Dangerous Denizens

As my birthday usually brings a bit of disposable income my way, mid-November (and Warfare in Reading) does tend to be one of the times that I splash out a bit of new stuff.

However, having checked the traders who were attending this year, it appeared that my shopping list would be rather small, as I knew roughly what direction I was going in with my purchases and most of the things I wanted were made by people who weren’t going to be there. Cue big heartfelt sighs and much pouting.

But all was not lost, as a random visit to Ironclad Miniatures‘ site in the week prior to the show revealed that they were currently in the throes of a 20% off sale. As I’d earmarked some of their figures for my ongoing Tales of the Black Museum, I placed an order, which was waiting for me once I got home from Warfare on the Saturday. And as I had managed to pick up an unexpected figure that was just perfect for this project, everything was coming together nicely.

So, let me introduce you to some new and dangerous denizens who will be venturing on to the streets of Blackwell soon.

First up, a quartet of disreputable thugs, who are in the employ of Sir Byron Carpenter…

This is ODD02 – Victorian Thugs, from their 28mm Victorian Sci-fi & Steampunk range, in which you get the four pictured miniatures for £5.50. They are all armed with hand weapons and dressed in suitable period costume. The figure on the far left looks a bit like an ex-Army officer by his dress, which would explain the sword.

Next up, two dangerous ladies that may stalk the night, but aren’t OF the night…

So, the figure on the left is CH10 – Mina Harker from Ironclad’s Victorian Sci-Fi & Steampunk Personalities range, available for £3.00. This also has the rest of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, from Nemo to Quatermain, as well as Victorian versions of Ben Grimm and Iron Man. The sword was bent quite severely when I took it out of its box and it appears I haven’t managed to straighten it out completely.

The figure on the right is Clara, Victorian Witch with Scorpion, a brand new release from Bad Squiddo Games which I picked up at Warfare for £4.00. Anyone who has watched Penny Dreadful will realise that this is a very good likeness of Vanessa Ives, even down to the scorpion she has on the palm of her hand. This is part of their My Last Sunrise range, which is described as ‘Vampire Gothic’, so an ideal range to compliment that of ‘Dracula’s America’ and probably has the best Dracula figure I’ve yet to see.

My final two denizens represent the Victorian equivalent of Twitter…

So, this two-pack is not strictly Victorian, being part of Ironclad’s small VBCW range, and is VBCW14 Telegram Rifles “communications team” available for a very reasonable £3.00. However, the uniform being worn is very similar to a Victorian police inspector, so the figure on the right will become Inspector Neame with his beloved ‘Speckled Jim’. As for the other chap, this is Sergeant Doyle, who has just visisted Cottingley and has a basket-full of fairies…

That’s all for this time, but now that I have some thugs, I feel that some kind of altercation may be brewing on the streets of Blackwell…


26 thoughts on “Dangerous Denizens

  1. Great haul Jez, these will make great additions to your Blackwell adventures. Look forward to seeing them appear in future instalments


    • Thanks Dave. The thugs were a necessary purchase, as I didn’t have any suitable normal villains and Mina’s been on my list for a while. Clara I just HAD to have and i couldn’t resist the “communications team”.


  2. Nice buys, Jez. It was a shame we didn’t bump into one another at Warfare – but it was rather busy imho. Looking forward to seeing these painted 🙂


  3. I think Warfare is one of those easy to manage trade show hobby events: easy to manage in a day, not so bit that you feel you`ve missed anything, and not so small you feel `cheated` by the ability to `do the rounds` twice (which is what I always do: first time round to look, then lunch, then second time round to chat to the interesting store holders and then to swoop in make my actual purchases. In a negative world where it`s hard to please everyone even half the time any more (sort of blasé, been there, done that.. seen it, attitude the kids have nowadays) it is however very interesting to hear Jez say that Warfare was a little `quiet` this year. If Jez says that, then its worth listening to (Jez usually has a ” my glass half full” attitude to fun days out, not a “my glass is half empty” one). Hmmmmm, I wasnt there so wasnt able to comment, but I wonder if we are seeing a slow decline in spare disposable income, and a price inflation (even with discounts at these shows) which is way out of margin with current annual wage rise? i.e. things are getting more expensive, yet the average person has less disposable cash to spend on luxuries. Ah well 😦

    But I do so love shows like Warfare. Like I said, they are manageable and more intimate. And enough of the `faces` are always present to make them feel safe and comfortable.

    I would say you picked your purchases well this year Jez and Tales of the Black Museum can only benefit from such fine choices. Sir Byron Carpenter`s thugs make a seedy addition to `da gang` and I very much like the sculpts themselves. Especially the axe man. The Dragoon on the left might at first seem the less dynamic and most awkwardly posed piece of the quartet: but if you study him carefully, a certain flow and style begins to appear. I am quite enamoured of this little guy actually. Maybe he`s a gambler fallen on hard time, a bit of am all round cad and a rogue; now bitterly working for his super boss who barely appreciates his skills.. “don`t they know who I am, by God?”

    Mina is sublime. I might be inclined to take that sword from her hand and replace it with a flintlock pistol (her current arm pose is perfect for that, and the swap would look natural), and Vanessa Ives is just dreamy. She is my all time Western heroine, and I like to think I am more than a little like her in character, in real life.

    Inspector Neame and the ever tasty ‘Speckled Jim’, Ooo and Sergeant Doyle too: all we need now to complete the scene is Elsie Wright hehe. What marvellous acquisitions to the brood, and promise wonderful tales of the unexpected, still to be revealed.


    • I do like Warfare, mainly because it’s right on my doorstep, but this year it just seemed a little bit ‘less’ than last year. It was the same traders with the same stock, so okay if you wanted something specific that you were already aware of, but not a great deal of ‘new’ things available. The demonstration tables were not as imaginative as in previous years, but they have reorganised the Bring and Buy area, so it’s not as much of a scrum as previous years. So, it was “okay” rather than amazing.

      As for Ironclad’s miniatures, they do have lots of rather nice figures in all of their ranges. And even though I have absolutely no use for them, I am quite taken with the Fire Brigade militia from their VBCW range, as they remind me of “Trumpton”.

      As for ‘Clara’, I just had to have her, as she is perfect. The sculpted detail is lovely and matches Vanessa’s outfit to a tee.

      And I couldn’t resist the pigeon pack, because it made me laugh.


  4. I should add, that I might have been very tempted to try and buy the entire League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, had I been there; as I have this Victorian dream of a game involving all that graphic novel iconic gang. mmm, lovely dream.


    • Sorry to poach and butt in T girl…, just trying to find a lane to cruise (reply) in haha.

      {{{{{My pleasure. Now, if they did them in 20mm, they’d be even more difficult to resist… 😉}}}}]

      20mm, mmmmm now you`re talking. Unpopular swim against the crowd I know, but the allure is sometmes too great for me (its probably the historical gamer in me which calls… 1/76th / 20mm / HO/OO was always the big `go to` of us historical crew (once upon a time anyway), anything Colonial or WWII), and especially with the train set crowd.


  5. Fine purchases, and a fine day out.. even if it was disappointing compared to other years. I would tend to be there alongside T on this one, the smaller shows can often be more enjoyable, I find. However, oh dear, this year sounds a little down on suspense.. this time round?

    I like the henchmen, and I like that soldier. hmmmm he has potential and should paint up nicely. The girls look the part and would fit nicely in any game. I feel a bit of gollum gullum taking a hold”mine mine” as I perhaps covert these two pieces the most. Neame and Doyle are unusual miniatures and I am interested to see what you do with them Jez.


    • It was an enjoyable day, if not quite as good as previous years.

      As for the figures, they’re nicely cast and oozing character, so a good addition to the populace of Blackwell.


    • Thanks Steve, that means a lot. I may not get as much ‘traffic’ as othet blogs, but I like to think that the people who visit do so because they want to, rather than because they feel they should.


      • Meeeh! numbers means nothing really. Some blogs have hundreds of followers but still only get a handful of comments each article, others have fewer followers but get loads of deep and immersive comments. Its down to the owner, the content, the feeling of fellowship and camaraderie, and the level of content of course… you score high on all counts 🙂


  6. …………….. oh, and why?

    Its that whole Victoriana theme going on: whether its Doctor Who and the Paternoster gang, Tales from the Black Museum, macabre Ripper Street, Sherlock Holmes, or some rum East End ghost story, you are sure to find it somewhere here. I see a Crow pattern emerging and its making the site have form and purpose and I LIKE it.


    • Once you’ve found your ‘voice’, as I seem to with this particular topic, it’s very easy, not to mention pleasurable, to find things to post about. And because ‘gothic Victoriana’ is such a broad topic, it can accomodate a wide variety of subject matter. Will there be vampires? Yes, but not as you’d expect. Will I be mining the entire Empire for beasties? Oooooh yes. Will the TARDIS turn up? It’s entirely possible. I have plenty of coal, so this train won’t be stopping any time soon… 😉


  7. A Victorian version of Ben Grimm? That means you need a Victorian version of a hot dog cart for him to swat bad guys with!

    I really like that thug with the axe, 2nd from the right. Great choices!.


    • I think it would have to be a hot chestnut cart, which is something I’ve been considering anyway, Keith.

      And Ironclad do have a lot of very characterful models across all their ranges – their Sanwar, which look like larger versions of the Jawa from Star Wars, are particularly nice and I can think of several uses for them outside if what they were designed for.


  8. This is looking more exciting each time. It feels like the thing is actually really going to turn into an ongoing long term story arc. THAT excites me and will certainly bring me coming back regularly.


    • Thanks Dave. That is the intention, as I slowly weave all the disparate strands into a cohesive whole. Plenty more to come, including big game hunters, wily Orientals, the ongoing machinations of Sir Byron Carpenter and some more background on the Black Museum. Stay tuned.


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