Forgotten Heroes 2017 – The Return

It’s the 1st of June, which means that most people’s thoughts are turning to a hopeful change in the weather and the possibility of enjoying the sunshine, either here or Abroad.

However, here at the Buffet, June means it’s time for the creative madness that we like to call Forgotten Heroes! Yes, that’s right, it proved so popular last year, that we’re doing it again!

So, for the next 30 days, we will be taking a break here at the Buffet from the ongoing Doctor Who project to concentrate on creating at least one 28mm figure of a comic book character who has not yet had a figure created for them or, if it has, it was a bit pants. Full details of the ‘rules’ (such as they are), can be found on the official Forgotten Heroes website.

So, last year I created models of Super-Soldier, Bananaman and Stegron, the Dinosuar Man, as can be seen both on the Forgotten Heroes site and on this post. This year, I’m going one better, with FOUR figures! And the reason I’m doing this, is because this year, I’m doing a team…

Back in 1993, Alan Moore had developed a working relationship with Image Comics and had effectively been given free rein to create whatever he wanted. So, he drafted some of his comic book pals and came up with the 6 issue miniseries called 1963. This was an affectionate parody of the early Marvel comics of that era, with each issue featuring a different take on a famous title or character. We had Horus, Lord of Light an Egyptian-themed Thor analogue, Tales From Beyond featuring the Unbelievable N-Man (Hulk) and Johnny Beyond (Dr. Strange), Tales of the Uncanny featuring the Ultimate Secret Agent (Captain America) and the Hypernaut (Iron Man), No-one Escapes the Fury! which was the 1963 version of Spider-Man and The Tomorrow Syndicate which teamed up Horus, U.S.A., Hypernaut and N-Man with additional characters Infra-Man and Infra-Girl to form the 1963 version of the Avengers.

However, the team I’m going to do is the 1963 version of the Fantastic Four, who are known as Mystery Incorporated!

The ‘Quantum Quartet’ are made up of Crystal Man, Kid Dynamo, Neon Queen and the Planet, with a similar origin and power sets to Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, the Invisible Girl and the Thing, although with a few cosmetic differences – although Neon Queen transforms into gas, rather than becoming invisible.

So, four characters may seem like a tall order, but the thing I’ve learned about doing conversions over the years is – keep things simple. In other words, pick a base figure that is as near as damn it to the finished result you want. Why give yourself extra work? So, with this in mind, it was off to Blue Rat Games to see which singles would be suitable for my nefarious plans.

And the results were these four:

So, from left to right we have Veil, the Living Lightning, Prism and Blood Brother, all of which are Marvel characters. So, as you can see, there won’t be a great deal of conversion work before these are ready to be painted. Veil will need adjusting to bring her more upright and possibly a re-sculpt of her hair to make it more 60’s, the Living Lightning just needs basing, Prism needs his head ‘fins’ trimmed and Blood Brother may need a slight re-sculpt of his head. Other than that, it will just be a case of painting them the appropriate colours.

And the best thing about my ‘Quantum Quartet’ is that the total cost of all four figures was just Β£1.36! Bargain!

So, now I’ve given you a taster, join me next time to see how far I’ve progressed and make sure you check out the other participants progress either on the Forgotten Heroes site or their own blogs.

35 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes 2017 – The Return

    • No reason to be embarassed, Michael, they are quite obscure. My knowledge of obscure heroes and villains is quite comprehensive, but somehow doesn’t get me invited to dinner parties…

      But that’s what FH is all about, revealing those odd but cool characters to a wider audience and creating unique figures. Plus it’s great fun too!


      • As I said in my post, I have a second figure in mind already. I realised that somewhere I have a half-completed Jessica Jones on the go as well (based on the TV series, and this years’ cosplay).


        ” hopeful change in the weather and the possibility of enjoying the sunshine, either here or Abroad.”

        I should remind you that in this bit of abroad we’ve just entered winter. Although we still have sunshine πŸ™‚


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  2. Thanks for the link to Blue Rat Games. I’ve a hankering to have a go at repainting some Heroclix but didn’t really know where to lay my hands on any outside of eBay.

    Best of luck working on your quartet of heroism!


    • No problem, Roy. I’ve used Blue Rat for a couple of years now and they always give good service and regularly have 25% off sales, which makes their pretty reasonable prices even better. They’re usually my first port of call when looking for conversion fodder or specific models.


  3. Wow that is a great set of heroes you’ve got there Jez, and I have to admit they are a new one on me too, but I love the FF so really looking forward to you’re new spin on them. I think I am now up to date with all the postings (I missed Alans, but have now put that right, sorry). Should really be doing my figures now, but will have to go shopping in a bit, and this re-posting take longer than you think (doesn’t help that I’ve had to re-learn how to do it!) dozy old fart that I am.

    Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. As I know you’re a fan of the FF, I thought you’d approve. Whilst other super teams have been copied, I think ‘Mystery Incorporated’ along with the Furst Family from Astro City are the only FF analogues, unless you count the U-Foes. That I can trot off these names at the drop of a hat just proves my geek credentials. They should be relatively simple to do. But what a wide selection of ‘subjects’ we have this year! Which is what makes it so fun!


  4. What a cracking posting, Jez. Its so good to see you enthused with the hobby once more, and this does look like a cracking month, doesn’t it!?! Great pick and I’m really looking forward to seeing how these conversions turn out for you. Thanks once again for coming up with the “Forgotten Heroes” idea!!


    • Thanks Simon. Since I came up with this idea, I’ve got a mental ‘wish list’ of characters in my head, so am always planning the next ‘Forgotten Hero’ to be featured. Based on the figures I have ‘waiting in the wings’, I think I’ve already got two potential characters for next year already. But no doubt I’ll change my mind before then and do something completely different.


  5. all looks totally fun fun fun.

    If I do find myself with a day to knuckle down and get them both done, I`ll have a go at my two entries, who are equally as obscure and bizarre as the ones I see mentioned here. But strangely, rather appealing at the same time. A main reason for making these two miniatures would also be that I would dearly want to use them in my Clix games, as they are two of my favourite characters, and their likeness simply does not exist in the miniatures world lol. So if I want to play with them in my games, I’m going to have to make them myself anyway.


    • I`m assuming of course, that its okay if I deliberately base them on Clix bases, so I can actually use them as well? Otherwise I`ll just base them on ordinary bases and rebase them for my games later


      • Of course. The ‘rules’ (more guidelines, actually) don’t specify what bases you use. Just that it’s 28mm (ish), that it’s a character that hasn’t been made yet or has, but you can do better and that it’s completed during June. Other than that, you can do what you like. 😁


    • Thanks Hils. Last year’s event was pretty good fun for all concerned, which is why they’ve all come back for more. And it’s always good to have a few new faces involved.

      I do hope you get the time to make your figures, but don’t feel pressured – it IS supposed to be a bit of fun, after all. 😁


      • For you, Jez, I will have them done on time πŸ™‚

        But where do I post the photos once they`re finished and ready to show?


        • Usual practice is to do an ‘introductory’ post on your blog, if you have one, then various WIPs throughout the month. Howevet, as TGC is a shared site AND I know you work quite quickly, you could comb8ne it all into one post. This makes it easier for Roger to repost on the FH site. For those that don’t have blogs, Roger has kindly agreed to field emails and attachments and post them to the site. Hope that all makes sense?


          • Oh how marvellous, yes that all makes perfect sense, and very kind of Roger too.

            Yeah I do tend to work pretty fast, whether sculpting a model entirely from scratch or just customising an existing piece, and so doing it as a post on TGC will work nicely for me AND means I can get himself to take the photos, as mine are simply dreadful and make what ever I do look even worse.


  6. Na na na naa naaaaaa na!! I know what you`re making <– points at Hils

    Sounds like this is going to be a fun project month. Good luck everybody!


      • woohoooo!!!!! yea they should be interesting. And for her point of view, this is the excuse she needed to make this (new to the comic book world) iconic duo to add to her games. Making your own is such fun, I don’t know why more gamers don’t do it. Probably just too easy to go buy the hero we want for our games most the time. But still, sometimes even when I know a mini is out there, I still prefer to make my own. But yeah (who am I kidding) %99 of the time if it out there, I`ll buy it – its simply so much easier lol.


        • This particular ‘event’ evolved from Roger and I’s ‘Masters of the Universe’ conversions – I thought if I widened the scope of the subject matter, it might encourage more people to ‘have a go’. FH follows one of my gaming philosophies, namely “‘if you can’t find exactly what you want at a price you’re willing to pay, make your own”. So, yes, it’s a bit of fun, but it also encourages people to possibly try something they haven’t done before and hopefully makes them think about the hobby in a new way.


  7. There are several posts from this year up already, along with our first completed mini! (the header at the top of the page also displays finished mini’s from last years entries, there are four different ones if you refresh the page). and links to the original posting at the bottom of posting, so you can comment either on the FH site or people original blog (we all love comments you know!).

    Good luck Hill’s, I’ll keep an eye on the cupboard to catch your post.

    Cheers Roger.


  8. What a lovely idea this Forgotten Heroes, and I wish everyone all the very best on it (specially you Jez). Work for me this year is intensely busy, and sadly I simply do not have the time to put into the hobby like I used to. I shall write the odd rare thing for the emerald crowd, but other than that, I think I am pretty much done.

    Love you guys, happy gaming.



    • Apologies for the late reply. Completely understand, Tarot and you will be sorely missed. I hope you’ll have a chance to drop the odd comment on your favourite blogs. Very best of luck with your career, but no digging up any cursed mummies, else I shall be having words! πŸ˜‰


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