Gone…But, Not Forgotten

Whilst I only had a very small amount to do to complete my Forgotten Heroes for this year’s event, due to issues at work over the last week and half, the first time I actually picked up a paint brush was last night!

That’s right – they almost didn’t get finished within my own self-imposed deadline, which obviously would have meant that I’d have to tell myself off…again.

As everyone else has been busy beavering away and producing far more accomplished and imaginative conversions than myself, it would have been a pretty poor showing for the crazed individual who came up with this idea to not actually finish his own bloody entries…

Luckily, some feverish daubing into almost the wee hours last night meant that my ‘quantum quartet’ are now complete. So, the task I’d set myself for this year’s Forgotten Heroes event was to create 28mm versions of the Image Comics Fantastic Four pastiche, Mystery Incorporated.

This ‘fantastic foursome’ are made up of the the malleable crystalline Crystal Man, the electrifying Kid Dynamo, the gaseous Neon Queen and the super-strong Planet. All were conversions from existing (and cheap) HeroClix figures, which initially looked like this:

However, with a bit of minor modification and repainting, we end up with this:

I decided to use the Star Wars interlocking tiles that I ‘improved’ as a backdrop for them, to represent their high-tech subterranean base beneath Manhattan, known as the Mystery Mile.

I’m pretty pleased with how they’ve come out, although in hindsight, I probably should have made the Planet’s head more spherical, as he looks like he’s got a jelly bean for a head. However, I did manage to paint the question mark logo on both Neon Queen’s and the Planet’s uniforms in one go without mucking it up, so that’s a plus.

I really need to make their arch-enemy, Doctor Apocalypse, in order to pit them against a worthy adversary, but that may have to wait. However, a certain resident of the Baxter Building, upon hearing that the Planet was a direct pastiche of him, decided to pay a visit to the Mystery Mile. I think you ALL know what time he chose to visit…

“Eat hot-dog cart, Ya big, green galoot!”

And that’s Forgotten Heroes done for another year. Be sure to pay a visit to the official site, where the dynamic half of this duo – Mr Roger Webb – has been posting and re-posting the efforts of all taking part this year and marvel at the sheer inventiveness of those who took part.

And now, an announcement. As I am taking a much-needed and long-delayed holiday during July, the Buffet will be closing its doors for the entirety of next month. I will still be dropping in on my favourite blogs and posting comments, but there won’t be any new content on here until at least the beginning of August. This should give me an opportunity to finish off some outstanding hobby projects and actually play a few more games, so hopefully they’ll be a few more AAR’s ready to be posted come August, including the next part of my Doctor Who adventure.

Until then, here’s a picture of a creepy girl and her equally creepy soft toy, which used to signify that transmission had been interrupted on the BBC here in the UK…

“I know where the bodies are buried…”

Thanks to all my followers and visitors and see you in August!

22 thoughts on “Gone…But, Not Forgotten

  1. If we didn’t know what time Mr. Grimm chose to drop by, he’d certainly tell us. Great work, Carrion Crow! Love the Planet especially.

    This challenge was a lot of fun! My final Forgotten Heroes post will be up today, just in time for the end of the month.

    Have a great month off and happy gaming!


    • Thsnks Keith. They did turn out rather well and I’m contemplating a three-way slugfest between the Planet, the Hulk and the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing. My money’s on the orange guy…

      Glad you enjoyed our little excursion into the obscure. As it has once again proved rather popular, no doubt it will return next year, so hoprfully you’ll be able to join us once more.


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  3. Good to see the finished team, and isn’t it a relief once you get them finished! Just the stragglers to get in now, but I’m hopeful everyone is going to finish on time this year.

    They are a great re-working of the FF and nice conversion work on your part too.

    You will be missed next month, but I hope you have a great holiday and come back refreshed and raring to go in August.

    All the best, Cheers Roger.


    • Thanks Roger. I was a little concerned as the end of the month drew closer and I’d not had a chance to get them done. But finished they are – and they came out pretty much the way I’d hoped, so all’s well.

      And I’ll still be hanging around the usual places, just not posting. Hopefully it will give me the opportunity to build up a backlog of content, so my posts are more regular.


  4. I really really REALLY love your quantum quartet. Well done Jez. They`re fabulous. Know the best bit about making and finishing miniatures (the whole point really). You then get to PLAY with them on the table in your games. woohoo!!!


    • “The play’s the thing…” lol. Thanks Tar. They are quite a distinctive looking group and they DO make me want to field them in some superhero shenanigans. As they do travel to alternate realities via the Maybe Machine, the possibilities are endless. However, I do think a battle against a team inspired by creatures of Japanese myth and legend would be rather fun…and I’ve enough finished miniatures to enable me to do this. Right, that’s settled then – Mystery Incorporated vs Sentai Nihon!


      • Mmmmmmmmm I do love a bit of Hamlet. “…. conscience of the King” and all that, yeah hehe. Nicely said.

        Love your proposals. The Maybe Machine, Japanese myths springing to life, and Mystery Incorporated vs Sentai Nihon,. Oooo make it happen, make it happen.


  5. You will be sorely missed in July. But I suppose you are allowed to go on holiday – if you MUST **Grins**

    The finished Mystery Incorporated look stunningly awesome. I truly love the look and the tone of them.

    (and that girl on the screen looks like she belongs in an X File. And as for the doll……. *shudders*)


    • Thanks Hils. I DO like using post titles with double meanings…lol

      I will still be floating hither and yon, just not posting – you should know by now that I’m quite difficult to get rid of and I HAVE been known to change my mind, so there may be a few sneaky posts…

      And whilst the girl is quite creepy, she still can’t trump Hartley Hare from “Pipkins” – that was a truly terrifying puppet, like roadkill brought to unholy life…


  6. Awesome stuff, Jez, and now I’ve tracked down that issue of “Mystery Incorporated” I’m looking forward to reading about your tip-top minis’ adventures on the printed page 🙂

    Have a terrific month off, and don’t worry about missing any of Roger’s BatReps postings 😉


    • Thanks Simon. I will be poring over my copy, as I seem to recall that there were a couple of images of Mystery Incorporated’s foes, so I might see if I can make their rogues gallery. However, it might take a bit of adfitional creativity, as I think the images were monochrome.

      And the prospect of potentially missing one of Roger’s BatReps almost makes me reconsider sunning myself by the pool, with beer whenever I want it…actually – it doesn’t. 😉


  7. Have a blinding holiday mate, and enjoy all those rays of Sun…… go on, you know you`ll love it ^ ^

    Great finished minis, and well…. just coolio….. everything :-)))


    • Thanks Steve. I will be taking my tablet with me, as I intend to get some ‘work’ done whilst I’m away, as I do have a couple of rulesets that require finishing off. Can’t just slob by the pool – need to keep my mind active too.


      • >>Can’t just slob by the pool<<

        there`s always the compulsory ice-cream eating (with a flake of course… two if you feel decadent).

        or (like in `The Darlng Buds of May`) the little "Chuff Chuff" ^ ^


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  11. Wow, great job on those conversions! I loved reading the 1963 comics, and your minis look spot on!

    A question for you, where do those “Star Wars interlocking tiles” come from?


    • Thanks Faust. They were a fun project and relatively easy to do.

      As for the interlocking Star Wars tiles, they’re from a mail-away set for the original 3 3/4 inch Star Wars figures, named the “Display Arena”. I’ve had them for many, many years. They currently go for about £45 upwards for a set of 4, but you’ll be lucky to find them at that price.

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