‘putting pigment on the minis’ part (especially scenery) is what takes the time.

        I’d certainly enjoy reading about the thoughts/exploits of the three musketgamers on this blog 🙂


        • Thank you, Simon. Now what should I do with this ‘toob’ of farm animals? Lol.
          I think we all fall into the trap of feeling we need to paint all our figures before we play with them, which then prevents the games actually being played. You seem to have avoided this problem by playing the games but using whatever figures you have to hand. How many games of Zombicide have you played that actually used the Zombicide figures? Or Lost Patrol? Or Age of Sigmar? That’s part of the beauty of this hobby – you can use whatever rules you want with whatever figures you want. As long as you’re having fun, does it really matter that the leader of your Space Marines is a Buzz Lightyear Happy Meal toy? Of course not.


          • {{I think we all fall into the trap of feeling we need to paint all our figures before we play with them, which then prevents the games actually being played.}}

            {{{As long as you’re having fun, does it really matter that the leader of your Space Marines is a Buzz Lightyear Happy Meal toy? Of course not.}}}

            Well said Jez.


        • Hi Simon, its good to hear from you bud.

          Oh tell me about it, painting can be a grind cant it, lol 😦 What tends to keep me going and motivated is usually the fact I have club deadlines each week, and the lads rely on me/us to have stuff finished and ready for the next narrative rpg `session` or table top wargame.

          I know I sometimes speak severely about the hobby, but believe me, its only because I`m desperately passionate about the whole subject, and think about it lots. “The Jeremy Effect” was due to an intrinsic belief that anything within the hobby should not be restrictive due to cost and the need to buy `official` all the time,, combined with Jez`s ever good advice on DIY collecting, creating stuff, and of course, the culmination itself….. gaming!!! End of the day, I just love to play, and I love to play good games I feel I have put a lot of myself into. The more I do for myself I that can fit into a game, the happier I feel at that cool sense of achievement. Just like you with your amazing star trek ships.


  2. Bonkers Brillant! It is this playful and unabashed creativity that makes the Buffet one of my favourite places to visit. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when you had that Eureka moment that that led to “You have the right to become extinct! I am the ROAR!!!!” , truly inspired! 🙂


    • Thank you very much, Michael. I’m glad my little excursions “off the beaten track” entertain and amuse.
      Tarot and Steve were the twin muses on this particular diversion, so they are the ones to be thanked/blamed for this.


    • Thanks Andy. Knowing your love of 2000AD characters, I had a feeling you might like them. I’m quite chuffed with how they came out, but think the two lizard-y looking ones, rather than the T-Rex or crested dinosaur, are my favourites. More dynamic.


  3. O



    I absolutely love these. THIS is what the hobby is all about at its best. Creativity and imagination. I`m in love with these Dino dudes.


    • If Tarot hadn’t told me about the ape gangsters you’re making, I wouldn’t have got the idea. Luckily, I came across the dinosaurs first, rather than the farm animals, otherwise it could have been a whole lot different.
      And they will be on their way to you shortly – just need to finish something up for Tarot first, so will send everything together.


      • Oo that’s fantastic. I`m sure she will be absolutely delighted. We`re each concentrating on different aspects of `organically growing` our collection at the moment, with each of us taking an area we feel we can give our best attention to bringing to life. Hers is Gangs right now, mine is more creating the backstories/campaign, and converting Judges (Psi, Tech, Def, Riot,Street, etc) and either painting the results up myself or handing them on to the others to finish off. But mostly I`m concentrating on making, customising and converting vehicles. While Hils is working her magic on terrain.

        Your Dino Judges really are inspired me to strange places, and has caused my mind career off in all sorts of weird directions I`d never have thought of ordinarily lol.


        • This particular condition is known as “The Jeremy Effect”. Continued exposure to the source (i.e. me) slowly alters your perceptions, so you begin to look at things in new and unexpected ways. Whilst infectious, it is relatively harmless, although you probably will get a few strange looks.


      • >>>>>>I came across the dinosaurs first, rather than the farm animals, otherwise it could have been a whole lot different.<<<<<<

        you know, I find myself almost wishing you would go ahead and do those zoob tube farm animals as well. The results would intrigue me, especially with you behind the wheel of that idea.


  4. These are simply amazing Jez. You simply don’t need to spend tons of money to enjoy this hobby (I wish more of the kids/the youngsters nowadays realised this. Breaks my heart too walk into local game stores and see hundreds of pounds/euro get handed over the counter for so little. £30 for three warhammer 40k motorbikes. £50 for a box of six space wolf marine terminators, its criminal).

    You taught me long ago, to start making my own things. I have never looked back since. Ok I was already doing that, but not on a big scale. It was your prompting encouraged me to break the norm and dive almost exclusively into DIY gaming.

    Very enjoyable post.


    • Necessity is the mother of invention. A limited gaming budget forces you to be more creative and once you’ve got that ‘habit’, it becomes second nature to consider the DIY route first.
      Obviously, there are some things you can’t make, but the more you do it, the more you’ll find you CAN.
      Plus it’s very satisfying to plonk something down on the table, knowing that it’s unique and all your own work. 🙂


  5. So this is what you’re doing instead of He-month!! (just kidding). I have got absolutely nowhere with He-month myself, as our closing down has caused a bit of a mad rush for fig’s (shame it’s not like that when we’re not closing really). Anyway those are smashing figs (though shouldn’t the T-rex have just one eye?). The old plastic space marines were brilliant conversion fodder, and really just great figures in general, so much better (and cheaper) than the new stuff.

    Cheers Roger.


    • What can I say Roger? When inspiration strikes, you sometimes just have to go with it…even if it’s a bit weird.
      And if I remember correctly, you got enough sprues to make 30 marines for a tenner. That was definitely a bargain.


      • Mind you I don’t know why I’m talking to you after your comment above….”rather than just providing an endless parade of figures that had been painted in the preceding week”. 😉

        Upset your readership, not the best plan ever. 😉

        Cheers Roger.


        • And is that all you do Roger? Are you not the master of greenstuff, providing inspiring conversions along with full instructions on how you achieved them?
          Some people are a bit too sensitive – perhaps I should be sending out sachets of salt with the teabags, so you can add you own ‘pinch’. 😉


  6. Agreed, those marine conversions are just mastery. Makes me actually want to play with them in a game, complete with cool rpg backstory and.. oh you know – everything.


    • Well, as they were made for your campaign and will be posted to you one I’ve completed Tarot’s Haggis (don’t ask…), you can do with them whatever you choose. Might need to build a dimensional portal though…


  7. they`re for Ussssss? serious, get away.


    I didn’t realise. That’s incredible.

    DIBS me first go with them, I know exaaaacttttly what I`m using them for in my first few game sessions. Thank you Jez. remember, if you need any figs let me know what you need. Always the way though, Loki`s law, that I wont have the ones you need at the time. But surely, capricious laws of chance aside, I should have SOMETHING you need, and if I don’t, himself surely has, if I rummage about in his spare bits box long enough.


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  9. WOW, these are absolutely essential play pieces. Now just need to come up with a really good reason and backstory why the Justice Department would allow non human/aliens into their ranks hehe.. but the good thing is, ANYTHING is possible in fantasy. I like the Dino-Judges so much, I am already coming up with at least three scenarios on my head even as I sit here writing now. Foremost of these thoughts is “The Meg Ryan Innerspace Block” and their two shanties `Floatsome` and `Jetsam` cosmopolitan bartertown trading posts (sort of mini Shanghai despot regions). Here its all a little bit like a China Town junk wharf, with a little bit of everything, and where the law is a little, shall we say, absent.. suspect at best. “Hairy Mary” runs the illegal gambling dens, while “Ma Murphy” is the official face of bureaucracy within these shady environs. It is considered `good politics` to have Dino-Judges parade the streets rather than legit Block Citi-Def lording it over the.. erm.. general clientele within the area. There, I just made that all up, but it works fine 🙂

    I LOVE these Dino`s Jez.


    • And there was me thinking they were representatives of the Justice Department from an alternate reality, where evolution had taken a slightly different route. Shows what I know… lol
      Glad you like them – although you might have to fight the other two for ‘first dibs’. As soon as I’ve finished the other bits for you, I’ll package rhem up and send them over.


      • I think I can already see these are very much going to end up a shared commodity by us al hehe. No harm in that of course *whispers.. but everyone knows they`re really mine, mine, MINE tell you*

        Oh the alternative reality Justice Dep still very much applies as well, lol. Did I mention we`re also using lots of `Mayan/Cthulhu gates` for other dimensions, time and space.


        • Judge…Cthulhu? Oooh, I like that idea. Hang on, I’m sure I saw a ‘toob’ of sharks and octopi in Toys’R’Us… shark troopers? Judge Calamari? A squid head on the body of a sheep? Hmm…lol


          • {{Judge…Cthulhu? Oooh, I like that idea. Hang on, I’m sure I saw a ‘toob’ of sharks and octopi in Toys’R’Us… shark troopers? Judge Calamari? A squid head on the body of a sheep? Hmm…lol}}

            Ok, I`m sold on this. I LIKE this idea more and more. Toob toys are so so so cool aren`t they.


          • Toob toys have the advantage of being inexpensive, relatively well-detailed and pretty much in scale with 28mm. The only disadvantage i’ve found is that the plastic doesn’t like the majority of adhesives. Luckily , ‘no more nails’ and own-brand versions work and have the advantage of filling small gaps where the fit isn’t quite as snug as you’d hoped.


    • {{Now just need to come up with a really good reason and backstory why the Justice Department would allow non human/aliens into their ranks hehe}}

      {{And there was me thinking they were representatives of the Justice Department from an alternate reality, where evolution had taken a slightly different route. Shows what I know… lol}}

      Interesting you should say that Jez, I`m with you on this one… sorry tar`. For me, I sometimes like to take the pure essence of Dredd…. pretty faithfully too (just like I do with Gotham as well). But then put the whole thing into alternative “what if” realities. I guess you could call it story and style “crossovers” if you like, but I think its more a case of, if the peg doesn’t fit (i.e. you have miniatures that you want to add to your games, but they are not really meant for that genre) don’t try and force it; simply reinvent the hole to a slightly better, more usable shape :)))


      • Yes I can see what you mean Mr Stevie. Just look at the route we`re taking, combining converted Clix figs, WG Terminator game rebels and machines, FFG fantasy, Crooked Dice sci-fi, Heroscape and Bolt Action, and then adding in Chibi monsters (for Cursed Earth mutations) and I can truly see that alternative realities just might be a most sensible route to take lol.


        • Alternate realities and ‘gates’ of whatever type allow you the whole gamut of the Multiverse. My thoughts on the world the Dino-Judges hail from is that there was no ‘Extinction Event’ and the dominant species therefore became the Saurians. Obviously, the carnosaurs are the dominant breed, producing leaders and soldiers, with herbivores being relegated to scientific and academic roles. You then have the whole of recorded history to play with. Was Cortez a Carnosaur explorer subjugating and exterminating the amphibians of the Aztec Empire? Was the Red Baron a pterosaur? Was WW2 caused by the rise of the Tyrannosaurus Reich? So many possibilities only limited by your imagination. 😉


          • I like that idea. Remove a global widespread rapid decrease in the whole bio-diversity, and you effectively avoid an identifiable event; thus resulting in lepidosauromorpha (surians) as a dominant species geno taking place. The merits of this are bountiful and allows for an absolutely amazing `other alternity` and extrapolation of “what if” realities to take place.

            Dominant carnosaurs (good films those), leaders, soldiers. Herbivores relegated to scientific and academic roles. It`s all very Planet of the Apes, which I could certainly entertain, as I absolutely adore those stories. I remember reading them as a kid, when I would sneak into my brother`s room and steal his Ape comics. The subsequent Charlton Heston films merely enhanced my enjoyment even further.

            The Cortez tie in fits nicely with the whole Aztec theme, especially the destruction of the culture – and in fact could be made to fit into the Mayan thing as well, especially if we go all sci-fi and unite the thing with Alien Vs Predator and throw Wayland Corporation into the mix.

            The Red Baron theory threw me a loop, but thinking about it I can see the lofty allure of that line of thinking LOL. As for the T Reich, I think it`s just crying out to be explored in more depth.

            Hehe, excellent Jez.


          • It is a pretty cool idea. As you three all have your particular areas of historical expertise, I’m sure you could extrapolate on this idea further. Was Hadrosaur’s Wall built by the Rosaurs to defend against ginger-haired savage hominids, for example? 😉


      • Not…exactly. As with most things, I’ve taken some basic facts and then made it my own. My father informed me that the Lowland Haggis had webbed feet, a nozzle-like trunk and tartan skin and lived in the Great Salt Porridge Swamp. An oat-fisher or ‘oater’ is a harvester of Haggis, who wades through the bubbling morass of porridge with a large keep-net, hoping to scoop them up. They are a doughty breed, needing to be strong, quick and agile, for any miscalculation on their part could see them overbalance and disappear beneath the oaty surface.
        *points at Tarot* SHE started it. Then I got involved and it got a bit out of hand…


  10. indeed it would Jez, indeed it would, he he he.

    >>>{{Was Hadrosaur’s Wall built by the Rosaurs to defend against ginger-haired savage hominids, for example? {<<<

    ROTFMAOoooooooooo!!! hahaha, that's so funny, and yet weirdly cool, both at the same time.


  11. seriously?

    HAHA, that will make a certain person very happy. Just read the comments about that, so am now up to speed. huummph, might need to buy a ring side ticket though, for the ensuing boxing match to see who gets to use them first.


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