A Study in Grey

Sir Byron Carpenter eased his vast bulk into the leather-upholstered armchair and considered the men assembled in his study through heavily-lidded eyes.

They were a disreputable looking group, their patched and threadbare clothing hinting at an existence far removed from the opulence that currently surrounded them. Yet, rather than appearing ill-at-ease, an aura of menace, of barely restrained violence, could be discerned by those sensitive to such things.

However, Sir Byron was unconcerned for his safety amongst this band of ruffians, for though he appeared to be nothing more than a corpulent gentleman of means, this carefully cultivated facade concealed something far more dangerous and deadly than a mere handful of street-hardened bravos.

Normally, he would have assigned a task of this nature to his own people, but these man had something they lacked – local knowledge. Whilst his ‘business enterprises’ had spread like an insidious disease through most of the seedier areas of London, Blackwell had yet to succumb to his raddled touch. 

And that was where she had gone to ground.

He ground his teeth and inwardly seethed. After all his careful planning, the pressure applied to those in positions of power, the bribes, the threats and the expense, to have her slip though his fingers and vanish into the night was near intolerable. He would have taken his frustrations out upon the man assigned as her jailor, but whatever power she had used upon him had fractured his mind beyond all repair and no amount of physical punishment could now penetrate the labrythine twists of his insanity.

And just what could HE accomplish with such powers at his command? His breath grew short with excitement, as he imagined the entire city under his control. But why stop with just one city? If the legends were to be believed, and he  had no reason to doubt them, once she was bound to him, nothing would be beyond his grasp.

He now had the artefact…he just needed the girl.

“Gentlemen,” he wheezed, addressing his assembled cat’s paws, “I have a commission for you…”

16 thoughts on “A Study in Grey

  1. Another piece of the plot line emerges, the blue lady could be many things as long as she’s his !
    Carpenter sounds like he could be a serious protagonist in your upcoming games Jez, whether in the game or working from the sidelines influencing the coming events.


    • Thanks Dave. Sir Byron will be the main protagonist for this current plotline, although he does have a tendency to operate from the shadows. However, as the figure I have to represent him is currently in the painting queue, no doubt he will make his presence known on the table.


    • Thanks Roy. Given that the first part was initially supposed to be a ‘filler’ post, it seems to have taken on a life of its own and now NEEDS to be told. There will be other content, rather than just this unfolding tale, as a certain previously mentioned building is currently nearing completion… πŸ˜‰


  2. Tantalising, intriguing (I know someone irl *just* like your Mr. B C). Sub plots are such fun and this one is certainly taking off at a running start, with a whole life of its own. He could be a Kingpin he could be a Cheapside City Shadow Boss, he could be……. who ever you reveal him to be. I`m liking this more and more, and will wait with baited breath for each new instalment as it arises, taking shape and vibrancy within the sinister plot machinations of Jez – The Story Teller.

    And just WHO are the individual members of his mysterious, no doubt awfully smelly, seedy little gang?


    • Thank you, Steve. As I now know in which direction this story is going, I can seed each instalment with little clues, so that when the mysteries are unravelled, you’ll be able to go back over the previous instalments and pick them out. At least, that’s the plan – we’ll see how successful I am as it progresses.

      As for Sir Byron’s lackeys, well…you’ll have to wait and see. 😁


  3. ……… and just WHO is the mysterious escaped prisoner Mr B C seems to covert so much. How did he capture her in the first place, and how and why did she escape.. where did she run to? OOooh I must know, I must know more.


    • Oooooh, it’s a puzzle, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

      Hopefully, as each instalment is published, the individual pieces of the puzzle will start to link together, gradually revealing the overall picture. And I have a feeling it won’t be quite what anyone’s expecting.


  4. Top end of the batch. Top shelf of the sherry cabinet. This is first class stuff and riveting to the max. I thought the first part was like a gripping beast, but this new sub plot just spirals into the realms of the unexpected and comes up, trumped! this plot could leap n any direction. Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice.


    • Thanks Dave. I believe that a good story should provide enough detail to set the scene, not treat the reader like an idiot (i.e. spoon-feed them) and treat them fairly. If you’re writing a mystery, you should give them the opportunity to try and solve the mystery along the way, rather than having some know-it-all detective reveal everything at the end – utilising knowledge that only THEY had access to.

      So that’s what I’m attempting here. Hopefully, it will entertain and intrigue you all as the story unfolds.


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