Relight My Fire

Regular visitors to the Buffet will have noted that there have not been any recent posts. The reason for this is that I’ve been busy enjoying myself, so haven’t had much time to indulge myself hobby-wise.

The previous weekend I was in Dublin, to celebrate my birthday, doing the whole tourist thing and I may have had one or two pints of Guinness…

Last weekend I took my daughter to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour as a reward for doing well in her GCSE’s, and I may have had one or two glasses of Butterbeer…

There seems to be a pattern forming here…

In between these trips, there was a trip to the theatre, a new position at work to get used to and work on my entry for the Death Match competition being run by The Game Cupboard. So, not a lot of time for personal hobby stuff…

Having finally managed to secure an evening to dedicate to gaming, I was a little unsure how best to utilise my time. However, constant nagging from Stevie and Hils of ‘The Game Cupboard’ did point the way, so out came my painting station and the subject of this post, namely this:

This is the Aztec Fire Demon produced by Wargames Terrain Workshop, run by the very nice and talented Dave Stone. This particular model was a very generous  birthday gift, along with a beautifully painted Pitilliad, a set of Death Match dice and a female DM gladiator, from all at The Game Cupboard. There were squeals of delight when I opened this unexpected gift and whilst I have privately thanked everyone, I do want to publicly thank them all here as well. I have the best friends. 😁

Now, I haven’t previously painted a resin figure, as up until recently, all my miniatures were either plastic or metal. And this particularly figure is also partially translucent, so would require careful work to ensure that I didn’t paint over the bits I wanted to stay translucent.

The usual procedure in these cases would be to study tutorials, to work out the best way to do this. Or, you could just go for it and hope for the best. Guess which option I went for…lol

The first issue I had was that due to the colour of the resin, the actual detail of where the bones end and the flames begin is a little difficult to make out under artificial light. This isn’t a criticism of the model, just an observation. As my eyes are a bit crap anyway and I require glasses for close-up work, this was also a contributing factor.

So, having block-painted the skirt front and back, I then proceeded to gently dry-brush the exposed bones in Docrafts Linen. These were then given a wash of Docrafts Burnt Ochre, which gave a nice aged bone look and also highlighted the bits I’d missed with my intial dry-brushing. A second touching up and wash covered the bits I’d missed the first time.

I then gave the skirt a wash of GW Woodland Green and painted the feather head-dress with GW Enchanted Blue. The headband and necklace were painted Docrafts Bronze, then given a wash of Burnt Ochre. Moving back to the skirt, I painted the border Docrafts Cherry Red and the sun decoration GW Sunburst Yellow, then gave the whole thing a wash of dark grey, to dirty it up and enhance the detail.

Moving on to the spiked club, the points were painted the same as the bones, with the exposed front of the club being painted black. The feathers of the head-dress were then given a coat of GW Blue ink, to give them a bit of a sheen. It was then time to move on to the flames…

I first mixed some GW Blood Red with some Docrafts Bronze, to get a sparkly reddy-orange wash, which was liberally applied to all the flames. This was followed by a thin wash of Pumpkin Orange, then a few touches of Sunburst Yellow, especially where the orange was too fierce. 

To finish off, the base was painted with several coats of Mid Grey, until I was happy with the coverage. 

The end result was this:

I’m pretty happy with how it’s come out, as it kind of looks like I wanted it to.

Just to give you a sense of scale, here is the Demon menacing the unfortunate Miss Timms:

A nice model that was fun to paint. Who could ask for more?

Next time…who knows?


22 thoughts on “Relight My Fire

  1. I really like the way you have modeled your Aztec Fire Demon. As I looked at this post I switched screens t take a look at Daves own one on the official WTW site and I want to myself “oh dear, he`ll never be able to do anything like that I fear.” Oh me of little faith: I really needn`t have worried, Jez your`s looks absolutely freakishly stunning, I`m so very impressed. What a fabulously hulking brute of a terror monstrosity (I was actually really taken by Miss Timms as well, I really like that sculpt but have never seen it before now: is it Reaperbones).

    I will massively look forward to seeing this Demon make an appearance or six in your Blackwell adventures.


    • Thank you Hils. I was a little worried at first, as I wasn’t sure I could match Dave’s paint job, but just decided to go for it and see how it came out. Quite happy with the results.

      As for Miss Timms, she’s a West Wind sculpt, from their Vampire Wars range. I think she was part of the ‘Vampire Hunters’ pack.

      As for the Demon, I do have plans fir him, but probably not in Blackwell…


  2. **squeals with delight**

    I really love it, I do I do I DO.

    I think the translucent resin really gives this model a real edge (resin is my all the favourite medium to paint and collect in, and quite honestly, I wish my entire collection were resin casts.. though I am working on it).

    Your painting on this one is astounding and I think you have every reason to be pretty `chuffed` by your results. As they say in Southern Ireland: “Good man yerself.”

    By the way I didn`t forget your Birthday. Its sitting with Hil and Stevie, and they will bring it for you all neat and wrapped up (with a bow), when next they see you. Its a little .. um.. heavy, to post to you right now hehe.


    • Thank you very much, Tarot. I am quite chuffed with how it came out.

      A pressie? For me? Before getting ridiculously excited, I shall be telling you off, as you really shouldn’t have. But thank you in advance.

      《It’s a little.. um.. heavy》 You haven’t been stealing arefacts from work, have you? You could get into trouble for that… 😉


        • Now that would be frickin’ cool…however, I feel that both my family and the establishment may frown upon such a gift. And Whilst the idea of Stevie and Hils trying to get a sarcophagus onto a plane from Ireland does have a certain appeal, I think it might be asking too much.

          Unless it’s a mummified cat – that would fall under ‘cabin luggage’. 😉


    • Thanks Andy. It is a lovely model – I’m just glad I was able to do it justice.

      And he won’t be appearing on the streets of Victorian London, but I have a feeling that my Ghostbusters may run into him.


  3. Well worthy of Dave`s cool sculpting with this one Jez. I`m impressed, and shows a fine level of painting skill. You just upped the modelling stakes here mate, I`ll have to watch myself I can see, or hang up my laurels *wink*


  4. Great you enjoyed the presents Jez, you’ve done a cracking job on the painting, sure to terrorise anybody who gets in his way ! Unless they’ve got a hose pipe of course, could be lights out then ! LOL


    • Thank you very much, Dave. Without your kind gift, I wouldn’t have been able to rise to the occasion.

      Fire hydrants would also be a bit of a poser for him, especially if booby-trapped to go off as he went past.


  5. Great painting, Jez, on a mini I’ve yet to purchase – but one which undoubtedly intimidates me on account of its translucent qualities. I think you’ve picked out all the detail extremely and hope to see the fiery fiend featuring in one of your fab BatReps soon; albeit young Moore will hopefully be off-duty that night 😉


    • Thanks Simon. I was a bit dubious that I’d be able to give it the attention it deserved, but it was just a case of being careful which bits I painted and how thick the paint was. I think this kind of model requires glazes and washes, rather than heavy coverage, so it might take a little longer to build up the necessary layers.


    • No worries, Michael, I appreciate that you’re a bit busy at present. Glad you like the model, it is rather substantial and will make a great baddie for my Ghostbusters. And it was a fun figure to paint.


  6. I was a resident of Dublin for a mere 3 days in my short but colorful life. It was enough time for me to discover that it’s one of my favorite places in the world.

    Great job on the flaming Aztec, Crow! I’m not sure how you attract people who like you give you cool stuff for free, but it’s a skill I covet. How many XPs do I need to spend?


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