Post-Salute 2017 Thoughts

Having now returned footsore and weary from my second Salute, I thought I’d give a brief round-up of the day.

Last year, as it my was first-ever Salute, I was walking around in a partial daze, as I’d never attended a show as big as this before, so failed to take any photographs on the day. And because I got there around 11am last time, I missed on the extra freebies that the first 5,000 through the door get.

This year I vowed that not only would I get there as close to the opening time as possible, but would also take some photos. However, I didn’t take very many, just things that caught my eye.

Whilst waiting in the queue, I saw Andy of Da Gobbo’s Grotto fame, along with his ‘Nerd Herd’, but rather than interrupt his conversation, I’d thought I’d track him down once we’d been released into the main hall. Unsurprisingly, given his liking for a certain Oriental skirmish game, I found him merrily purchasing more Bushido miniatures at the GCT Studios stand, whilst the vendor stood there with little pound signs in his eyes.

I then collared him and introduced myself and had a nice long natter, in which I was introduced to the rest of the ‘Nerd Herd’ as well. The reason I did this first, rather than just rushing off to buy things, was so that Andy would have a ‘face’ to recognise at the 1pm ‘bloggers meet’, rather than standing there like he was waiting for a blind date – carnation in buttonhole and copy of the Financial Times optional.

We then went our separate ways and I started to have a good look around. The first port of call was the Warlord Games stand, as I had speculated that their first Doctor Who boxed game would be released at Salute and this was indeed the case. Here it is on their display stand:

The game features a force of Time War Daleks against the most recent version of the Cybermen, from the 12th Doctor episode ‘Nightmare in Silver’. For your £35.00 you get a dozen plastic Daleks in gold and approximately the same number of Cybermen in silver. The Cybermen sprues also come with Cybermats on them. Having handled the sprues, the detailing is pretty good, although I’m not overly keen on this particular model of Cyberman.

You also get a double-sided printed paper mat, pre-printed cards and dice. And probably some other stuff as well, but I didn’t memorise the entire contents. As I was only really interested in the Daleks and whether they would be compatible with my existing Black Tree and DWA Daleks, I didn’t buy the game, but from my estimations, if I choose not to base the Warlord Daleks, I think they’ll be fine to use with 28mm miniatures.

I then popped over to the Crooked Dice stall to say hello to Karl and pick up my pre-orders. He looked a little bit shell-shocked already and this was only about an hour in!

I then discovered that one of the vendors I was sure I’d read was attending, wasn’t actually there. As my ‘Salute shopping list’ had several items from this vendor on it, I found myself without the said items and with ‘spare’ cash. So I went shopping…

My first purchase was a new release from Renedhra Ltd, who make injection-molded gaming terrain and bases. They have just released some wrought-iron fencing with a brick base and gates – in fact they’re so new they’re not even on the website yet!

So, for £10.00, you get two sprues with four lengths of fencing 85mm long and a single brick column that the gate attaches to. So, that’s two gates, two columns and eight lengths of fencing molded in hard grey plastic. As you can see from the picture, each length has a post at one end, so it looks like a proper fence. Ideal for surrounding a graveyard or public park or maybe even a pumpkin patch. They also do a pack without the gate, so if you need to fence off a larger area, get one of these as well. Or just have two gates.

I then decided to take some photos, and I’ll give as much detail as I can recall regarding each one.

First up is a couple of photos of a rather nice Jurassic Park table, complete with the iconic gate;

Various dinosaurs were running about, chasing die-cast jeeps. Most of the Dinosaur models were from Shleich, which although not cheap, are pre-painted plastic so can be used straight away. (On a related note, if you want a ‘giant’ ape, rather than forking out for resin one from a games company, buy one of Shleich’s gorillas – it’s about 80mm tall and only about £6.50).

And here’s the velociraptor pen. A good use of teddy bear fur for the grass and a lovely table.

Next up was this beautiful table:

I initially thought this was for Greek Mythology inspired game, but it turns out it was for a fantasy game called “Darklands”.  Shame, as it could have done with some Greek heroes, maybe some harpies and a big stompy bronze statue. But still, it was a nicely modeled table

Next up was this board:

This was one of the demonstration boards for GCT Studios Bushido game and whilst a game wasn’t being played on it, it was so eye-catching, I just had to take a photo.

Staying with the Oriental theme, we have this:

This was Oshiro Model Terrain‘s participation game, which I believe was called “Storming the Castle”. It had the above Japanese town utilising Oshiro’s resin terrain, with docks and a moat, on the other side of which was this:

Just to give you an idea of scale, yes, those are 28mm miniatures. Whilst I was ogling the castle, one of the chaps came over and showed me that the castle itself was modular, with fully detailed interiors, built by the chap who runs the company. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Checking the time, I realised that I would just have enough time to get some lunch before the 1pm ‘bloggers meet’. I duly turned up just before one at what I hope was the right place, and was soon joined by the impeccably dressed Michael Awdry of 28mm Victorian Warfare, followed by Andy, and finally Simon Moore aka Blaxkleric of Fantorical. After introductions were made for those who hadn’t yet met one another, we had a nice long natter, before someone decided that a group shot of all the bloggers should be taken. Not sure who took the photos or where they’ll end up, but someone, somewhere has photographic evidence that I do actually exist.

I then bullied Simon, Andy and Michael into posing for a picture for me, primarily for the readers of this blog who were not able to attend:

So, from left to right we have Simon Moore, Andy Nash and Micahel Awdry. Obviously, Andy didn’t get the memo about wearing a waistcoat.

I then returned to one of the stalls where I’d earlier spotted some interesting and inexpensive figures, but was not able to get close enough due to some very rude Germans, and picked up a 28mm plastic Ogre in a wrestling suit with an Afro – because I needed him – for just £1.00! Bargain. I also spotted a couple more figures that would make extremely suitable and ideal gifts for someone, so bought them too.

My day at Salute finished with me being patted on the shoulder in passing by someone dressed in an extremely convincing Chewbacca costume, so I left with a big grin on my face.

Really fun day and can’t wait for next year.


32 thoughts on “Post-Salute 2017 Thoughts

  1. Although severely underdressed for the occasion Jez, I was sporting the mandatory bald head! It was fantastic to meet the mind behind Dino Judges and Cupid Burgers as well as Simon, Richard and Michael.

    The ogre with the ‘fro was excellent, there were some corkers at Tritex, so many my puny brain overloaded and I didn’t get anything! Fail……

    I wish I’d seen that Rendara fencing though….


    • I did wonder where the Chewbacca cos-player got the hair for his costume…lol
      Great to finally meet you, Andy, as well as the rest of the ‘herd’.
      Shame you didn’t get anything at Tritex, but it was a bit of a bunfight at their stall. And the fencing is rather nice – might have to get some more.


  2. What an absolutely amazing post. It was written in such a way that anyone not there would actually feel like they were. It sounds like you had a heavenly day, and your purchases were so well thought out too. I only feel sad I was not there this year, as I`d so like to have met the gang.

    Thank you for transporting me there virtually though, through this cool article.


    • Thanks Tarot. I was a bit worried that it read a bit like “what I did on my holidays”, so i’m glad you enjoyed it.
      It was a shame you weren’t there, but I fully understand why. There’s always next year. 🙂


  3. Let me just say, reason the poor love didn’t go was down to me, I feel such a heel 😦 I recently had a serious double knee operation and can`t move about easily at the moment due to it. With Stevie away on business he simply couldn’t get out of, T actually altered her plans and stayed to look after me all week ust so I wasn’t all lonely in this big family pile or rattle about all alone like a pee in a pod. Bless her, she really is a darling for her kindness. I know how much she wanted to go to Salute this year; and instead is looking after me hand and foot.

    Jez, your post is simply adorably amazing, and the photos are sublime. I`m so glad you had such a lovely time – you and ALL the others too, Simon, Andy (and his family), and Michael. I`m smiling from ear to ear having just lived Salute 2017 through your words and your eyes.


    • Thanks Hils. Obviously I knew in advance the reason you guys couldn’t be there today, but thanks for explaining it for other readers.
      And I’m glad my little post helped give you a taste of the day…but without the heat and the ‘delightful’ smells.


  4. Glad you had a good day Jez, I was there in spirit (if not in person), I notice there was no mention of tea though?

    I’ve had a total breakdown of “painting get up and go” of late since the demise of WSD and haven’t touched a figure (well except to put in an envelope to post out as an order) since the end of Feb, I haven’t even seen anything I want to buy of late!. Don’t know what up with me, hope I snap out of it soon.

    Did pop off a text to you and Simon at 1.00pm today, but I’m not sure if my phone actually sent them as it seems to be playing up a bit at the moment (or 3 is as my wife’s is iffy too and she also with them).

    Thanks for the show report, and some super photo’s.

    Hopefully I’ll be there next year (when it might still be your turn to buy the tea?)

    Cheers mate, Roger.


    • Nice to hear from you Roger! I had noticed your own blog had been a bit quiet of late, but assumed this was due to your closing down of WSD. Michael was asking after you, as he seemed concerned that without you ‘Forgotten Heroes’ wouldn’t go ahead this year (I knew we’d get ’em all…)
      Hope you recover your painting mojo , as I think we all look forward to seeing what treasures have been unearthed from your lead pile.


  5. And Simon, Andy and Michael all look such cool handsome gentlemen in that lovely joint photo.

    and the Dalek and Cibermen set with all those yummy trimmings, like the game mat (hmmm wonder if it includes a cardboard Tardis?) ok I do admit is, its slowly enticing me there, to try….

    yes, I mean it Jez……… Doctor Who.


    • Simon did actually succumb to the lure of the boxed set, which I was surprised was so reasonable, so hopefully he’ll do a review to give us all an idea of what it’s like. And a complete list of components (should have taken a picture of the box – d’oh!)


  6. OOooo yes.. Simon, if you`re reading this Pleeeease a review of it would be super.

    and owwww, never mind jez, you think of most things, you can be forgiven for missing this one.


  7. Always a pleasure to see you Jez, and many thanks for the comics once again!! I’ve already assembled and based the nine Cybermen needed for the opening scenario of “Exterminate”, as well as the two cybermat swarms, so expect some WIPs and comments on Monday’s posting. The game looks extremely favourable imho, and a lot better than I thought it would. Expect a BatRep as soon as I can build and paint the minis!!

    p.s. Roger’s text arrived at 23:30 tonight!?!


  8. Fab review of Salute, very nicely written and cool piccies. `de gang` look good together in the joint photo.
    Sorry but the phone (still being sorted grrrrrr. I dunno this new fangled technology; what`s wrong with how it once was – dungarees and all). Anyway, rotf, will get you both numbers soon as I am actually able.


    • Thanks Dave. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet up, but I know yours was only potentially a flying visit.
      And Simon and Michael’s outfits did kind of put mine to shame, but I would have melted in that many layers.


  9. Oh dear Lord, look at that photograph! *puts down the remnants of a chocolate Easter egg* I need to lose some weight! Great to see you again Jez and lovely to hear that Roger is still with us. Now we just need to come up with a name for the newly formed boy band you’ve created – Hard Boiled perhaps on account of our follically challenged domes? 😀


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    • Thanks Keith. I’d been after some railings like this for a while, but easn’t enamoured of the laser-cut MDF ones I’d seen, so bought these as soon as I saw them. They’re now up on the Renedhra website and if you buy two packs, the cost goes down to £9.00 each.


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