United Colours of…Dalek

Regular visitors will have noted that things have been a little quiet here at the Buffet…

Unfortunately, various external factors have conspired against me, resulting in very little time to spend on hobby-related pursuits. In fact, the only painting I’ve done up until very recently was my fence, which is now ‘Forest Green’ in its entirety, including the parts that were replaced when the weather kindly decided to knock it down.

However, now that tedious and arduous task has been completed, I have returned to my painting queue and as a certain batch of militaristic war-machines were stridently clamouring for attention, I thought it best to focus on them.

When we last saw my Daleks, they had just been assembled and based (go here for a reminder).

So, first up is the ‘New Paradigm’ Daleks, which explains the title of this post;

Colourful bunch, aren’t they? So, I’ve given each a base coat of the relevant primary colour, then painted in the bumpers and neck grills in black. The plunger arms, guns and eyestalks have also all been given an initial coat of GW Chaimail. The two ‘Drones’ on the far right are supposed to be the same colour, i.e. red, but as both were a slightly different shade of red plastic, one looks a bit more orange-y than the other. I also think that the blue Strategist Dalek may be a bit too dark a blue and the yellow Eternal Dalek is not quite the right shade of yellow.

I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by the level of detail on these cheap plastic toys, although it’s clear that different molds were used for different Daleks, as the detail is not as crisp on some of them compared to others.

Next up, my ‘specialist’ Daleks;

The one on the left is the Special Weapons Dalek, who has been given a coat of gloss white and an undercoat of bronze on its bumper, central gun housing and head. Checking my references, this actually needs to be a dirty gold colour, so these parts will be repainted with an elderly pot of GW Shining Gold, then dirtied up a bit.

The one on the right is a plastic GW engineer Dalek, which I decided to give the livery of the most recent ‘classic’ model Daleks, i.e. silver and light blue. The shoulder slats need repainting silver and the bumper in black, but I like how this colour scheme differentiates it from my normal Daleks, which currently look like this;

That’s right, I decided to go for the classic grey and black colour scheme! However, as I wanted to replicate the shiny grey of this type of Dalek, I used a pot of Humbrol Satin Enamel. Whilst it does give the finish I wanted, I forgot that this type of paint takes absolutely ages to dry, so wasn’t able to do much more than this, annoyingly.

That’s all for this week. As Salute is mere days away, the next post will be a post-Salute round-up, similar to last year’s. However, this year I intend on taking at least some photos, so won’t have to scour the Internet for suitable proxy images of my fellow bloggers. You have been warned…

33 thoughts on “United Colours of…Dalek

  1. I think I like Daleks. Hey, ok I admit it, I know nothing at all about Doctor Who. I tried, really did, but its all such a mystery to me. Maybe because I didnt grow up with it as part of my culture, maybe its because don’t have the rights `bits` being a git on the girlie side, and maybe its just that I`m too young.. but the new Who on TV just leaves me absolutely cold with dispassionate disinterest.


    I really like Daleks. They appeal to my sense of.. hmmm, not sure what it is. Awe – maybe?

    This batch sure do look super cool Jez. Very nice post πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Tarot. Daleks are one of the most iconic designs from Doctor Who and you can like them without being a fan of the series.
      I think to fully appreciate the new series, you do have to have some knowledge of the old series. But I don’t think it’s predominately a ‘boys’ series. The protagonist may be male, but tends to out-think his enemies, rather than using martial prowess, so appeals to both sexes.

      I still maintain that you haven’t seen the ‘right’ episodes, because when it’s good, it’s very good. Of course, when it’s bad – it’s pretty awful. I think that’s the problem with a series that has multiple writers – you’re always going to get variable quality.


  2. Very nice Jez. Dalek miniatures do look super interesting don’t they. I don’t think you even have to be a Doctor Who fan to admire them. These ones look really pretty hehe (see my limited knowledge of Doctor Who coming RIGHT to the surface here).

    And T sweetie, I love that typo hehe. If you had any enemies in life and they see that, they will pee themselves at that LOL


    • I love Daleks in ALL their forms and need to get some more, as I feel that there are so many variations you could do. Imagine them painted up in browns and yellows, like desert camo. Or as a police car. Or pink and white. It may not be ‘canon’, but it is fun.


  3. Love those Daleks. I want them now I`ve seen them. they`re simply the business, they`re actually ace bass. Colour scheme is looking just so; totally spot on and tickety-boo. nice thematic post mate, and all I can say now is – want more, batrep next please, showcasing DALEKS!

    Oh and T girl, owwwww don’t worry about having enemies love, we all love ya, and anyone says different, dey will face da mob, me an` da army boys *>>sniffs<>winks slowly at ya<<*


      • I will massively look forward to reading what you put and seeing photos of your WIPS and finished pieces for your chosen Doctor and, doubtless, his lovely assistant. Which Doctor will you choose? and which assistant do you fancy (ok, that could be better phrased, but you know what I mean).


        • Well, the first Doctor I will be using will be the Third Doctor, of which I have the Crooked Dice version, because it’s awesome. This means that if he gets ‘killed’ in the AAR, he will regenerate into the Fourth and so on.
          However, the companions will be a surprise, as one is a variation on character who briefly accompanied the First Doctor and the second has never met the Doctor…on screen. That’s all I’m saying at present. πŸ˜‰


          • Third Doctor works for me, and nice choice if I may say so. With the potential of that leading into the forth, makes for a perfect fall back option. To my enduring disappointment I never managed to get my hands on the Crooked Dice “Who” models, none of us here did (except T girl who I believed bagged herself an Amy Pond for her 7TV B7 and 007 games). I take it you have quite a few of your own – lucky devil?

            Will look forward to spotting who the assistant will be. I love a good old mystery, me.


            • I managed to get the Third and Thirteenth Crooked Dice Doctors ‘under the wire’ – they’d taken them off the website, so I emailed Karl and asked if he happened to have any lying around that they’d be willing to part with on the QT. If you don’t ask… πŸ˜‰
              Still missing the 8th, 9th, 10th and War Doctors, but do have the Steve Buddle sculpted 12th. I think Heresy still have their not-Amy Pond (also sculpted by Steve Buddle) available, although she’s described as “Girl with some clothes on”. Oh, and the John Sim Master.
              As fot the companions, if you’re a long-term Who fan, you WILL recognise them. πŸ˜‰


    • Cheers Andy. I’ll be interested to see which colour scheme you go for.

      And I’m so looking forward to Salute – I will drop you a PM with my mobile number before Saturday, in case you want to meet up earlier than the 1pm ‘bloggers meet’.


    • Karl is pretty obliging like that. His wife is the one usually manages to find those elusive off the shelf pieces. God knows where she finds them, back of the warehouse shelf in old boxes I guess.

      The description β€œGirl with some clothes on”. is simply classic LOLOL.

      As for companion, I`d actually like to see a Jamie. No one ever does the male assistants and I think it would be unusual to see in miniature.

      I`ll be at Salute on the Sunday, maybe meet up with you then for a coffee and natter?


      • Would that be the ‘secret’ Salute that only special people get invited to, rather than the one on Saturday that us ‘normal’ folk go to? πŸ˜‰
        Always happy to meet up with fellow gamers, especially those offering coffee (one of my few vices). Drop me a PM at jeremy@allmain.co.uk and I’ll send my mobile number over.


        • Oops, wishing my life away here. Make that Saturday LOL.

          Will do,. Just gimme a few hours to work out my new phone. “I`m too old for this” as Danny Glover would say. I remember phones when you put your finger in the wheel and turned it to the right, waited for it to reset, then spun it for the second number, and so on. This new fangled touch sensitive screen stuff, it will never catch on you know (scratches head and tries to work it all out).


          • Ah, but you’re referring to an era where it was acceptable for boys to wear dungarees in public, Jeremy Bear was the mascot for Sugar Puffs and dog poo was white. Luckily, things have progressed since then. πŸ˜‰


  4. nice stuff Jez bud. Can`t go wrong with Daleks; and as you say, the more variety the better. mmmm imagine having enough miniatures to be able to experiment over the over with different colour schemes. Bliss huh? Nice post, more to come on this I hope.

    Okay that’s me done. Off on my travels for some days now (work work work haha), so talk soon guys. Enjoy Salute.


    • Thanks Steve. I’m hoping the new Warlord plastics will be relatively inexpensive per Dalek, so I can experiment to my heart’s content.

      Enjoy your trip and remember to bring me back a stick of rock.


    • {{an era where it was acceptable for boys to wear dungarees in public}}

      Come on Eileen
      Poor old Johnny Ray
      Sounded sad upon the radio
      But he moved a million hearts in mono
      Our mothers cried, sang along, who’d blame them

      omg memories, memories!


    • Thanks Simon. Surprisingly, the classic grey colour scheme is one of the easiest paint jobs too, which should mean that they’ll be finished for my next AAR – “Nemesis of the Daleks”.


  5. That would be marvellous Jez, if we OWNED even a single Dalek hehehe. I can really see the iconic appeal, but alas, it is a Dalek free zone here lol.


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