The Best Laid Plans

I don’t know which evil entity decided July would be the month in which it would attempt to unravel all aspects my life, but someone obviously failed to inform it of exactly who it was dealing with…

So, having been lashed to the mast, screaming obscenities into the teeth of the gale, I have weathered all that July has thrown at me and returned, if not unscathed, at least unsunk.

However, it does mean that my ‘best laid plans’ have gone awry. No rules have been written, no games played, no figures painted…nothing even remotely hobby-related has been done.

But when have I ever let that stop me from posting, eh?

Regular visitors will know that I constantly keep my eyes open for inexpensive items that can be re-purposed for gaming. They will also know that, given the choice, my personal material preference for wargaming structures is hard plastic, rather than MDF.

So, if I happen to come across an injection-moulded plastic building that is not only approximately scaled to 28mm, but also only £4.00, I’m hardly likely to leave it on the shelf now, am I?

Zomlings in the Town” is a range of collectible plastic figurines made by Magic Box Toys, representing cartoon-like monsters that are just under an inch tall, which are sold blind-packaged to encourage multiple purchases. However, we’re not interested in the main range, but an ‘expansion’ from Series 5, known as Parking.

This expansion consists of three buildings, approximately 3.5″ by 2.5″ in area and 2.5″ tall, moulded in single colour hard plastic and sold separately accompanied by two ‘themed’ zomlings. The buildings are hollow and have a hinged door at one end, as each building is supposed to be a garage for the appropriately themed ‘zom-mobile’.

There is a red fire station, a blue police station and a green ice cream shop, as shown below:

Image result for zomlings series 5 parking

Stylistically,  the buildings are somewhat cartoony, with the kind of slightly wonky architecture you’d expect to see in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, so these are probably best utilised with either Chibi figures, such as those from Super Dungeon Explore or Ninja All Stars, or with Heroclix TMNT.

“But Jez”, I hear you cry, “You don’t own any Chibi figures or any Turtles, so what use are these to you?” Patience, dear reader, I will explain…

Whilst both the fire and police station certainly wouldn’t fit in with any of the figures I currently own, the ice cream shop is another matter, as the ‘style’ of this building can be rationalised away. Most ice cream parlours are somewhat stylised anyway, so having examined the item in question in detail, I bought one.

And here it is:

So, an injection-moulded plastic building with plenty of surface detail and texturing for £4.00. As you can see, the detailing covers the entire exterior, including the roof. I’ve shown it with its ‘door’ open, to give an idea of how this works.

Of course, I did claim that this was approximately 28mm scale, let’s stick a couple of figures in front of it, to show what this looks like:

“I am the Master…and I do want a flake with that.”

To the left we have one of my repainted Heroclix figures and to the right, my Black Tree Design Master, which gives a good indication that, whilst the door might look a touch small, generally speaking it doesn’t look too out of scale.

As the roof is flat, what with it being a box, there is enough room to place at least one figure on the roof, depending on base size.

“I am the Master…of all I survey. Oooh! I can see you house from up here.”

And, as the building is hollow, this mean that it can be opened and figures placed inside.

And what would you expect to find inside an ice cream parlour? I don’t know about you, but mine appears to be full of Daleks…

“Refrigerate! Refrigerate! Refrigerate!”

Bloody things get everywhere

A very useful addition to my urban scenery and I can see this being used in a variety of genres, from Scooby Doo to Ghostbusters, superheroes to Doctor Who. I am actually quite looking forward to giving this a lick of paint, but feel it probably needs an undercoat of spray primer first, as all buildings, even small ones such as this, do seem to take a looooooong time to paint.

That’s all for this time and whilst this may not have been useful to all of you, I hope its been of use to some of you.

Next time…at present, your guess is as good as mine. Could be Doctor Who, could be Victorian adventurers, could be superheroes, could be something really weird

But there WILL be something here. And July can go fuck itself.




32 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

    • They are pretty cool. The other two buildings from this particular expansion can be found by doing a Google Images search on ‘Zomlings Parking’. There are other buildings and vehicles in the range, but I felt this one had the most use for gamers. And yes, it is a little petite – I choose to think of it as a ice cream booth, like you’d find in a park, rather than the high street. However, it is big enough to block LOS and adds another structure to my boards.


  1. OOOooh I WANT it , I want it. Its so ideal for Chibis. what a perfect and oh so lucky find.

    Sorry July has been bad, but hey, August can only get better hehe.


    • Thanks Hils. They’re readily available from Toys R Us and big supermarkets. The actual figures themselves are a bit rubbish, but the buildings are pretty good for the price and ideally suited to the more ‘cartoony’ feel of Chibis.

      As for August…we’ll see.


  2. nice post Jez, love those buildings (even if I have fallen out of love with Chibis for the time being… due to being thoroughly and right royally pissed off at waiting FAR too long for SDE Legends and Rail Raiders Infinite), and a rare find I must say. Hope August works out better for you mate.


      • {{So, having fallen out of love with Chibis, you will, of course, be giving away your entire collection then?}}

        You`d be surprised. over the last decade I`ve actually given away seven complete collections (each of which was at at least as large as my chibi one is): usually paying postage to ship it to the receiver or just delivering it to their home personally. My range of Chibis is pretty frickin` vast…. ALL of Super Dungeon explore (first wave) and almost all of Forgotten King (wave 2): I have the entire (wave 3) SDE “Legend” Kickstarter and all the stretch goals of course – still on order, paid for and waiting to be delivered – when they get round to it, and I have the entire kickstarter for Rail Raiders Infinite and all relevant stretch goals of course….. on top of this have about 1000 Impact Miniature chibis (the entire range in fact), plus various ones we`ve sculpted ourselves. I`m guessing 2000 minis all told and TONS of terrain for it. Normally in the past this is e-x-a-c-t-l-y the kind of thing I would give away, if I found someone worthy and who (if I could truly see) was genuinely desperately in love with what I had, then I`d just give it to them. But THIS time, Hils is MAKING me (its rare she puts her foot down) box it all up… also keep both the kick starters when they arrive sealed in their crate…. and then SELL this pretty lot, ALL of it: maybe set up an eBay account specially for it. I`ve never ever sold any of my stuff before; only ever done give aways, or swapsies, so this will be a first.

        Strange how the world works though Jez hehe. In almost al lcases where I have given stuff away, I could have given even more way – twice over, but have been turned down many times too. Sooooo many (people who dont know me of course, i.e. on line peeps) are immediately suspicious if you say “I got 800 minis for you, if you want, just pay me the postage and I`ll send it all to you.” they immediately think “whats the catch” lol or assume I`m after the postage and wont deliver or something, hahaha. Hence, in the end I usually just end up paying the post too LOL. Anywayssss, Hillers has put her foot down and gone “NO!” and reminded me I`d actually be rich now if I had actually sold stuff in the past hehe, meh! I suppose she`s right.


        • She does have a point, but you can’t change your nature. You’re a generous chap and if you see someone who will love your ‘babies’, then you’re quite happy to pass them on.

          I guess the long wait for the Kickstarters has soured you to that particular company, and selling those on when they arrive makes sense, but have you really fallen out of love with the style of the Chibi figures? Could you, for example, take a hammer to your favourite Chibi and smash it to bits and feel nothing but satisfaction? I suspect not.


          • hmmmm, I think he still adores his plastic and resin `babies` (I know I do) its just a fundamental disdain for kickstarters, which we have always held in low regard in any case. They rely on `the carrot` and `the greed factor` for them to work (a bit like the chain letter and that pyramid scheme thing) “we`ll give you this, and this, and this, if you give us your money.. then we`ll sit on it for as loooong as we can while all that money rests in our account making us tons MORE money, and when we think you can`t stand any more, we will finally pay a bit of that money out and get some poor cheaply paid Chinese workers to work hard for a month and actualy make the stuff… while meanwhile we get rich and fat on the profits, as we have done all along. Telling you all the time a pack of excuses why we needed to delay all this time”

            We got caught up in the wave of kickstarter passion.. or rather Stevie did hehe, back when (as they say in the song) “everyone is doing it” and fine, we did well out of Zombicide Black Plague, But BOTH the chibi games we are waiting for (same f****g company I might add) have really messed everyone about, and at this stage the sour taste in our mouths simply wont go away: and has thus somewhat tainted chibi gaming for us both. Considerably so in fact. But even if it hadnt, and all had gone smoothly, we STILL see and know the true face of kickstarters for what they are, having done some considerable research into it, and know its awful heinous visage, seeing the whole thing clearly, for what it is


          • I’ve yet to pledge for any Kickstarter. I think my main problem with it is that I come from a generation where you saved up for something you wanted and then you bought it. You may have had to wait 28 days for delivery, but if you paid for something, you got it. I can’t really get my head around the ‘pay now – get it 6-12 months later’ mentality of Kickstarter. So I doubt I ever will pledge to a Kickstarter.

            Don’t blame the Chibis though…look at their big eyes. Do you want to see them filled with tears? Do you? Thought not. 😉


          • {{{ Don’t blame the Chibis though…look at their big eyes. Do you want to see them filled with tears? Do you? Thought not. 😉 }}}

            I`m the “Mrs Bumble” of Chibi World. My Chibis all eat gruel and are pulling straws and plucking up courage for “Oliver” Chibi to walk up to the front and ask “Please Sir, may I have some…. more?”

            Course, whats slowing them down is, they`re to poor to own any straws.


          • It all makes sense now…there is no such thing as ‘Chibi’, it’s macrocephaly caused by poor diet. You should be ashamed of yourself, Madam! I shall be writing a strongly worded letter to the Times!


  3. Sorry to hear that July hasn’t been much fun for you Jez, I seem to have been caught a little in its ill wind too. Still, here we are in August and you have, once again, conspired to brighten my day! This is superb and I clearly need one of these as what a perfect building for my, yet to be painted, Scooby Doo gang to investigate – the Haunted Ice Cream Parlour! Couldn’t find one on EvilBay but have now got a Zombling train set winging its way to ‘Awdry Towers’ – well it was only £3.99! 🙂


    • The less said about July, the better…

      And glad to have been of service. I picked mine up in my local Sainsbury’s, but have seen them in Toys R Us as well. Not seen the train set, but I shall be looking this up now, as I feel this might make a suitable ‘ghost train’ for either the Scooby gang or my Ghostbusters.


  4. Sorry to be so late commenting this one slipped by me, sorry to hear you time off has been so challenging (been there), hope it all gets back on course asap.

    Rather interesting find these, and though I can’t immediately find a use for them myself, I will store these away in the old data bank for possible future reference.

    Cheers Roger.


    • No worries, Roger. As I’ve been off the grid for a while, and snuck a post in outside of mt normal ‘window’, it’s not surprising you didn’t pick it up as normal.

      Whilst I can think of a use for them, I do appreciate that they might not be to everyone’s tastes, but felt it better to show them off, as those who do fancy them could get some for themselves.


  5. Hi Jez found your blog thank’s to Steve and Hils, sorry to hear about the disastrous month. Great find on the building, it’s amazing where you might find that next great piece and where it will come from


    • Welcome aboard, Dave. Please feel free to browse my ‘back catalogue’ – it’s a somewhat eclectic mix of genres that interest me and does have at least one complete rules system squirrelled away, should Star Trek-esque spaceship combat be your thing.

      And finding stuff like this appears to be one of my talents, as Steve and Hils can attest to, with the bikes I found for their MC1 project.


    • Lovely to see you here Dave, your presence will be a great addition, as we have a lot of `dry` fun and `tease` .. all done in the best possible taste <–best Kenny Everett impersonation.


  6. Welcome Monsieur Stone, glad you found the Jaz mad house. We all sing church songs and build camp fire and – and – and – oh all sorts *smiles*


  7. As my musical skills consist of basic recorder lessons from primary school and this instrument is not renowned for its use in Jazz music, i doubt I could contribute much to a ‘popular beat combo’.

    However, the Buffet is a relaxed venue, very similar to a Jazz club. Pull up a chair – the waitress will be along shortly to take your drinks order (a good selection of bottled ales are available), help youself to peanuts and…relax. You’re amongst friends here. 😊


  8. I’m sorry but if you are going to start playing Jazz I’m off!!!

    Cleo Lame and Johnny Dankworth (so tempted to do a Kenny Everett letter sway with Dankworth, but I’m too much of a gentleman) are not my bag at all. and I’m taking all my “Pinky and Perky” records with me!



  9. Thank you all for the warm welcome, Hils with your knee I would seriously lay off the Kenny Everett impressions as you could pop a hip as well ! Jez I did see the cool bike you found on Steve and Hils recent post, I must admit I love my wife having a clear out of the kids toys as I never know what goodies I may inherit. As for the music choice I’m okay with Jazz as long as it’s played in a heavy rock way ! LOL


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