Revenge of the Daleks

Regular visitors to the Buffet will have no doubt noted that it has been rather quiet of late.

I have been suffering a crisis of confidence in my abilities and the value of my blog, so much so that I had considered giving it up.

However, two things changed my mind.

The first was fellow bloggers Hilary Gilbert and Tarot Hunt of The Game Cupboard, who when they became aware of my problem, offered unstinting and unselfish encouragement and support, and were unflagging in their enthusiasm.

The second was more recent. Your blog is your own personal expression of your hobby. By publishing this online, you are exposing your efforts, opinions and views to a Worldwide audience. Not everyone who reads you blog will agree with you, but unlike forums, those who disagree will usually just not comment or follow your blog.

Not long ago, I had a disagreement with the owner of a particular blog, the result of which was that I decided to no longer follow that blog, as the owner’s beliefs were not compatible with my own. Since this event, it appears the owner of this particular blog has created an avatar of me, which was then killed horribly in a batrep and publicly criticised the free rules I had published here. I found out about this purely by chance, and to be honest, this kind of petty vindictiveness is the reason I no longer follow this blog.

However, this particular person has now decided to target friends of mine, by undermining and belittling them and their ideas not only on their own blog, but also on other blogs I frequent. For a community that prides itself on acceptance and generosity, this kind of behaviour represents the ‘ugly’ side of our wonderful hobby. Currently, I am observing from the sidelines, but should this continue, I am quite prepared to speak up and ‘name and shame’ this person.

This is the line – the shit stops here.

By me giving up, I’m letting people like this win. So, Carrion Crow’s Buffet will continue, providing whatever content I bloody well decide I want to. It will be varied, on occasion it will be weird, but hopefully it will be entertaining, amusing and worth reading.

Right, now I’ve got that off my chest, let’s see what I’ve managed to get done during my ‘fallow’ period. First up, my ‘father of the Daleks’ has received a few more licks of paint and now looks a bit more Davros-like;


Strictly speaking, Davros’ skirt colour should be dark grey, but the contrast between the dark grey and silver ‘globes’ wasn’t working, so I repainted it black instead. Still a way to go, as he’s looking a little bit Mekon colour-wise, but he’s still pretty cool.

And a brief shout out to Roger from Rantings from Under the Wargames Table, who defended my Davros from those who criticised it on The Miniatures Page, for which I thank him.

Next up,  a bit of colour on Aggedor, the Monster of Peladon;

Having just decided to paint the figure without referring to pictures online, I initially gave him an undercoat of GW Orc Brown (which is the yellow on the base). I then realised that this was the wrong colour, so had to repaint him with Revell Tan. A few patches of yellow are still showing through, but at least he’s the right colour now.

Next up, we have progressed a bit further with the protagonists of the next Doctor Who AAR – Tara Hunt, the Third Doctor and Abslom Daak;

One more painting session should see these finished and ready to be used, which is quite convenient, because their opponents are finished;

Yes, that’s right, five battleship-grey old-school Daleks, and one Engineer Dalek in the livery of the new series Skaro Daleks!

As the nodules/globes are the part that usually put people off, I used a technique that I read online somewhere (thought it was Germy’s site, but couldn’t find it on there), which is to have a big blob of paint and then use a plastic tube of the correct diameter to ‘paint’ the globes. An empty biro tube or cotton-bud stem is ideal and this not only works really well, it’s really quick.

I’m really pleased with how these came out, as to me, they look exactly how I think they should.

Of course, this means that all I need to do is finish off my Doctor and his companions and the next AAR can be played! Hooray!

However, as June is Forgotten Heroes month, this may delay it. But my characters (yes, I’m doing more than one) are relatively simple, so there is a possibility that the next instalment of my Doctor Who adventure will be here before you know it!

Join me next week, when I reveal who I’ve chosen as the subject of Forgotten Heroes month and remember, it’s still not too late to join in – go here for full details.


21 thoughts on “Revenge of the Daleks

  1. Oh dear, I suppose its somewhat inevitable that for every wonderful hobbyist like Hils and Tarot (as well as Steve; making the three Emerald Isle Musketeers), there is also the occasional opposite. As you say, Jez, ordinarily the usual response is simply for people to not comment or ultimately not follow your blog. But to go beyond that (especially as you’ve described) does indeed appear rather “ugly”.

    I too would also like to slap Roger heartily on the back for his support Ref your Davros on “TMP”. I spotted that particular thread rather late in the day tbh, as that particular site has, imho, gone badly toxic in recent months and I’ve all but stopped visiting it (except to notify those few on there which are interested in my BatReps). But I did feel your unkind treatment was pretty demonstrative of why I’m less frequently visiting the site these days. Indeed, I understand a few of our hobby’s more prominent (and in my books more gentlemanly) bloggers have recently been banned by Ed for disagreeing with him – there’s certainly been a spate of ‘Sent To The Dawghouse’ posts lately.

    Far more enjoyable a subject though are your “Doctor Who” related musings, which are a real triumph imho. I think your Davros looks just the part, and you’re certainly far more advanced with a certain Dalek-Killer than I am 😉 Your ‘old skool’ Daleks are a genuine feast for the eyes, and I know Steve at least will appreciate your basing of them – not a hint of grass flock to be seen anywhere 😉

    Great stuff Jez, please do keep it up. What with Roger’s sporadic “Rantings” and you contemplating (even briefly) to stop, I’ll surely lose all faith in my Saturday trawl of top blog sites!!!


    • As one of my oldest followers (as in length of time, not age obviously…lol) I would also like to thank you for your continued support, Simon. It’s people such as yourself, Roger, Michael, Andy and not forgetting the ‘Emerald Isle Musketeers’ that make blogging a pleasure. But the law of averages does mean that you will unfortunately get a ‘skunk at the picnic’ trying to spoil it for others.

      And your own posts on your completed Daleks (which I’ve not commented on yet – another victim of my ‘malaise’) did encorage me to get mine finished. And yes, I went for ‘metal floors’ for mine (I don’t actually own any flock) – these are not ‘off-road’ Daleks. Besides Time War Daleks can fly, can’t they? Is that covered in the “Exterminate!” rules? Hmmm, ‘Monster Truck’ Daleks…with a big single tractor tyre in the middle…that’s a pretty cool idea. 😉


  2. When I first knew you Jez, I was not sure what to make of you. I thought you challenging and complicated lol, and struggled to understand you, but in time I came to realise that my language (which I prided myself on understanding) was still, at times, a barrier to the deeper understanding of the complexities and subtleties of the spoken and written English language. In other words, I failed to understand dry humour: and had to have the guys (Stevie and Hil, who I am fortunate to live with.. like a permanent house guest hehe, even though I have my own home just down the road from them). In time I started to learn this humour and wanted more of it; It was witty, funny, and sometimes very clever, especially in its foreshadowing and references to `other` things.

    Now that I know you so well Jez, after so many, many, many hours spent chatting about everything under the sun from gaming to the kitchen sink, I appreciate you now – as a passionate gamer, as a human being, and as my dear friend.

    I am aware of what you speak concerning the `game` (it happened to my two friends as well, so no accident or chance co-incidence), and this saddens me deeply, that within such a fellowship of on line blogging brothers and sisters, there can be room for such premeditated malice and intense hated. Hatred and uncharitable thoughts of such intense calibre cannot be healthy, and it worries me intensely, if I am totally honest about it all. It confuses me and makes me feel ill, as I have not always had the easiest of times in my life, and I tend to shy from such things with extreme inner unhappiness when I witness it first hand, and especially if I am target of such unpleasantness (if you recall, I actually left blogging for a while, but returned after good friends persuaded me not to give up, but to return and not allow one person to spoil things for me so much).

    I will not say any more. I could, and part of me wants to speak `the truth`, as I know exactly what it is you speak of and who you do not name. I applaud your wisdom in this and your generosity. Many would just say it, but you are like us, you just what it to STOP! And for them to back off and let us be. Oh Jez, I hope so much for this too.

    As for Davros, he`s looking mighty, and I smile happily to think YOU created him from your own mind, and he`s worth ten of any professionally made miniatures you could have bought to represent this iconic character. I am reminded of the movie Full Metal Jacket: substitute the word rifle for Davros and you get “This is my Davros. There are many like it but this one is mine. My Davros is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it (in the game) as I must master my life.” Hehehe.

    And did I hear you say you are going to be doing more battle reports, yeeeeeey woohoo, yes yes yes. I may not always say what you want to her Jez, but I always try and say things I believe will motivate you **wink** so I am delighted (for YOU) that you are so impassioned as to want to play more, paint more, and create more ***big huh**


    • Aww, bless you. Even when I was being “challenging”, you’ve always been there with a supportive word and a receptive ear, and always believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. I think I can honestly say I think of you as my best friend and count myself fortunate to have you in my life.

      As for the other matter, this kind of behaviour constitutes bullying. As you well know, I don’t like bullies, so this is me planting my flag and saying “No, this will not be tolerated any longer.”

      As for Davros, he is coming along rather nicely and, as you say, he’s the only Davros like it. Limited edition, even…lol


  3. **sniff**
    your words are intense. The subtlety in your elusive metre, is measured and deserving of respect. Of the things you speak, I think many know it already, some must surely see it. My way has always been to just stay silent. “To know and to be silent” is in fact a cardinal rule of some nature based beliefs. In this there is wisdom, as usually (as applies here) a `culprit` will unmask themselves in time without even needing to retaliate or respond in kind. And yes, it is a kjndness, a gift in fact, not to unmask and shame (offering them a way out, just to back off and stop attacking): especially when ample material exists to be able to defend.. with extreme counter exchange, backed with facts.

    The rest of your post, was really cool as well Jez, and I too, greatly look forward to all you bring to the table in the future.

    Your friend,

    Hillers xxx


    • Thank you very much for your kind words. Without both yours and Tar’s support (and Stevie’s when you let him 😉), I might have given up.

      And I usually do stay silent, but sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe is right, no matter what the repercussions or consequences. There really is no need for this type of behaviour and I kind of feel sorry for the kind of person who derives pleasure from ‘trolling’ others. Having said that, I’m not prepared to allow the trolls to get away with it scot-free, so I have summoned my inner ‘Billy Goat Gruff’ and everyone knows goats trump trolls everytime.


  4. I thought you’d gone a little quiet Jez, and was getting a little worried as I hadn’t seen any comments from you on our usual “haunt’s”. I had no idea that something like this had happened, sadly the problem with internet communication is the anonymity of it (as you know the reason Superheroes wear masks is because of all the collateral damage they cause), Internet Trolls are the same!

    Sorry but I hadn’t even realised I had “gone to your defence”, as I saw it I was just stating a fact, and explaining to the un-initiated your inimitable way of doing things. It would be more than a shame if you were to stop posting (it would be a travesty!), as your posts always amuse and inspire, I for one have had so much more fun with painting and modelling since you joined our motley crew, your ideas are infectious (often mad, but still!), Forgotten Heroes wouldn’t even exist without you, so we’ll have no more talk of quitting, and if someone doesn’t like it they can go boil they’re lead!

    Anyway turning to your excellent Daleks, grey is the second best colour for them (after white, but I’m biased, as all mine are white, coz I wanted a heavy weapons version), and your Davros conversion is superb, I can see the Mekon connection, but I kind of like it to be honest. Strangely I too remember that article about using a tube to paint the domes on Daleks and I also thought it was Germy who’d posted it (weird).

    Looking forward the FH immensely now, I’ll have to send out the E-mails tomorrow to check everyone’s is still in (can you let me know if our Irish friend is still up for it as I don’t have her E-mail), Oh and shame about the Angry Piper being unable to join us (saw the comment on his blog). Thanks Jez, all the best.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thank you Roger. You were my first real follower and your continued support was what encouraged me that blogging was worthwhile and a viable way to pursue the hobby.

      I know that I’m not the greatest painter or sculptor or builder of terrain, but this just means that I can get better. However, i think I’m pretty good at coming up with interesting ideas and alternative ways of looking at our hobby. Sometimes I might come across a range of figures that no-one’s heard of, but will never post about them unless I consider them a ‘reasonable’ buy. Or I’ll show how I turned household crap i to something cool. Or I’ll make Dino-Judges. And anyone who doesn’t understand why shouldn’t really be involved in the hobby, because the answer’s obvious.

      Regarding the Daleks, the SWD has appeared in it’s original ‘white’ livery in the new series, accompanying Daleks of various hues, so whilst my SWD WILL be painted white, as the grey was the staple colour choice for the majority of the classic series, I thought this the best choice. Plus they look bloody cool.

      Now I’ve reinvigorated my mojo, I am looking forward to FH too – figures are bought and awaiting the knife/putty/paint – and this year I’m doing a team!


    • Thanks for your support, Red Menace. Whilst next month will be dedicated to ‘Forgotten Heroes’ – so mainly superheroes – there will be more Doctor Who. I’ve still got three more AARs planned, lots more figures to paint and I do NEED a Rutan, so at least one more scratch-build to come.


  5. {{By me giving up, I’m letting people like this win. So, Carrion Crow’s Buffet will continue, providing whatever content I bloody well decide I want to. It will be varied, on occasion it will be weird, but hopefully it will be entertaining, amusing and worth reading.}}

    Give up and I`ll bloody well come and drag yer butt back here mate. Just came to comment here as I was told to drag my OWN ass down and make a reply to…. this. **>> stands tall and menacingly mighty…… okay, noble will do too <<**

    Interesting. Lets hope this filters back and is STOPS now.

    Meanwhile (back at the ranch), Davros is looking suitably amazing. Fools anyone at TMP who think otherwise. Sad when fellow hobbyists lose track of the hobby so badly they can no longer even SEE that its all meant to be fun, its a game, and its something we can all share in without egos ever needing to take part at all.

    As for your next few AAR`s, Daleks, Cybermen, Tara Hunt, Third Doctor, Abslom Daak; Whats not to love here ^^ Bring it on mate. Wait `til Dave the gamer hears about this, he`ll bust a socket for sure lol.


  6. Hey Jez, I don’t make long comments as you know so this won’t be an essay but it will be a pep talk/rallying cry.

    Don’t stop blogging or commenting just because some **insert favourite swear word** decides to spout his hate. Anonymous coward that they are, they could of course show their disfavour by not following you or not commenting, to be openly vile speaks of their character not yours. I welcome constructive (keyword – constructive) criticism on my work but get nasty and I won’t be the gentleman that you have been, be nasty and I’ll name and shame – at best, at worst well……

    Having met you Jez I can honestly say you’re a top bloke and your generosity and advice are both appreciated believe me. I love the way your brain works – seeing the possibilities in miniatures, random genres that somehow fit and work. My only gripe is the insult to my wallet as I have now found myself with a multitude of Panda warriors and (because I was on the site) a wizard riding a cloud of dragons!!

    To today’s offerings then – Davros is looking terrific. Daleks are always awesom – obviously and I’m really looking forward to reading the AAR.

    Yup that about covers it


    • Thanks Andy. Your comments are appreciated, as always. Regarding your wallet, at least the miniatures I point you in the direction of aren’t too expensive. I think the four Black Hat pandas were cheaper than the single Bushido panda you already own? And now you have a warband/buntai/faction of JUST kung fu pandas which you have to admit, is pretty damn cool! No-one else has got one – just need some custom cards so you can play them. Wonder how they’d fare against my Nezumi? Or TMNT? Ooooh, kung fu pandas vs ninja turtles – THAT’S gotta be done!!!


  7. Kung fu pandas vs TMNT! Genius!!

    I was just wondering what to do with them! I was thinking Cathayan WFB if KoW and then you pull that out of the bag!

    Ps, ready to posse up and slap down a troll, whenever you are dude


  8. I`ve watched it all. From the start I watched. Many people will just gang up or take a side (often the wrong side, calling it loyalty but in fact, very often based on lack of awareness of the truth of a full story. Silly individual who do that). This leads to making a fool of self, as thinking they are being champions of a cause to their `friend`, in fact it simply means they align to an evil cause. I suppose the inner blinded faculty (to themselves) is that these types rarely have the sense to realise their mistake or the humility to learn from it and correct their folly; instead, following a path that leads them up the thorny path to errors-ville.

    Jez, and the friends he subtly mentions who have been targeted. Yes this is correct. I have seen it. I watched the snipes, the snippets of threads, the barbed comments intended to get a `rise` and I can only say wow, how these good people have managed to stay silent is beyond me, especially as with revealed truth or a motive intent, they could slay this culprit in moments. Truth hurts, and boy, there are some hidden truths here. I suppose their silence is because they treat is with the contempt it deserves and so refuse rise to it. But even so, its ugly and despicable.

    Nice post Jez. Needed saying. Your friends may be too kind, too nice, to reveal the truth. But I`m glad to see someone has stepped up to the peg, to speak out. However subtly. Hopefully now it will stop. For as is usually the case in these things, the culprit of a piece will always knows who they are themselves (although in this instance, they may just be too bloody dim to see themselves as anything other than the wonderful heroes of the play).

    The play’s the thing. … wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king,”


    • Thanks Dave. If I was the only one suffering this ‘attention’, I would have probably stayed quiet and ignored it. But having seen the effect this vindictive and frankly petty behaviour has had on others, I just couldn’t keep quiet. A single snipe could be forgiven as someone having a bad day, but it takes malicious intent to continue a vendetta beyond this.

      Hopefully, this post and the support it has generated will send a message to the ‘troll’ concerned and it will cease. If not, well, Trolls don’t last very long when exposed to the light, do they?


  9. My apologies Jez, the start of the half term, not to mention a rather splendid beer festival, have conspired to make me late on parade. Now having turned up, I am dismayed to read the opening paragraphs – oh my dear Lord! Social Media, particularly blogging has been such an added bonus to this most wholesome of hobbies that we all love. It is an outlet for creativity and a vehicle for support, but every so often it is a vessel for the most vile of poisons. This sort of behaviour is all too often carried out by a simpering, weak minded individual, the sort of degenerate that takes an unhealthy pleasure in the suffering of others and as such is not worthy of your time. Jez you are one of the most creative and generous hobbyists I have have had the pleasure to meet and it goes without saying that I intend to continue to gorge at the buffet for the foreseeable future.

    Now back to more palatable matters, battleship-grey old-school Daleks are so cool and clearly the only choice – well that’s what colour mine will be when I eventually get around to painting them. 🙂


    • No need to apologise, Michael. I’ve checked Master Crow’s Big Book of Rules and it appears that beer festival’s ARE an acceptable reason for delays in commenting. But then he has been known to go on week-long benders, the drunken old bird.

      As for the other matter, it’s unfortunately inevitable that for every dozen or so ‘good eggs’, you’re bound to get a bad one. Hopefully this post and the comments it has elicited will make the ‘trolls’ think twice before continuing.

      As for the Daleks, I did think long and hard before realising that they really HAD to be grey. The problem is, now I want some more to paint in different colours, especially since the ‘tube’ technique for painting the globes takes the faff out of painting them.


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