Along Came a Spider…

As my Gothic Victoriana project has reached a plateau and the stalwart forces of the Black Museum require a bit of rest and recuperation, it’s time for a brief diversion…elsewhere.

For many of my fellow bloggers, October signifies the rise of the walking dead, as their paint tables are filled with shambling corpses awaiting the touch of a brush – Zomtober 2018 is upon us…

However, I always look forward to October, as it is the time of year when a variety of retailers fill their shelves with macabre accessories, to enable all and sundry to dress their Halloween parties appropriately. For a gamer, this is an ideal opportunity to scour the shops for inexpensive bits to enhance their table.

Such as these:

A string of 10 battery-operated  ‘spider lights’ from Poundland costing, you guessed it, £1.00.

Each platic spider is approximately 45mm long, 45mm wide and about 15mm tall. They are molded in hard green plastic and have a ‘socket’ in their backside, into which the ligbts push. Detail is pretty good for what is effectively a 10p plastic figure, although you may wish to fill the hole in its bum to make it more realistic.

So, how do they compare size-wise to a standard 28mm figure? 

Like so:

One of my intrepid UNIT soldiers faces off against the lime-green menace of a ‘spider from Mars’ (Ziggy Stardust optional).

Of course, they are lights too, so you can use them ‘illuminated’, although they will have wires trailing from their arse.

Now, I made the assumption that the lights were white, with the coloured plastic provding the green glow, but this was an incorrect assumption. The lights are actually green:

My immediate thought on finding this out was “Cool. Maybe I can use them as eyes for a Shoggoth, made from expanding builders foam…”, but now I have another cunning plan…

So, 10 nicely detailed plastic spiders AND a string of 10 batter-operated green lights. For £1.00. Bargain.

The spiders could be used as spider-shaped starships, with the cavity being the engine port, painted up as the monstrous form of a Jorogumo, painted brass as clockwork steampunk automatons or used as arachnid foes for a Starship Troopers game. At £1.00 for ten, you could have a veritable swarm for less than a pint of beer.

Get ’em while you can, as once Halloween is done, they’ll scuttle back off to the warehouse for another year.


8 thoughts on “Along Came a Spider…

    • To be frank, Dave, I’ve had my eye on these for the last couple of years, but couldn’t really justify their purchase previously as I couldn’t really think of a use for them at the time. This year I just decided to buy them and as soon as I had them out their packet, various ideas came to me, so a worthwhile buy.


  1. What a fun post Jez, I only just spotted this because I read your morning mail, letting me know you had a new post up, most enjoyable to read and sip my first (actually, no ~ my second) morning coffee to. And yes I see I`m all over the show today aren`t I, its not even morning, so shows what a lazy c*w I am for having lay in bed aaallllll morning hehe. Okay I got a slight excuse, I got back ache for which the doctor (yesterday) gave to a muscle injection with the biggest pointy needle thing I`ve ever seen, uuugh!!.

    Cool with those wonderful light. SNAP! we found a ton of cheap Halloween (Sowan) spiders at the pound/euro store.. about 100 per packet, all different sizes and all very usable. So we bought two packs (Colonial Victorian Sci-fi Batrep to follow soon).


    • Thanks Hils. As it has been quite intense and serious as the events in Blackwell unfold, I thought a brief respite was in order. Combined with the fact that there is a limited wi dow of opportunity to buy these, I thought it better to post sooner rather than later, to give people the opportunity to buy them before they were whisked off the shelves.

      And as the lights are going to be used in my ongoing Gothic Victoriana project – which still needs a better name – it is kind of related.


  2. Cheap finds can sometimes be the most rewarding of `goodies` to swim into the net, not always of course… nothing can ever compare to saving, saving saving a fortune, a bit at a time, staying true and focused, and at the end of a long, long wait.. buying that prize possession (might be saving to buy that complete `game in a Box` “Liberty or Death” set, or a 2 or 4 player Death Match starter, or the complete deluxe set of Foundry 28mm Jack the Ripper miniatures and street scenes. But those elusively tantalising cheapy bundles found (almost by accident) in the pound/euro/dollar store are often deliciously delightful to discover purchase and walk home with.

    As I say, those expensive things we save for are of course always THE best (so long as we treasure them and USE them) but those lesser finds can also be little nuggets of silver and gold.

    Nice find Jez, nice find.


    • Thanks Steve. I fully understand the saving for something big and cool versus finding a bargain. Every bargain purchase I make which fulfils a specific gaming need means that my fund for a “big purchase” increases, so that when I get to the point where I CAN make that investment, I can ensure it IS something worthwhile…like the recent “Victorian Gentlemen” boxed set from Foundry – Holmes, Watson, Moriarty, Moran, John Bull, etc. Just lovely and has moved to the top of my wish list.


  3. “Victorian Gentlemen” boxed set from Foundry – Holmes, Watson, Moriarty, Moran, John Bull,

    something worthwhile to save for. For me, its DM, and I put away some pennies each week, watching the jar slowly fill up. I might even let it go to £200 or more before I spend it, knowing (with satisfaction) that I have stayed true and focused (didnt wander off and spend the money elsewhere), and at the end of it, I get to buy a lot of thing all in one glorious go, and enjoy an un-Chirstmas and un-Birthday all rolled into one. So satisfying mmmmmm.


    • As these figures were originally released (along with the other ‘Collections’) as individual limited edition sets, it’s nice to see them available again. I did manage to get a couple of the figures first time around, but missed out on ALL the figures from this paryicular set and serendipitously, they were re-released just after I started this current project. It’s almost like they knew…lol

      And The current spate of articles on TGC is sorely testing my resolve regarding DM. However, as there are figures and scenery that I NEED for the current project (hansom cab, Victorian thugs, more coppers, etc), these will take precedent.


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