Father of the Daleks

As the first half of the week had been ridiculously busy and rather stressful, I decided that I would dedicate the whole of Thursday evening to ‘hobby-time’, in order to actually get something done this week and to de-stress, as I find concentrating on painting, creating or playing does relax me.

So, I set up my painting station on the dining table and looked over what was currently in the painting queue, to try and work out what would be the most constructive use of my time. Obviously, as the Doctor Who Project rolls ever onwards, everything currently in the queue is related to this.

First up were my scratch-built Ogri, last seen here. They were almost done, but needed some dry-brushing and the bases painted in. They’re not quite done yet, but a bit further on than they were last time:

Looks like UNIT are investigating the recent spate of deaths near Boscombe Moor – I wonder if they’ve given blood recently…

Next up were some figures I’d based and decided to give a white undercoat:

So, we have the Movie, Fourth and Fifth Doctors, accompanied by Aggedor, the Monster of Peladon and two cyclopean aliens, which were a kind gift from Roger Webb of Ranting from Under the Wargames Table, from his own range of figures which, up until recently, were available from Wargames Supply Dump. These make ideal Doctor Who monsters, so were added to the painting queue.

And because I needed to get my protagonists for my next Doctor Who AAR painted up, the two characters I based last week were undercoated and given a bit of colour, as was my Third Doctor figure.

“But hang on, Jez,” I hear you cry, “You said that you had the whole of Thursday evening – even if you’re a ridiculously slow painter, you should have got a lot more done than just this…”

My reply would be to agree with you completely. Personally, I blame this chap:

Image result for heroclix psion

This is Psion, from the Teen Titans Heroclix subset, which I recently acquired as part of Blue Rat Games order. As they were having one of their seasonal 25% off sales and I needed some conversion fodder for next month’s Forgotten Heroes, he was included in the order as I had specific plans for this obscure DC villain…

As regular readers will know, whilst I have several incarnations of the Doctor, some recently drafted companions and quite a few iconic Who villians, one thing I don’t currently own is a 28mm version of Davros. Black Tree Designs did make a figure of him, but it appears that the mold has been retired, as when I ordered my Daleks, Davros was not available. I am aware that Warlord Games do intend to release the most recent version of Davros along with some of the Time War version of the Daleks, but this will be their preferred scale of 35mm, which means that he’ll be too bloody big…

So, in true Carrion Crow style, I decided to make my own. As I had already saved an unassembled Dalek from the patrol set with a vague idea of doing this, all I needed was a suitable torso – which is where Psion came in.

Looking at various pictures online, I decided that I wasn’t going to go for an exact version of Davros, as trying to match the exact shape of his control deck would be extremely fiddly and frustrating, so I raided my ‘box of bits’ for suitable parts, ending up with three GW plastic shields and a comm-unit. These were cut down to size, dry-fitted, adjusted a bit more, then glued into place, and with tiny screams of “I can’t feel my legs…”, Psion’s torso was attached. And this was the result:

Now, at this stage, he doesn’t quite look like the classic era version of this character, as Davros usually wears clothing that appears to be made from a bin-liner, rather than an orange jumpsuit, so out came the paints. After an undercoat of white, followed by an initial coat of Elf Grey, we ended up with this:

Certainly looks a bit more Davros-like now, doesn’t he? I did consider adding some fuse wire to create Davros’ head frame, but decided this would be too fiddly, so will probably paint these details on. And to give an idea of how he scales up with my classic grey Daleks, here he is with a couple of his ‘children’:

So, now you can see why I may not have got as much painted as I could have, but I hope you’ll agree it was time well spent.

Before I sign off for this week, another quick reminder that Forgotten Heroes is creeping ever closer. We’ve had a good response so far, with the majority of those who took part last year also planning to take part this year – with the addition of a few new faces. Still plenty of time to ‘sign up’ if you’re interested in a bit of fun, with the full details of what you need to do to take part available on the ‘official’ Forgotten Heroes site.

Next week, the Doctor Who project continues…but only ‘Who’ knows what will feature.


23 thoughts on “Father of the Daleks

  1. Great post Jez, nice to see some familiar faces lurking at the back of your group shot ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Inspired work on Davros too, I have the old GW one and the Black tree version, are they finally phasing out the DW range at Black Tree then? It’s been going for years, considering they told me many years ago that they were only going to sell off the remaining stock and that was it. (must have had an awful lot of stock!).

    I have sent you an E-mail to tell you that I’ve finally updated the header on the “FH” site, with images of last years entries, if you fancy a look..

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. These are not the only ‘familiar faces’ you may recognise as this project continues.
      And it appears that Black Tree’s Doctor Who range is being gradually wound down – my guess is that once a mold becomes unusable, that particular model is quietly retired. Who knows exactly how much ‘remaining stock’ they have anyway?
      And I saw the updated header, followed by your email, whilst I was typing up this post.


  2. Your Davros is ruddy marvellous. This whole post was delightful to read, and made me feel quite nostalgic *wipes away a happy tear** and more importantly, made me more determined than ever to push forward my Who ideas nearer the front of the queue of `imminent things to do.`


    • Thanks Dave. He did turn out rather well and I can’t really do classic Who without Davros, now can I?
      Glad it brought back memories for you and offered some inspiration for your own projects.


  3. Best Doc Who blog post I`ve seen in a long time. That Davros is inspired. But you know what really caught my eye and got my imagination juices working overtime? It was (a) the photo of the stones and (b) your UNIT guy. I don’t think you realise just what a catchy photo that is, one of those rare specials which will probably end up in Google Public Images before long I wouldn’t wonder. The home crafted stones against that mirrored effect look stunning, but not to be forgotten or dismissed… I can`t explain exactly why… but that UNIT guy just WORKS. I like the colour of the green (maybe because it closely matches the jungle green I`m working with at the moment with my M.A.S.H. minis… so is a `fav colour of the month` for me right now lol), but no, its more than that. I just like how you painted this fella. Clean, crisp, and simple. Kinda like my Army Men, in a way (but yours is better detailed of course). Dunno but somehow this whole set up, the stones and the army guy just did it for me.. inspired me in that way, you know, sometimes happens out of the blue, when you see something that sends a spark of ZAP!! into the happy hobby emotional senses.

    Psion was a good choice for the Davros conversion {{Hil is still in happy waves of rapture at the extra pieces you ordered along with it, and her elegant mobs of npc party goers for the `Bruce Wayne Annual Charity Ball` are now coming along nicely as early comers have already started to arrive… probably dipping into the free Champaign already}}. I like how your mind worked on this one. And the end results are quite frankly – wow.

    Just as a quick aside. That Warlord Games Dalek and Cyberman box set, am I right in thinking that the 35mm thing wont bother you in this instance because both Daleks and Cybermen will look sort of cool slightly dominating the battlefield in any case?


    • Thank you very much, Steve – that’s really appreciated.
      And I had to go back and look at that first photo again after your comment, as I’d not noticed the reflection off my kitchen worktop. I tend to use this a backdrop for my photos as the light’s better in there and the black background makes the figures stand out more. It wasn’t intentionally ‘arty’…lol
      And as soon as I saw Psion, I realised he was ideal for this. And at 29p, ideally priced too.
      I’ve kind of resigned myself to the fact that if I want Time War Daleks, I’m going to have to buy the Warlord ones. With monsters, they can be slightly bigger – which is how I will justify buying the Zygons as well…


  4. The Forth Emerald Musketeer does it again. Excellent post Jez hun. The Davros character is an amazing bit of ingenuity (oo Oo OO I KNOW that character **jumps up and down in excitement** see, see.. I am learning). I agree with Stevie, your UNIT man does look rather striking in that chosen green.

    Everything about this post was enjoyable. thank you for such a pleasurable read.


    • Thanks Hils. I’ve always felt that just because a company doesn’t make a character you want, this doesn’t mean you have to go without. That’s kind of what ‘Forgotten Heroes’ is about – it’s a bit of fun, but it also encorages people to think a bit ‘outside the box’. And they end up with a unique figure that they’ve always wanted.
      Glad you enjoyed it.


  5. I agree with the things the others say. That photo came out so well and really is rather special. I think you should crop the edges of it, blow it up a bit, copy it on good quality paper and frame it properly. Nice for your hobby area wall I think. I`d like it on mine that’s for sure. I see why Stevie likes the UNIT soldier, he`s been showing me his 54mm M.A.S.H. men, tents, nurses, doctors, ambulances, and so on, and your UNIT figure would fit right in there among them – all be it a rather short guy I suppose hehehe. Steve Rogers before he was a super soldier perhaps? **grins**
    Davros is a perfect custom miniature and you should be very proud of him and the results. There is something very special about playing a game.. not only with your own rules, but also using your own custom personality scale models.


    • Thank you very much, Tarot. As I mentioned in the response to Steve’s comment, I didn’t even notice how well the picture came out – I think I was just quite fortunate with the lighting, etc. and too focused on moving on to the next shot to notice. I’ve still got the original picture saved, so if anyone wants s copy, they are more rhan welcome.
      As for the shortness of the UNIT guy, it could be the comic book version of Bucky, as he was originally a ‘kid sidekick’, so that could explain his size – or perhaps he’s the victim of an insidious Nazi shrink ray. Lol
      And thank you for the compliment. The response on TMP to my custom Davros was “He’s too tall” – because obviously that’s the most important thing.


      • no no hehe, I don’t mean your figure is short (read it again) I was saying that the style and the colour green was so similar to Stevie`s 54mm Army Men, only a shorter (i.e. 30mm) version ๐Ÿ™‚


        • TMP is an amazing source of informative info. But without a single shred of doubt, full of (some of) the most obnoxious close minded, narrow minded, small minded, and acidic community of non-hobbyist `blowhards` imaginable. It makes me ashamed sometimes, even to be on the same planet as the worst of them lol.


          • I know exactly what you mean, Dave. I got drawn into a ‘squabble’ about historically accurate hedgerows, trying to be a voice of moderation, but some people just refuse to listen to any opinion that differs from what they believe to be true. Sad really.


        • >p>And I was trying to rationale his size IF he was amongst Stevie’s Army Men. Actually, that would be quite cool, to have two sets of figures of differing scales to represent troops subject to size alteration – I know they’ve done it for shrinking/growing heroes, but might be fun to do it for ordinary troops. Like a patrol hit by a shrinking ray goes from 54mm to 28mm – then 15mm if hit again. Would make an interesting visual game and quite a challenging scenario, as disabling the shrink ray would get more difficult as the troops got smaller and had to cover larger and larger distances.


  6. I wrote a nice long comment yesterday but WordPress seems to have gobbled it up. So I wont try again as (a) it will most likely get lost again if the system is playing up right now: and (b) last time this happened the original comment appeared a week later, obviously lost for a while in cyberspace for while.


    • Hils did tell me and I’m sorry that WordPress is being a pain at the moment. However, I have managed to locate and retrieve your comment, although it was a bit of a struggle.


  7. Well done Jez, I love Davros! I was quite excited about the imminent release of the Warlord Games Davros, especially in the build up to Salute and then nothing. I think if he had been there then I might have picked up the game, but as it is, I shall just enjoy reading about it on Simon’s blog. I had also forgotten about the scale, damn!


    • Thanks Michael. We did discuss the possibility of me doing Davros at Salute – and now you see the results of my cunning plan! He came out rather well, so I’m quite pleased.
      As Warlord were concentrating on the release of their new game (as I predicted), they were unlikely to muddy the waters with the release of Davros too.
      And don’t get me started on the scale. I’ve kind of resigned myself to the fact that I WILL have to buy at least SOME of Warlord’s figures, but only those I can’t find alternatives for elsewhere – and we all know how good I am at doing that.;-)


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