Companion Piece

As I had already decided that my next Doctor Who AAR, following on from the events in Day of the Master, would feature the third incarnation of the Doctor AND would also feature the classic grey Daleks, these figures had taken precedence in my painting queue, along with my scratch-built TARDIS.

However, what I failed to take into account was that the Doctor very rarely travels alone and I didn’t have any companions to accompany him on his next adventure.

Knowing that he would be facing the Daleks, who do have a tendency to exterminate those they consider enemies of the Daleks, I needed some companions who either had some martial prowess or could be considered ‘cannon fodder’. As I didn’t have half a dozen Adrics to act as human shields (the only companion whose death I actually cheered), I went with the former. But having already used UNIT, I decided to go with something a bit different.

So, here are the two companions who will be accompanying the Doctor on his next adventure:

The figure on the left is Pandora King from Crooked Dice, available from their webstore for £4.00, whilst the figure on the right is RSF 04 Pepperpot Hunter from Miniature Figurines Retro Sci-Fi range, costing £2.75.

Those with an extensive knowledge of Doctor Who will recognise that the ‘pepperpot hunter’ is a representation of Abslom Daak – Dalek Killer, who first appeared in a back-up strip in the Doctor Who Weekly comic book in 1980. A hardened criminal who, when caught, was offered a choice between vapourisation and a one-man suicide mission against a planet full of Daleks, he chose the latter – and turned out to be rather good at killing Daleks. Whilst Daak encountered the Seventh Doctor in the comic book, he has never met the Doctor on screen, but an image of his face was seen in the Twelfth Doctor episode ‘Time Heist’, which means he IS canon. Which is cool.

This figure was actually a gift from Simon Moore aka BLaxkleric of Fantorical fame, because he’s a thoroughly nice chap.

So, having already got a psychotic Dalek-killer, I decided that I needed a female companion, ideally one who had experience of the Daleks and combat training. My mind immediately latched on to Sara Kingdom, a character introduced in the 1965 First Doctor serial The Dalek’s Master Plan. She had the necessary skills and abilities, being a member of the Space Security Service, but was unfortunately dead. However, as the Space Security Service is a large organisation, surely they would have more than just one agent? Taking inspiration from this character and from my good friend, the lovely Tarot Hunt (with her permission, of course) of The Games Cupboard, thus was born Tara Hunt, Space Security Agent and second companion for my next Doctor Who AAR – once I’ve painted them, of course.

Now, as I realised that there existed the possibility that the Doctor may end up being “killed” by the Daleks, causing him to regenerate, I also decided to base up the Fourth Doctor. And, just in case, the Fifth Doctor too. As I still had some Milliput left after this, I also based up my second gift from Simon, Miniature Figurines ‘Chrononaut Grandfather’, which is a much better likeness of the movie version of the Doctor than Black Tree Designs one.

And there was still some putty left over, so Aggedor, the Monster of Peladon got based up too.

So, not a huge amount of progress, as post-Salute I’d lost my motivation/momentum due to various external factors, but I’ve got it back now, so expect more regular posts in future.

Normally, I’d sign off at this point, but I do need to make an announcement. It’s currently the 6th of May, which means that June is less than a month away. And in June, the madness that is Forgotten Heroes returns! Those of you who took part last year will know what this is all about, but for those of you that didn’t, follow the link to the official site, which explains everything. And also shows what everyone got up to last year.

If you want to take part this year, just let me know by commenting on this or subsequent posts before the 1st of June. My partner-in-crime, Roger Webb of Ranting from Under the Wargames Table, has agreed to update the FH site with all participants details and posts, because he’s nice like that.

So, the Doctor Who project will take a break during June, as Superhero madness will take over, but join me next time for more Who-related goodness.


26 thoughts on “Companion Piece

  1. I enjoyed your last Doctor Who AAR, I really did, despite knowing positively nothing. I guess it would be fair to say I know about as much about the series as I could write on the back of a very small postage stamp.. i.e. not a lot. So it was a real surprise to me to find I enjoyed Jez`s game so much: in fact it spurred me on (in my own small way) to check out the whole thing to see what all the fuss is about.

    Suffice to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself and wanted to know more **grins** I`m still not converted, not one of the faithful followers, but I am half getting there.. slowly lol. Two steps forward and one step back, kind of thing (doesn’t help when I see a really good episode one week, then the whole thing goes pear shaped the next, showing something so bad I have to turn off in total disgust lol).

    Back to Jez and the promise of a new AAR, Yeeey!!! happy happy. I will look forward to this very much indeed. And I picked up my ears at the mention of a certain new assistant. Wow, how cool is that. Nice miniature(s) you`ve chosen too.

    As for the Forgotten Heroes thing, yeah ok, I`m in, if you have room for me too join in. Can I made two figures (a main character and assistant)?


    • Thank you, Hils. As I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who since childhood, i do have rather extensive knowledge of the programme. However, there have been some truly awful episodes – this current series hasn’t impressed yet, although tonight’s episode looks suitably creepy and I like creepy.
      Tarot was quite happy to lend her name and look to ‘Tara Hunt’, who does sound suitably 70s-ish.

      And you are more than welcome to make as many or as few figures as you want, although they do all need to be completed during June – thems the rules…


      • oo oki, got it. All sounds great fun.

        and yes, does sound 70`s doesn’t it. Very Avengers. You`d almost expect Steed to appear round the corner at any moment.


          • **drama music – durrrn Da Da DAAAAaaa!!!!**

            You got me all intrigued now. This Stranger sounds interesting ^^


          • UoooHoooo!!! I`m for it now {{gulp}}.

            Hey Jez, this sounds marvellous. I can`t wait.

            Lovely post and full of titivating snippets of eastern promise. Well, maybe not so much eastern, but it does feel like a walk through the silken spice stalls of the port bazaars around the Mezzanine Level. Most delightful and rather yummy.


          • I think you ‘avatar’ will be in good (if strange) hands.

            And thank you. Whilst this post’s content may not be a meal in itself, it does whet the appetite for what’s to come. I personally can’t wait to get started.


      • OOo I get to be one of the Avengers. Stevie calls Mrs Peel “Danger Crumpet” (do I want to know?), and that will be meeeee soon. All dangerous looking and 70`s ish, but in a Who setting. This has such promise: just remember to get my best profile hehe.


        • Tara Hunt is highly trained in many disciplines, very headstrong and can run (and fight) in heels. Due to her looks, her capabilities are constantly underestimated. Any of that sound familiar? 😉


  2. Greta posting Jez, and nice to see those two minis will soon see the paintbrush – thanks for the blog shout-out too!! needless to say, I’ll be back for more “Forgotten heroes” as I have a load to finish painting from last year [blush].


    • Thanks for the comment and your generous gift, Simon. Abslom Daak was an ideal choice for the next AAR, given the ‘foes’.
      And I had a feeling you’d be on board – i think we need to persuade Roger to brush off his brushes and sculpting tools and join in.


  3. Some lovely miniatures mate, I had to get a couple of companions for each of the doctors I got from Black Tree for what ever they’re worth on the tabletop, it was necessary however most probably couldn’t fight their way out of paper bag.

    Looking forward to the coming batreps!

    I’m going to struggle to get involved in Forgotten Heroes this year due to uni commitments and working on the current projects I have going on, but hopefully next year…


    • You can’t do Doctor Who without companions, but the advantage is that you can use whatever companions you want. Plus if you want to go REALLY ‘outside the box’, your own Timelord too (which of course I am going to do – got the figure already…)
      And no worries about ‘Forgotten Heroes’, Andy. It’s supposed to be a bit of fun, so there’s no requirement to take part. I enjoy seeing which character’s people choose and how they make them.


  4. I`m liking your choice in miniatures for this. I`m especially drawn to Aggedor for some reason, More Doctor Who batreps coming up, what`s not to like here. Fabulous news all round. The fact it will have Daleks in it, just makes it the glazed cherry on top of the delicious icing.


    • Thanks Steve. As the Doctor is facing the Daleks, it only seemed fair to give him some martial back-up.
      And Aggedor is one of my favourite Who monsters. It’s quite a distinctive creature design that doesn’t look too cheesy.
      And yes, there will be Daleks – proper grey ones. And it may take place on an alien planet that looks remarkably like a quarry. So, in other words, ‘classic’ Who.


  5. Lots to whet the appetite here and I probably didn’t need reminding about those interesting ‘Miniature Figurines’ range. Do please sign me up for Forgotten Heroes again as I have a little itch that needs scratching! I will need to beg yours and Roger’s indulgence as reading the ‘rules’ again it doesn’t quite fit, as not a masked character, but I am hoping the it will be super! I also have to confess that work has already started on the construction as I wanted to know that it would work before committing considerable time and effort to the project. Tests have been positive and so ‘Project A2’ has been shelved until June – promise! 😉


    • Thank you Michael. It’s the Dan Dare figure you’re craving, isn’t it? Lol
      And they’re more guidelines than rules, just to give it some kind of structure. Masks are not a requirement – I think one person did Stinkor from MOTU last year – so consider ‘Project A2’ as accepted sight unseen. Welcome aboard!


  6. Great post Jez, lots to look forward to here, love that Abslom Daak figure always liked him in the comics (I have the graphic Novel), didn’t he turn up in one of the books (Simon will know this). And that’s a corking figure you have for Tara, is she a “not” angel pilot from “not” Captain Scarlet?

    I take the Stranger you are referring to is Colin Baker’s version? I really enjoyed the vids he did of these, cheap looking as they were, Solomon was a good character and could have been developed really well, it was all a bit Sapphire and Steel to begin with (especially the one on the abandoned railway station).

    Looking forward to “FH” of course, masks are not a pre-requisite as I’m aware, and as you said “Stinkor” made an appearance last year, in fact I’m thinking of doing the two He-man fig’s I didn’t get done in march as my entries this year, along with one really simple re-paint. (so no nagging required).

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. The ‘Tara Hunt’ figure is actually a not-Emma Peel figure, as her outfit was closer to the SSS uniform than the ‘Dare Sisters’.
      And ‘The Stranger’ is actually my own character, as I wasn’t aware of the Colin Baker thing. I shall have to look this up now and this may result in a change of name.
      Yay! Roger’s doing Forgotten Heroes AND He-Man! How efficient you are, Mister Webb. And another figure too?
      No-one can resist Forgotten Heroes…unlesd they have exams, like Andy. 😉


      • How very ‘strange’… I had absolutely no awareness of this character and series, but it’s very similar to my own idea. *sigh* I shall have to rename my Timelord now. At least I have something suitable to watch (found the first ‘Stranger’ episode on YouTube) whilst I go through the thesaurus…


        • Ooops sorry Jez, didn’t mean to “tiddle on bonfire” as it were, I thought you were going to base your character on the “Stranger Chronicles”, I imagine that the episode you have found is the original adventure as they were each stand alone stories (though the later ones did follow on from each other), I’m not sure how many there were all together (Simon will), but I don’t think there are that many, less than ten I think..

          What about “The Wanderer” instead?

          Cheers Roger.


          • Not a problem, Roger. It appears there were six televised episodes, followed by several audio adventures. All six appear to be available on YouTube, but I’ve just watched the first so far. It was interesting enough to make me want to watch the others.
            The Wanderer? As in “They call me the wanderer” – at least he’d have his own theme tune. Lol


  7. very tasty and very more-ish indeed. Pricked my interest the second I read the possibility there may be some more Doctor Who battle reports in the offering soon? Excellent, very good. I`ll be here to read them for sure.


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